Prediction Updates & New Visions – September 9, 2016

[Authors Note: We are back with a 2 year hiatus on Predictions and Visions – we took a indefinite break to re-evaluate and gain more perspective of my purpose here – it took a while and some gumption, not to mention a little nudging from some good friends and supporters, that it was necessary to start posting what I received. While I still don’t know the larger reason why I receive what I do and when, I had to start  trusting that Spirit always knows the bigger picture of our soul purposes and of life in general. I simply had stop recording it private as I always have done, but by keeping it to myself it became more detrimental. Sometimes, Spirit says, that one doesn’t need to know the larger reason to carry out the purpose. The purpose is to simply do it. I’m sure I will be expounding on that in separate posts in the days to come.]


Predictions as posted in Predictions and New Visions  – September 2, 2016


GLOBAL NEW Visions and Predictions: (reference note: Visual = what I see, Auditory = what I hear, Sensory = what I feel in body and/or emotions ie empathic) 


September 2, 2016

V: Visual of a TV screen appearing in front of me – I see CNN come on – Wolf Blitzer appears on the screen stating he is broadcasting from New York, wearing black.  He points to a map, map zooms in – he is pointing to California – over the waters; visual switches to a replay of the 9-1-1 events, smoke everywhere, visual dissipates back to Wolf on screen A: “what is happening over there? what is happening?” I hear. S: I feel terror, similar to the 9-11 feelings of terror, confusion and shock

September 9, 2016

V: Visual of Spirit showing me the global map, turning until it stops between North and South America – honing down on Central America (no specific country). I see a crack forming through Central America, like the countries parting and opening up the waters, like a channel morning. A boat from the left (of my viewpoint) from the Pacific appears, then a boat from the right (from the Atlantic) – both aim for each other, they crash – smoke and fire   A: “The East battles the West” I hear, “The Boats will be affected”

V: Visual of juncture of Greenland / Iceland – the map zooms in on the waters in between the two countries, like a microscope zooming down below the water, Spirit shows me columns, walls, platforms A: “Ancient civilizations – underneath – here – remnants of the past”

V: Visual of map turning again, settling on areas of Northern Africa and Turkey. Two red dots appear, one around Libya, one on Egypt, one on Turkey – like a laser pointer red dot – a line appears connecting the three red dots, like an red isosceles triangle. A: “More unrest, more upheaval – there is a connection – pay attention

V: Visual of Europe – larger map view here – the view stretches from the UK through to the edges of Eastern Europe. The map cracks, (like hairline cracks through a ceramic mug) and small pieces breaking apart. A: “The Union is weakening – this is not a true union of spirit. It breaks to make room for the new”




NEW Visions and Predictions: (reference note: Visual = what I see, Auditory = what I hear, Sensory = what I feel in body and/or emotions ie empathic)




[Editors Note: as seems to be norm at this time, there are very few timeframes given for the above visions – if they are given it will be mentioned specifically, however know that information refinement from Spirit is happening on a regular basis, so we hope to start including more specific frames of reference as we proceed – feel free to add your commentary to any potential event ie vision, sense etc  that you may receive too. Notice that many of the recent events this month, coincided with relatively short periods of time between the information and the events. A big difference from even last year at this time(!), of which we are pleased. As always, keep reading and if you intuit information, I would like to hear from you in the Comments section.]


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