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“Olena represents the next wave of dynamic coaches.” ~Lorraine E. New York, USA

“Olena Gill is a highly gifted healer. She has the ability to shift the energy in my body in a matter of moments. The first time I met Olena, we were in a classroom setting and I started to come down with a migraine. The kind where the lights are too bright, and the smells are overwhelming! She took less than 5 minutes on my head area, while I was standing – she did not even touch me – and my headache disappeared. It was amazing, as I used to suffer from migraines just terribly… knowing there was that kind of relief without medication was such a blessing.”   -Bonnie M. Aliso Viejo, CA

“I have had several opportunities to experience the healing power of Olena. Her incredible psychic abilities have demonstrated her credibility and led me to a greater understanding of my truth. As a gifted channel, she offers a wisdom that transcends the ages. I highly recommend using Olena’s healing services if you are open to becoming more of who you are.” -Kathleen McGinley, Lewes, Delaware

“I have had the pleasure of receiving Olena’s Shamanic healings on several occasions. She is a great healer that has inspired a deep trust, and tremendous healing in me. I have sought out her assistance during hard times, and she has always been there with calming grounded guidance. She has a strong link to spirit, and a gift for accurate communication of what comes through for you. She is a bright soul, and truly gifted. I am honoured to have crossed paths with her, and experienced real healing with her guidance.: B.Shekinah, Louisiana

“During a very difficult time in my life and the loss of my father, I was unable to get the closure I needed before Cancer took him home to Heaven. Prior to, I had the opportunity to see Olena do readings for others. In my time of need, I reached out to Olena and she knew exactly what to do. She set up an appointment with me and told me to write down my list of questions. During our session, she answered almost every single question before I even asked them. She gave me the opportunity to hear from my loved one about things I knew but needed to hear. I am so incredibly thankful for Olena and the care she gave me during a very sad time in my life… She gave me a gift and I am forever grateful.” Kimi Smith-Lorenzo, Aliso Viejo, CA

“Where to begin; this woman has been such an important part in my life over the last several years and I know she will continue to be for many years to come. A few years ago I had the opportunity to ask her some questions regarding a career decision and some personal issues, her responses to my questions (coaching skills) gave me the insight I needed to make some big decisions and have brought get benefits to my life since that day. The monthly spiritual readings seems like they are directed totally at me, she gives you the tools to understand and make you aware of what is happening around you at that moment. When I read her book The Indigo Survival Guide which I couldn’t put down, I gained the knowledge I needed to further understand my children especially my oldest who is labeled as gifted. This child is a definite crystal child and now I have the information on how to deal and understand his personality. Having super sensitives in the home used to be a challenge not anymore. I had the opportunity to have a reading in person with Olena 2 months after my mother’s internment and the same day I put my cat down due to illness. This was an emotional day for me and she was so understanding and calming. Since that day I have been able to accept my Mom’s passing and know she is well and always with me each and every day.”  ~Laurie Hall, Ottawa, Canada

“Olena has been an amazing coach and mentor to me. She is the reason I have accomplished my many certifications and lifestyle changes – LSH/CRTS Lumalight Educator and so much more. Thank you Olena!” ~Michael Thrower, Las Vegas, USA

“I first met Olena when I attended an Angel workshop and then again when our paths connected a couple years later when I moved back to the island. Over the years I had many sessions with her, with her intuition and angel guidance.  She would give me messages from family from the other side which were so comforting.  It seemed I was always meant to connect with her to receive messages thru her.  She is an amazing ‘knowing’ person with so many abilities and knowledge from so many lifetimes. She has been a blessing to know.” ~B.A.B., Vancouver Island, Canada

“Thank you for the revealing session! You are truly an intuitive of a very special nature. You really got my attention as soon as you mentioned my liver since, unknown to you, our family doctor had also tested through kinesiology that my liver could use a good purging. I will take your advice and get to it! Both liver and kidneys are now slated for herbal housecleanings this month. The other matters you touched on such as the faltering friendship and my fears of the future were also right on. You helped me to put things into words which I myself had troubles seeing honestly. Your perspective from the outside looking in was just what I needed to help me order some loose ends which avoided my grasp. Thank you so much!” ~BJMeyer, Germany

“I got SO much more than I thought in your Unleash Your Inner Psychic Training course. Delicious! When is the next course?” ~N.L., USA

“Olena, thank you so much for the incredible Angel Teleclass. You have helped me awaken to a beautiful new realm of communication. What a delight!! and what a great teacher you are.” ~Linda C., Toronto, Canada

“Thank you so much for the reading (and all the spontaneous intuitive messages in between), everything was very interesting and accurate as well. I especially like how you can just give a different perspective to a situation, you always give me something to think about.” ~Alessy M., Germany

