Earth Energy Report: The Lunar Leap – An AA Michael message

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EARTH ENERGY REPORT – Lunar Eclipse – An AA Michael and Angelic Team Message


[Author Note: Once again, as I sit down and prepare for what is often a message from The Pleiadian Collective, I sometimes get surprised and out comes something different. The big message here is one of not hanging on to anything, whether it’s a way of thinking, or direction, belief or expectation. And clearly I was shown this very quickly, by the sudden appearance of AA Michael.  This 1st Eclipse out of three is showing us how to move more into the space of flow, and to shift into in the state of being; by doing so, we need to just let go, get out of our own and not hang on to anything whatsoever, on any level. This is the space of where magic and miracles occur. A powerful lesson for sure.]


Beloved Ones, what an intense this has been has it not? First, your most recent energetic sweep in August – your latest Light code downloads though the “Lions Gate”, and it did certainly come in with a roar! Many of you felt the intensities through your physical selves, yes, but more so on the emotional levels of your being, placing many in a position of slowing down, taking a rest, taking more time to contemplate, differentiate, and crystallize what you really need versus what you think you want. This was, and still is, a time of refinement, a time of honing down with more and more clarity, what type of person do you wish to be, examining and re-examining what you believe in and feel strongly about, becoming more aware of what it means to accept another’s differences and yet still respect the person for who they are. In other words, going beyond the viewpoint, the opinion, and seeing people as a soul that is on journey, just like you, just like everyone.

The Lunar Leap

The Lunar Leap

On the heels of the “Lions Gate”, comes another wonderful event – your first of three eclipses, starting with the Lunar moving into your sphere very shortly. The recent intensity that you all have recently experienced will now be left to integrate in deeper  levels in your vibrational fields, and eventually move its way towards transformation – the ultimate goal, moving towards awareness of the Crystal Core that all Humans possess. The means Beloved Ones, that at times in order to achieve this goal, you must face many things – the Shadow side is what is prevalent as part of this Ascension spiral. It is purposely there for you to face, to see, to learn from, and to acknowledge and ultimately accept it as a gift. For without it, it would be very difficult to move forward with ease. Let us translate this concept into more palatable and practical situations. Are you feeling resentful of others? When you see someone doing something creative or great, what is your immediate internal response? Is it one of Joy towards the other, or is something else triggering for you? Are you feeing angry, frustrated or even anxious especially when you listen the current chaotic economic and political climates that are prevalent in many countries around the globe? If you are competing with someone, such as the example of the current Olympic games, can you see the other as a soul rather someone to act negatively towards because they won the game or perhaps they are of a different culture than you? Do you sacrifice your own need to succeed or be on top to help others, or do you proceed ahead regardless without compassion or empathy? These, and many Shadow parts that are now front and center as you approach your Lunar shift.

Beloved Ones, we bring you this message at this time, to assist you in seeing that addressing the Shadow is an integral step towards making an intense internal shift in consciousness. Face your fears only to acknowledge them, but then release them gently and with grace and ease. There is no longer the option of hanging on – whether it is internal such as emotional or mental aspects ie. beliefs, expectations and such, or even physical such as material things that perhaps do not serve a deep purpose in your life. As one of your many sayings go, ‘you can’t take it with you’, as you fast-track on the Ascension road. These moments arriving are opportunities to step forward and shed all that you have been hanging on to so tightly – whether it is beliefs about another person, judgments about cultures, genders and similar situations. Whether it is a choice of words, a choice of thought, or feelings, it is yet another window of opportunity to allow your Soul now to move into the front and center position – to be the driving force, and rise above the three dimensional fray. Moving beyond the me, myself and I viewpoint and shifting into exclusivity of others is now what these next several weeks will start to be defined as.

This is the leap that is now available for you to take – now.

For this is what tapping into the knowledge of Spirit is about Dear Ones and becoming more conscious of integrating the higher vibration that of which is your Soul through the remaining layers – emotional, mental, and physical.

We will continue with future messages as the remainder of the Eclipses approach. For now, in these next few days and weeks, remember, these are moments to approach with more awareness, more thoughtfulness and intention. Before you speak or write, think about whether it is kind or loving, or is it necessary to be said at all? Is there something in your life that you planned or counted on happening a certain way or certain time, and a block appeared, leaving you wondering or doubting whether your decisions were the right ones? Can you respond differently and accept that there is a larger picture at work? For it is the small shifts on these internal levels, that ultimate lead to the ones on a larger scale and ultimately the goal of transformation – which is what you all are moving towards.

As always, we are here to guide you, to protect you, and to surround you with immense Love and Support.   WE ARE Archangel Michael and Angelic Team.//



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