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Intuitive Guidance Coaching Program

INTUITIVE GUIDANCE™ Coaching Program with Creator, Olena Gill

This program is conducted online via Skype, FaceTime or Telephone and is available Globally.

Spots are limited to 4 Participants every month. Register below to reserve your spot. For individual sessions only please Click Here.

Who is this program for?

Through her 16 years experience of being a Life, Business and Spiritual Coach, Olena has created a program for people who are seeking both one-on-one guidance as well as mentorship in their life, in order to move forward with more success and ease.

The Intuitive Guidance™ Coaching Program is an intensive 10 week program consisting of Skype/Facetime or Telephone sessions, in order for you to get in achieve more positive results and deeper shifts in your personal or business life. On a weekly basis, you will get to see improvement, big changes, big wins and positive motivation. Since 2000, Olena has coached well over 1000 sessions and seen people go through many challenges and ultimately helped people to discover their hidden potentials and how to turn that into concrete practices and actions, and ultimately garner tangible results. Many clients have started the program with Olena, with the intent of specific goals and desires, and ended with measurable results and transformational shifts.


Any area of life can be coached: finances, business, career, spiritual, relationship, family, health, focus and direction, etc. This program may be for you if you:

  • are seeking clarity, direction, and guidance in your life
  • wish to discover what your root blocks or challenges are
  • desire more accountability and someone to keep you on track
  • if you have specific goals and desires, and want to achieve them
  • wish to uncover your life purpose and wish to put it into action in the world

and so much more, depending your own personal goals and intentions.

Just think, if you started today, in less than 2 months (!) you could experience big shifts and changes in your life. Is that something that grabs you?

I’m interested. What are the Program Details?

Duration:  8 coaching sessions (60 min each – 1 per week) (through Skype / Facetime or Telephone) + 1 Bonus Intuitive Guidance Session = 9 Sessions total

You will also receive: Email support between sessions for the duration of your 10 week Program

Sessions: mutually convenient days and times are determined between Olena and you prior to your first session (and will depend on where you are based in the world) Olena’s clients are global, and the base timezone is always set for Pacific Time. To convert to your time zone, please check here:

Investment: $1444 CDN  (Remember, your Intuitive Guidance Session is included in this)

Want to do this with someone? Friend? Partner? No problem. Buddies are an excellent source of support while you are undergoing a Life Changing program.  Sign up with a friend and receive $200 off EACH. That’s only $1222 for both of you – 8 Sessions + 1 Intuitive Guidance Session

I’m almost ready. How can I find out more?

You can find out more about Olena’s coaching program by setting a 20 minute FREE call in order to discuss your specific needs, suitability for the program, and how it could benefit for you.

Note: Olena’s programs are intense and very limited in its participants, simply because she devotes quality time and energy so you can achieve success in what your heart desires most. Therefore, please apply to this program ONLY if you have a serious interest and are ready to commit in Energy, Time, and Finances.

Note#2: This is a 100% non-refundable Program. If for whatever reason, you decided to discontinue once you have started, consider transferring your investment to another person, so that someone else may benefit.

Note#3: Installment plan is available as well as Interac-Email Transfer. Please email Olena at indigocrystalcoach(at) to inquire or make arrangements)

Okay. I’m ready to do this – Let’s Go!

COACHING PROGRAM: Individual   – REGISTER (Click here)

COACHING PROGRAM: with Friend   – REGISTER (Click here)

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