“Dear Olena, Thank you for being such an amazing coach. I appreciate our time together. As you know, last year was a major transition year for me. Just before our coaching relationship in June 2006, I made a radical shift in my life. I left my relationship, our new home, and our business. I chose to restructure my entire life in full integrity. By nature, I am a smart, resourceful, strong person. I am also a certified coach, and I am equipped with many tools and processes. All that being said, I am human. I was feeling hurt and overwhelmed. It was difficult balancing creating an entire new life for myself while processing all of my emotions. I was in a very vulnerable place. You met me where I was. Thank you. You really provided a safe emotional context for me to be where I was. You provided me a safe place for me to heal. You threw any agenda that we should have been doing to be with me. You didn’t stick to your script, or M.O. You compassionately felt where I was and stayed with me there. That’s where miracles happen being so present with someone and connecting on a heart level. Without having ever met me, seen me, or knowing anything about my life, you gave me unconditional love and connected with my heart over the phone. You didn’t judge me; you just loved me anyway. I am so grateful for that. That is beyond being a master coach. That’s being a master human being. A master is really being able to drop down and listen with the ears of her heart where love and acceptance resides. With True compassion like Mother Teresa and Dalai Lama. You, Olena, with your Divinity are able to bring Divinity to humanity. That is the special gift that you have. Through that, you are able to touch so many people and help them get in touch with their divinity. That is truly raising the consciousness of the planet one at a time. That is true healing. You are a healer. You have helped me heal lifetimes of patterns through just being with me on the phone and allowing me to have my experience, allowing it to unfold and gently inviting me to grow through loving actions, and not having an attachment to the outcome of what that looks like. My outcome has been far greater that you and I both could have imagined together. My tangible results with my coaching are: I’m free from a co-dependant and abusive relationship, I trust my self and my judgment so much that I’ve opened my own business and in it’s infancy stages I’m extremely successful. I’ve moved into my amazing new home on the Intercoastal Waterway. I live in a wonderful neighborhood at an affordable price. I completely decorated and furnished in less than a month. I’ve let go of 35 pounds of pain. I’m free from smoking, drinking, caffeine, sugar, abusive relationships and people that don’t support me. I’ve stepped into my power, grounded on the Earth with my vision, my mission, and clear action steps that I do with joy and its fun! I’m happy, I’m healthy, and I’m able alone in my living room and be with myself. I’m a great date! I can go to the movies by myself. I walk on the beach in my bathing suit and ding my bicycle bell – fully comfortable in my own skin and present in the moment. All of this is because of my loving, supportive relationships with my coach. You were able to step in and receive me fully, gently and compassionately, and with open arms. I fell into your arms and cried and cried and cried and you didn’t even waver in your support. You weren’t hard on me, telling me to get over it and suck it up. I needed you to be emotionally available and because of all your experiences you were. Olena, It took a really BIG person to be available for me. You handled me unfiltered, full steam ahead Rhonda. That is something that nobody in my life has ever been able to do. In the past, I have mowed over people because I have enormous energy. You have shown me that I am loveable exactly the way I am. There are no words on the planet that can teach that lesson. That can only come from true compassion which is what you have. You let me be crazy and have a breakdown so I could build that up again. You allowed me to emotionally naked. You are a coach to the coaches no doubt about it! You hold your clients accountable beautifully, and you were the perfect coach for that, so that I can now be there for other people. And that is the real truth about coaching. With gratitude, Rhonda Masure rhonda@iicoach.com” ~Rhonda M., Florida, USA

“Thank you very much for your Designing Your Life course on Finding your purpose. With each passing week, I felt more of myself come to life. I have new insights about myself, and new ideas about my future. Now that I have the concepts down, I plan to make it a routine to expand and redesign my life direction periodically. You are a wonderful coach and teacher.” ~C.E., Virginia, USA

“I have had the pleasure of working with Olena for the past eight years. During this time, I have seen her on numerous occasions for intuitive guidance sessions. My sessions with her have been extremely valuable. She is insightful, honest and to the point. Olena was the first person I had ever met that truly understood me when I didn’t understand myself. After our first session she gave me homework to look into the meaning of Indigo Children. When I did my research my life began to make sense. I am an Indigo. Needless to say, I bought her book, the Indigo Survival Guide, and loved it! She has helped me to see the bigger picture in my life, to understand why events and patterns in my life seemed to keep repeating themselves and she has given me the tools to “get out of my own way” and succeed on my own terms. I am truly grateful for having met Olena and can honestly say that my life is much better for having met her!” ~ Tammy S., Parksville, Canada

“Coaching sessions with Olena always began with cheeriness and a checking in of my energy. If my energy was low she would be sure to help me raise it before commencing with an awesome session. I was very judgemental of myself and didn’t find it easy to step into the realization of who I really was/am until Olena gently but firmly guided me to open up and embrace me. We set goals together and slowly but surely I began to step out of my box and into a different reality. A session always brought in the Angels with their love and nurturing advice as channeled by Olena. After some time of working together I was ready to realize my hidden gifts which today are being embraced with awe!” I’m so grateful for having invested in me! With appreciation and gratitude. ~Linda C., Richmond Hill, Canada


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