Mandalas and Multidimensional Portals

flower of life

Flower of Life

When I was a child, probably as young as 7 or 8, I would sit for hours drawing. Honestly, I never considered myself an artist. In fact, I almost flunked grade 7 Art class because all I wanted to paint were landscapes and couldn’t draw worth sliced bread. However, I was a great with a compass – you know, the contraptions used in math with a point on one end, and pencil in another. Beats me if people use those anymore, however, they were my favourite tool, especially to procrastinate from math class. And all because I chose to draw what I know now to be mandalas, specifically The Flower of Life. This secret hobby of mine continued all the way into the end of my high school career, until eventually my life experiences became more grounded; the rest of life took over, and disbanded this hobby for a quite a number of years.

I didn’t know it then during childhood, but they were my form of meditation, an escape from the stresses from childhood. All I knew is that I thought about this day and night, couldn’t wait to get home from school to secretly draw, and that it made me feel good and alive. What I also knew to be true were that these mandalas were an escape to another dimension. Both at night and probably during my day-dreaming states, I would visualize these drawings that I made so painstakingly. I was always engrossed in the detail of the drawing; if I didn’t get the circle exact I would spend many minutes (or hours) re-doing it. I knew instinctively that the detail and the precision was somehow important. And this need for precision was dependant on the journeying that I ended up doing in these mandala tunnels.

Travelling down these intricate tunnels that were embedded in the mandala drawings became the highlight of my days and night. [This might explain why almost my meditations these days involve tunnels or elevators]. I would travel these tunnels in my almost dream-time or daydreaming into various places. These were portals to other dimensions of existence. As a child, this wasn’t anything I questioned – I just remember I got excited at the prospect of ‘travelling’ to these fun places at night [to this day, night time is my favourite part of the day], where the people were friendly, everything and everyone was loving and beautiful, and the world was vibrant and multicoloured, much like Grecian or Mediterranean landscapes.

mandala - crownchakra

mandala – crownchakra

I have many recollections of being in beautiful lands, with lush landscapes, colours were thousands of times more vibrant than we ever see here on Earth, sounds were pure and of absolute perfection, myriads of people being busy, and yet always full of Love and Happiness. I had friends over on the other sides of the portals – I recall hanging out in front of large pillared buildings, like great halls, some with crystalline structures, some with stone. The skies were full of pastel colours, shimmering golds, greens and silver, with a hue that one would only be lucky to see during a sunset perhaps. All sense of linear time was gone – it really was a place of just Be-ing, and complete and collective Understanding that the environment was Perfection and Order.

What did I do on other Other Side? I remember seeing a lot of Teachers. As I mentioned, I had friends – buddies – but also Ascended Masters like Jesus, Mother Mary, St. Germain, and Maitreya. I called them Jesus, Mary, and Gerry. For a child, this really was no big deal. These beings really looked like ‘people’, as I saw them. Nothing special – no wings, no robes, no halos, nothing except beaming Love and Peace. And as a child, I thought nothing of it – this was in normal realm of experience and I never questioned how it was possible that they didn’t look too different from how people are viewed here, except for the fact that they emanated Love, Light and Wisdom. For me, it was like an addiction – all I wanted to do was to spend all of time over there – it was beautiful, peaceful, there was only Love surrounding me, and I had wise Counsel to hang out with. It disappointed me greatly whenever I had to leave ie wake up in the morning, because here – Earth – conditions are much more harsh and brutal.

mandala-solar plexus

mandala-solar plexus

As I mentioned, these experiences of travelling through the wormhole of the mandala lasted until I was about 17 years old. Eventually, rest of life and survival took over, and this hobby took a backburner – until very recently. I’ve been reminded over the last year, during my channeling sessions with clients and doing my Clearly Seen Earth Energy Reports and Forecasts, that the portal travel is one of the many ways of accessing multidimensional space along with the wisdom and information that is contained within the Universal Matrix.

My hope is that some of my experiences may trigger memories for you too, and/or have a better understanding of what your children experience (if you’re a parent). As children, it is not uncommon, in fact normal, to ‘travel’ to multi-dimensional spaces. It is perfectly normal to ‘converse’ with Beings on the Other Side just as if it were you and me in adulthood today. If you are a parent of such a child, please don’t discount this. Chances are they are just hanging out with the Spirit buddies, just like I did, and to them, having a normal experience.  Until next post,

I love you All / Olena* – IndigoCrystalCoach™


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