Prediction Updates & New Visions – August 1, 2013

Predictions Posted in Earth Energy Report & Spiritual Reading for June – June 6 /13 :

[Reference to Earthquakes] “The second, in the oceanic region around the Northern tip of Australia, between Australia, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia areas.”

Predictions Posted in Earth Energy Report for June 23/13:

[Reference to either Earthquake, Tsunami or event that had an origin within or below the Oceans] “I was also shown a picture of the globe orientated between Japan and North America coast (West coast of Canada/US). If you rotate an actual globe and orient so that you have Japan on your left side of the visual and on the right are the Americas. In between I saw a big arrow directly pointing horizontally originating from Japan to the North American west coast. I don’t have any further specifics but the energy underlying this was a precipitating event that would begin in Japan and have an effect on the Americas. I can only assume tsunami/ earthquake, etc. as something like that would have a direct effect via the oceans.”

Events and Confirmations – What has Happened in the News:

Additional events since the last event confirmations have occurred:

Earthquake Magnitude 6.6 NE of Kandrian, Papua New Guinea

Earthquake Magnitude 7.3 ENE of Taron, Papua New Guinea:

Earthquake Magnitude 5.0 ESE of Ishinomaki, Japan:  [it should be noted that according to the vision received it was highly improbably this was the original prediction being referred to, but rather another occurance will supercede this one, near this same region]

GLOBAL- NEW VISIONS (Areas/Events as visualized from the “3rd Eye” Map) July 31/13

[Just a little key index reference beforehand for information clarification and efficiency:  V = Visual; A= Auditory; S=Sensory (emotional / physical feeling)

1A. V: storm affecting the coast of Bermuda – A: word ‘Tropical’ along with the visual of tropical fruit ie mango, pineapple, so I can only interpret that to mean Tropical Storm coming into this region.

1B. V: further repetition around the visual of tropical fruits such as pineapples, along with the vision of heavy rain and buffetting wind. Geographically, this was showing as around the Hawaiian Islands, although I am also seeing the Philippines being affected by a storm (tropical, typhoon) of this nature.

2. A: word ‘eruption’ and ‘rising up’ occurring in the region of Tanzania, V: a cloud of smoke. Could this visual could be referring to a volcano perhaps?

3A. V: a large building being blasted, completely destroyed, lots of rubble, people fleeing in all directions. S: There was a suddenness in this vision, the blast was very unexpected, was the general sense of the scene I was seeing. Lots of women clutching children, running away. This was down a busy street, lots of shops, but the building destroyed was a taller. This was a distinctive feature in this vision – one taller building against many smaller ones. [editor note: almost like a business/corporate/office type building, as opposed to one-level storefront]. A: words Cairo, Egypt.

3B: V: visual around North Africa again (around Egypt). A: i hear the word ‘terror’ it is unknown whether this means some around a terrorism event or people being in the state of terror – all I’ve been shown is the geographical location with an arrow pointing to this region to an unclear event that will be occurring; my thoughts – this could be related to Prediction 3A.

4. A: words Brussels, Belgium and train accident, distinct sound of sirens (like those heard in Europe more specifically France [note: there is a very distinctive ambulance sound as opposed to those in North America], along with French language that I do not understand; V: lots of ‘screaming’ ambulances racing to the scene, with the Red Cross painted on the side, with stretchers. Lots of devastation.

[Editors Personal Note: It is my hope that many of these events do not actually occur. Personally I don’t like seeing tragedies occurring (who does?), or lives lost, or the emotional sadness that I get intuitiveness when receive information. This is one of the many reasons why I have avoided talking about anything foreseeable for many years, and kept it only to myself and few close knit people. It is only recently that I have been nudged by Spirit to bring all this out into the open, and to post what I see, hear, and feel, no more no less. I don’t know what the reasoning is at this time as to why I need to be doing this, but as I’ve always learned from Spirit – ‘ours is not to question or reason why, but to simply have faith and do’. So for what it’s worth, this is what is put out onto the intuitive table. /OG ]


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