Prediction Updates and New Visions July 8-13


Predictions Posted in Earth Energy Report & Spiritual Reading for June – June 6 /13 :

1. “However, there are a quite a few areas that I received that have some major activity around the globe – these are centering around several places. More specifically, rumblings around the Atlantic Ocean for one (seismic, tsunami, volcano(?) possible), around the Eastern part of Canada – New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, and/or land masses in the North Atlantic.

2. “The second, in the oceanic region around the Northern tip of Australia, between Australia, Papua, New Guinea and Indonesia areas.”

Events and Confirmations – What has happened in News:

1. Effects of Tropical Storm Andrea hit the Maritimes June 7-8/13:

2. Earthquake magnitude 4.8 southwest of Hastings, New ZealandUS Geological Survey confirms: (Editor Note: Although not mentioned, this event I strongly intuited was definitively linked with the earthquake off of Papua, New Guinea – perhaps along the same or similar fault line(?))

3. Magnitude 7.2 quake strikes below sea east of Papua, New Guinea. July 7-13

4. Magnitude 4.6 quake strikes southwest of Sinabang, Indonesia. July 8 – 13


GLOBAL- NEW VISIONS (Areas/Events as visualized from the “3rd Eye” Map) July 8/13

1. First visual was centered in Africa – centrally in the Congo region. I had a vision of men running with spears or some kind of blunt pointy weapons. It was distinctly a weapon of some kind, however it is unclear whether this is metaphorical or actual. Either way, I heard the words ‘rebel uprising’ and ‘war’. This of course suggests that perhaps something along this nature will occur again in this region. Further, this area was shown to me all lit up in my visual range and blinking. What that indicates to me is that a) this event is stressed or highlighted and b) will probably be occurring in the very near future.

2. Again, visual of Nelson Mandela – I hear the words “transition nearing completion’

3. Third visual of Kansas, what looks like a cloud of dark gray smoke turning counterclockwise, possibly like a funnel cloud. Since I visualize this from an overhead perspective (like looking down on a map), I could interpret this to mean tornado or cyclone perhaps. But this visual was centered right over and above the state of Kansas. I have no other specific details than that.


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