Intuitive Guidance Sessions

Olena offers readings called Intuitive Guidance Sessions. These sessions are transmissions from High Frequency Light Beings – personal Spirit Guides, Angels/Archangels, ancient celestial Beings and the Council of Elders. In this energetic transmission is really a Soul Conversation – between you, Olena, and the Light Beings. Intuitive Guidance Sessions may include clarification of your Soul Path, any challenges or blocks that you may be holding you back from living in your fullest potential, past lives, meeting your Soul friends and family, or guidance around a particular issue. The Session may also include Spiritual counselling, healing techniques, a trip into the Akashic Records, personalized affirmations, or anything that may come up specifically for you to provide clarity and direction in your life.

What Happens in an Intuitive Guidance Session?

Every Intuitive Guidance Session is about the “now” – no forecasts or predictions. Spirit is the true director of every Session that you have with Olena – it is Spirit that decides who needs to step forward to speak, be it Angels, Loved Ones in Spirit, Ascended Masters or Spirit Guides. Olena does not do mediumship or angels on demand, or ask that anyone in particular come forward. This truly enables Olena to be a simple conduit for Spirit, and thus allow for better growth, understanding, and healing to occur.

In Olena’s own words: “I use my intuitive gifts to open a channel or line of communication for Spirit to Speak. Over the many years that I have done this work, I have learned that the best Sessions that have occurred are ones where Spirit directs, not the client, or myself.”

What are my options for an Intuitive Guidance Session?

Intuitive Guidance Sessions are conducted through pre-arranged appointment times that are mutually agreed upon.

Appointments are 30 min. sessions only. If you wish to have longer sessions time, please email us, and we will customize it for you. The important thing is to have a reading on what is most important for you at this time!

Olena offers three different format options for Intuitive Guidance Sessions. Join her for either:

  1. Phone One-on-One reading (Canada/US) to give you clarity, direction, comfort, and inspiration.
  2. Skype One-on-One session (International)
  3. Facebook Private Chat One-on-One (Global)

*Group sessions are available through Skype or FB Private chat – separate group rates available – please email us with your details if this is what you are requesting*

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Please read our TERMS and CONDITIONS before Booking your Intuitive Guidance Sessions.


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