CLEARLY SEEN: Earth Energy Report – August 2013

Wow what a month we had in July, and an intense month of August coming up! Read on …

Recap of July:

First, the good news is that July’s Mercury Retrograde is over – thank heaven – literally! As mentioned in the July report, this month was quite tumultuous, much like a train on a non-stop acceleration mode. This energy played itself out both on an individual one-on-one level, but also on a more global event level – echoes of the several train crashes that happened both in Canada, Spain, and France. Our hearts go out to those physical lives lost and people affected as a result. Although Retrograde is now over, this time period resulted in massive amounts of miscommunication, travel upheavals, technology glitches, intense personal energy frustrations (and aggression in communicating them!), verbal arguments and resistance, mountains of grief – missing loved ones in spirit (animal and human), not taking personal responsibility, and heck of a lot of negativity. It’s enough to make one’s head spin! There was also a pattern this last month of speaking the truth, and no longer being capable of holding it in or suppressing it. However, with some, it come through with very little control or tact, and thus a lot of communication came through as a lashing out, but not necessarily taking full responsibility of what was happening internally. So the lesson was to step back, understand the triggers of the core issues that have arose, and then communicating from a more empathic place.

Another piece of energetic news is of course the birth of the new Prince George of Cambridge in the UK. You wonder why there is so much focus on this new being that has graced this planet. First, the birth was on the 22nd of the month – an extraordinarily auspicious day in numerological terms, but from energetic realm perspective this Light Being, brings new seeds onto this planet. While the original energy pattern seeding started with his grandmother, the late Diana, Princess of Wales giving birth to his father William (also a seeded Pleiadian Crystalline energy), this visionary child now carries a new wave of pattern of balance, harmony, intuition, empathy, fully grounding and anchoring Love – he is truly a Crystal-Rainbow Kid with Pleiadian roots (but more on that in another blog post).  In short, he is one of many that will contribute to the change in frequency this planet.

What is Store for August – Energy Report

The first theme that comes through is about OPTIMISM. There are many levels of energy and forces behind manifesting something that you greatly desire. Olena’s Angelic Team who have been guiding this portion of this report say here that there have been so many on the planet who have been calling out for their own personal desires to manifest and show themselves in a more tangible. Many questions, many prayers have been asked, begged even, and the angels are saying here that they are truly being heard. Many people have experienced a lot of silence, hence much prayer for God to listen to their troubles – that silence will now be broken. Answers will be flowing. The important thing to understand is that not all solutions however will come in forms that you may think is the right way for you. Inspiration is a way of God and the Angels communicating with you to follow through on something (even if it’s odd or feels non-logical), move forward and take an assertive action on something that’s in your heart. The Angels also are saying to you that there two levels of Dreams – the small Self and the larger Divine vision for your life. While we often stay in the small Self dream, and where we usually pray or ask about certain things, there is a larger bigger vision for your life. This is where God holds that bigger vision for you. And so, the message here is that the entire picture is held in God’s Hands All – The – Time.  Holding your own vision of the larger aspect of your Life is key, even if you don’t know all the pieces in it, is key to creating miracles and magical manifestations.

Keep moving forward – everything is inside of you that you need to do so, and trust that your wishes, deep desires, and prayers are being heard all across the Universe.

The second theme is NON-ATTACHMENT. This flows really well with the first theme of prayer, being heard but yet not being attachment to the outcomes or results of the asking. This message here this month is about fluidity and being like the stream. Remember that water flows from the rivers and mountains and naturally connects with streams, and eventually oceans. There is a natural surrender – water is a animate entity that understands that it just IS, and is in a natural state of BE-ing. There is no distinct boundaries – just a natural progression of itself. Placing yourself in more conscious state of this natural flow of energy is important this month, simply because as human beings we want to be in control. Human beings have this mental desire to plan out every detail, every step, prepare an outcome, and yet, when we operate from this mental state, often what we desire doesn’t work either at all, or in a way that we originally planned it all out. And we wonder why we get frustrated with ourselves(!)  Need we repeat this???  Because … we plan it all out. So back to the bigger vision for your Life from Theme #1 – while you are spending your time planning your individual Self dreams, there is a bigger picture happening simultaneously. The message here is to surrender to that Bigger Vision – that doesn’t mean letting go of Individual Vision, they are pertinent too.

Be like the flow of Water – don’t allow obstacles to hold you back, surrender to the natural flow of events around you, and go easy on yourself (especially if those pre-planned steps don’t work out (!)). In the end, you will be surprised where that Water takes you in your life.

The third theme is REFLECTION. This is a time to finally look in the Mirror – and there is a big one – and understand that you need to look at yourself in a straightfoward manner and know that events in your life that surround me have your reflection embedded in it. Whether it’s someone saying something spontaneously intense (shades of our July recap above). It’s time to truly look in the Mirror in a major way and take responsibility for your part in your life events. Whether it’s seeing a part of you with an unhealed issue, fear, or knowing that an answer lies within you regarding your own intuition. There is no more going outside of yourself to seek anything.

True power of self lies INSIDE – while the analytical, logical mind can try and stop you from going internally, only you have the power (from inside!) to prevent this from happening.

If there is an emotional charge coming forward when you interact with people, know that this a part of you that needs attention that is reflecting back.

Finally, the last theme is about HEART and SOUL. This theme permeates through all three themes mentioned here. The big message is about being in the state of the Heart and not the head. It means that you need to start allowing your Heart to drive the bus, not your head (see Theme#2). Drop your head-stuff down into heart-space which by the way is also your soul-space. Let the soul run the show because that’s who the real driver of your life is anyway! The shifting down into Heart is also the way to expand, elevate, and further en-lighten your Self. Staying in the mental states constricts you and keeps you in the narrow vision – sometimes called tunnel vision. Soul-dropping broadens your view, allows you to see potentials, more choices, and an array of opportunities that cannot be viewed from the mental constrictive tunnel. Think of it like the Eagle sitting high up on top of the tree. From that vantage point, you can survey the entire view, inside of being at the base of the tree where your view is much more limited.

Feel, Communicate, Act from the Heart – bottom line.

Until the next report, stay connected through my Social Media posts and Personal Intuitive Guidance Sessions. I enjoy working with people individually and all over the globe. This is such an intense period of time of transformation and change that we are all undergoing, and therefore I offer ongoing support while we go through our personal trials and tribulations, even though truly, the big picture is a positive shift in Earth’s direction, globally and individually.

I Love you All. / Olena


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