About Olena

Hi there, my name is Olena Gill, and it’s a great pleasure to connect with you. I am so happy that you found your way here. I feel truly blessed to share my expertise and background with you as a Soul Mentor and Communicator.

Who am I? I am a lifelong intuit, and have worked with Spirit Guides, Angels, and Loved Ones in Spirit since I was a little girl. I discovered my innate abilities as a clairvoyant and clairaudient very early on in life, and have been guided to use my gifts in a more public forum for the last 25 years. I have been able to speak with Spirit and hear people’s voices and record of their Soul in many different ways.olena-headshot Through my ability to hear and communicate the language of people’s Soul’s I am able to be a bridge or intermediary between Dimensions – both the starry realms and the earthly realms.

Since establishing IndigoCrystalCoach™ in 2001, I have coached, mentored, educated, and guided many people around the globe, into self-awareness, reconnection with their Soul, and self-empowerment. My motto in life is “Know Thyself”, a tenet that I not only strive to live daily but impart to my clientele as well, in order to live purposefully, create meaning and fulfillment.

I consider my Intuitive or psychic ability not as merely a gift per se, but really a privilege. When I was 9 years old, I was told that I would be able to read and understand the Akashic Records – the vast database of Universal information – the record of all Universal and Soul memory, be it personally or planetary. My specialties that showed themselves early in life were mediumship, prediction of events, interpretation of Earth energy patterns, and individual soul wisdom. I have worked hard since then to understand what this privilege was and how it use it in a productive and fulfilling way. This gift has enabled me ultimately to use it to serve Spirit and therefore assist many people around the world in empowering themselves, and discovering their Purpose and Passions.

I combine both Intuitive Guidance Sessions and my training as a Coach to help you find answers and insights, which can assist and allow you the opportunity to make clearer and more positive choices and expand your life for the better. My personal mission in life has always been to Empower, Educate, and Illuminate.

I began my professional holistic career and service to Spirit in 1985, from doing intuitive readings, training in over 25 different holistic healing modalities, achieving degrees in Music, Psychology, Metaphysics, to coaching and mentoring people worldwide. I have worked with people both in a personal capacity as well as in the corporate world of small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups. I am currently completing a program to become a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine to bring my healing toolkit to much broader and higher level.

I have spent over eighteen years conducting workshops and classes in intuitive development, self-empowerment, and coaching, as well as writing for many print publications throughout Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Prior to my holistic career journey, I was a musician and studied dance, specifically classical ballet, and performed regularly on stage since I was a child, both as a concert pianist, as a vocalist, and performed in theatre. Along with public speaking in various capacities, this early public training enabled me to grow in confidence when speaking and presenting to groups of people later in life, both on stage as well as working one-on-one.

CLEARLY SEEN is my e-newsletter that I have written (in print) since 2001, and where I share intuitive insights about Earth Energy changes, what lies ahead energetically for you personally, predictions, and how these patterns impact people individually, is now digital and read in over 105 countries.

About IndigoCrystalCoach™

IndigoCrystalCoach™ , is a specific energetic vibration. Just like the colours of a rainbow Indigo and Crystal are specific frequencies of energy.  I embodies those frequencies and hence the name reflects who I truly am, which holds immense value to me personally. This embodiment of Crystalline energy is who I am, fully reflective in that work that I do, and the consciousness that I carry in this lifetime. Being of this vibration has given me the privilege to truly step into the role as Mentor, since I fully believe that I cannot help others without walking the talk myself. I get the fulfillment of truly understanding what my clients undergo, since I have also done the same inner energetic work. In short, I know what my clients experience since I too ‘have been there’. In short, I would never coach a client without having undergone it myself in some fashion, first.

Since starting in 1985 to working with people one-on-one, IndigoCrystalCoach™ has evolved from spiritual development one-on-one practice, to educational spiritual workshops and programs, to coaching and consulting.IndigoSurvivalGuide

Olena Gill is also the author of mind-body-spirit books including The Indigo Survival Guide available on Amazon, Chapters, Barnes & Noble, and other fine bookstores around the world. (See us in the Book section of this site)


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