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How would you like to work ONE TO ONE with Olena and discover how to take your unique offerings and bring it forward to the world in a distinct way?

Let’s be frank. There are hundreds of thousands of people, probably millions, that do a lot of incredible things on this planet. We can call them Lightworkers, healers, holistic health practitioners, facilitators, or a lot of numerous other terms. The fact of the matter remains the same – there are numerous people out there with similar skills, same training, same credentials, similar background as yours, and YET … you all the share the same crowded market place, and NO ONE stands out. It’s like looking in the Yellow Pages in your Phone book – how many times have you leafed through the Physician listings, wondering how to pick one out of the long list? Unless there is a huge standout advertisement that may or may sway you, how do you know who you will choose to do your business with?  It’s the same problem with you – the Spiritual Business Entrepreneur! How do you stand out in order to attract the business that you desire?  Being … CRYSTAL CLEAR!

I have had Spiritually based businesses for over 20 years, and I’ve seen many people ‘practice’ many different modalities, promote a lot of product, even running advertisements in local magazines, thinking they could get exposure, and the clients would pour in. And … most failed, and closed up shop. Why? It’s simple – they weren’t clear on WHO they really were – in other words, the core of who they were as people wasn’t CRYSTAL CLEAR.

YOUR BUSINESS IS A DIRECT REFLECTION OF YOU.  IT IS YOU!  Here’s the basic concept: Your business is energy. You are energy. Therefore, everything you put into your business, whether time, money, ideas, physical actions, beliefs, thought, is all an extension of who you are, and what’s going on inside of you, and the energy that you exude. Most people however spend too much focusing on making the business run, and too little time focusing on clarifying who they are – which is the true heart of your business.

If YOU are ready to get MORE from your Business, It’s time to Create your Brand, and take It and YOU to a new Level.

Are you spending money on advertisements, marketing, and yet nothing to show for it? Do you hesitate or have difficulty explaining what you do or what you offer to people? Do you have issues around charging money or very little money for what you offer?  If you answered YES, to any of these questions, then your business is truly costing you a great deal of money – time and energy included.


So how do we change this? As a coach for well over 13 years, I have seen a lot of different clientele, AND I’ve had coaches myself along the way too. Everyone ultimately runs into the same issue – the issue of not being able to see the forest through one’s own tree. If we all could see clearly ourselves, we would already have done it – right? The reality is that it’s important to be able to step back and allow a third party to shine a light on is already there right in front of us.

You have something important to offer, something special to contribute to the world. Of course you do – if not, you probably wouldn’t be here on this page or even read this far. So … are you ready to take the next step, and leap into your Business Brand?


Your first step starts with a FREE 20 minute Consultation/Assessment. We will work together to determine if you are ready to starting moving beyond where you are now – with the ultimate goal of reconnecting you with the core of WHO you truly ARE. Remember, your business IS you, and therefore identifying this core in a crystal clear fashion is integral to the success of your Brand and Building your Business.

Once we start working together in a deeper capacity, each consultation will last around 60 minutes. Together you and I will on many different issues that are stopping you or holding you back from attaining more visibility, client attraction, charging money, and ultimately success in your business. I am a very focused coach. I get to the HEART of the matter very quickly, so our sessions are strategic, focused, and designed to strip away all the unnecessary bits that are holding you back.


My Intuitive Branding and Business Building Sessions are for:

✓ people or business owners who want to move from surviving to thriving

✓ business owners who would like to move into a deeper level of their business, but are not sure how to do it

✓ people and business owners who are struggling to find the missing ingredients in their business visibility

✓ people who truly would like to identify their uniqueness and implement that in their business

✓ people who are serious about starting and/or growing their business  (excluding hobby, franchises, MLM, network marketing)


If you have reached this point of reading this page, you might very well be ready to move forward in increasing your visibility as a person in business.

I’m offering a FREE 20 minute consultation to you, to discover what it is that makes you unique, what can set you apart, and how you can – if you wish – work with me to help you work on your business.


If you are READY, then click the I’M READY TO GET CLEAR link – If you are NOT READY, then I do not want to waste your time here – peruse our other Services and links on this page.

But … if you are READY to get serious and MOVE FORWARD with Higher Consciousness … then CLICK



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