News Updates and New Visions


(Posted on June 6, 2013)

June Earth Energies and Spiritual Readings:

“The third area is focused on China and Japan especially surrounding the issue of wheat and GMO – expect to see more actions in these regions, taken regarding this issue.


What has happened in News:   (Ironic this was also happening simultaneously next door in South Korea)  (Not exactly forward news or positive movement)


1. Last night, (Sat. June 22), I had a vision around South Africa and Nelson Mandela. I know that in past news, he has been rather ill, however, I strongly got the impression that was going to escalate further. And my Spirit Guides tell me that “the transition is underway”. That’s about as much as I will say on this. If you are reading this, I’m pretty you probably will guess where this is heading.

2. I had a picture of the Eastern Seaboard of the US (Maine, Washington etc) and all the way up the North Atlantic to Canada (Nova, Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland), and distinctly heard ‘Tornado”. This I think was a continuation of the same visuals I received when I posted my June Spiritual Report. I am also receiving a similar visual around the coast of Florida.

3. I was also shown a picture of the globe orientated between Japan and North America coast (West coast of Canada/US). If you rotate an actual globe and orient so that you have Japan on your left side of the visual and on the right are the Americas. In between I saw a big arrow directly pointing horizontally originating from Japan to the North American west coast. I don’t have any further specifics but the energy underlying this was a precipitating event that would begin in Japan and have an effect on the Americas. I can only assume tsunami/ earthquake, etc. as something like that would have a direct effect via the oceans.


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