12:12 portal of light

12:12:13 Portal of Light: Energy Report and AA Michael Message

Olena Gill is a Professional Intuitive, Psychic Medium, & Soul Communicator based in British Columbia, Canada. She offers mentoring and consulting sessions (Intuitive Guidance / Akashic Record Readings) to a global clientele.

Olena has been a Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, AA Michael channel, and has been writing CLEARLY SEEN, in print since 2000 and in digital since 2012. A monthly energy interpretation of planet Earth universally, and as a whole as to how Earth Energy changes affects humanity in the Ascension Process, CLEARLY SEEN is now read in over 79 countries. You can read previous CLEARLY SEEN Energy Reports & Predictions in the ARCHIVES.


Greetings Friends,

There is a new wave of energy that is bombarding the planet – first set in motion since December 12, 2012, and partially triggered and accelerated by recent Solar Flares, Lunar and Solar Eclipses, Comet Ison, and the Gemenid meteor showers now being within these next days. The planet is undergoing yet another great sweep of change – Gaia is in upheaval as she casts off much of the abuse and destruction that she has endured for eons by a myriad of what you could call dark energies and forces. This entire process includes the planetary events such as earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, and abnormal shifts in weather patterns. As a result there are a great of energy shifts on an individual level too, namely changes in your physical and spiritual selves. The energetic sweep that is now occurring, primarily through this doorway of the 12:12 and continuing through until 12:21 is causing a direct change to your energy vortices – an modulation of the chakras, especially your root, sacral, third eye, and heart centers. Call it a rewiring of sorts, in such a way that is allowing for an upgrade in our energy structures. This entire year of 2013 has been about taking action and stepping forward in our awareness and consciousness, in order to become fully anchored in the Light by the beginning of 2014. A lot of energetic prep has been happening this year, and with this new portal opportunity of energetic upgrades, comes with a variety of physical and emotional symptoms. If you feel symptoms in any area of these chakras, you’re not going through this alone. Symptoms range from GI disturbances, nausea, anxiety with tension in the chest, headaches, abrupt changes in sleep patterns, buzzing or ringing in the ears, joint aches and pains, fatigue, emotional outbursts of weeping, sadness, longstanding grief and loss rising to the surface of consciousness, insomnia or waking up especially around 3 – 5 am, feeling ‘wired’ or mentally stimulating, yet physically feeling exhausted, extreme motion that vacillates from one end of pendulum to another, and even great desires to speak raw truths from deep within. The latter is especially important because the planetary evolutionary process is in a time where great disclosures are now occurring. You just have to look all around you in every sector – whether it’s political, economic, or personal.

Everything that has been squelched or suppressed can no longer energetically stay the same.

There is great movement or push to brings things out into the open, and wipe the secrecy away. New governments, new leaders with more consciously progressive thought, and so too a growth in personal awareness within one owns’ relationship with others. The way this is happening is around communication of inner truths, where you can no longer hold the old energy of keeping things under wraps, or suppressing what you truly feel or think. This is part of the new upgrade – bringing everything into a greater Light and stepping forward. As with any upgrades that have occurred, and this year you have seen and felt quite a few, it is vital that you attend to your physical and emotional selves with great care. As you become more ‘in tune’ with your body, your thoughts, your feelings, and your greater Self and connection with the Divine, it is necessary to treat this time with great compassion and kindness. Any energetic cleanup requires drinking a lot of water – you may also feel like you simply want to drink more and that’s okay. Listen to that. Let go of tensions in your chest – you may feel high sensitivities to others emotions as well, including your own. Breathe deeply from within the solar plexus chakra, as the breath is the key to unlocking energy blocks from with you. Further, take moments of stillness. The only way you can truly hear the voice from within you, the voice of the Divine is to actually – and consciously – stop and be still, in both body and mind. Soul speak through stillness within, and if you desire to have a greater connection with Yourself, slow down the busy-ness, and make a conscious intent and effort to put focus on the connection with Spirit. It’s easy to avoid this through all our daily activities, never stopping, always being busy and involved in one thing after another, especially with what keeps you in your mental space, and away from spirit space. 121213The 12:12 Energy doorway is another opportunity to step up on the next run of the spiritual ladder, except the next step is really about going into a deeper layer within you. The doorway in is the conscious declaration that you will consciously and intentionally set aside time, just like any other appointment or planned activity, for you and you alone. Make your time with Spirit as important as any other event. This, dear Friends is that path that you are on now – making time for YOU, for re-alignment with Self, for re-connection with conscious growth and expansion.

An additional message from Archangel Michael on the 12:12:13 Portal of Light:

“Dear Ones, there is great excitement occurring through the Universal Realms at this time. Your Earth is undergoing quite a change of a new Reality, and we truly honour you all as you have been instrumental not only in provoking, but having a hand in Creating the new platform of Light that is upon you now. This window of Light that is shining at this time, will be a prime time to really allow yourself to sit with what is the ‘truth’ for you. It is also another open invitation to make a choice: to either step into the Light of what you are, or stay in the Illusory state that has been prevalent that for many has seemed like forever.

There is a big switch here right in front of you. It is either ON or OFF. Being in the Light requires you to consciously flip to the ON position. The other, choosing to not go there allows you continue as you have been – in the dark. Remember, the dark has many forms and grades. What we speak of is this – this choice is about ‘switching’ ON to the conscious and aware YOU – of your soul, you as a Light being that’s connected to the vast Universal Consciousness and Divinity and acceptance as a Divine Being OR it’s opposite – staying OFF and living in the illusion that life is supposed to hand you things and do things for you.

So, simply envision this Light Switch in front of you. In truth, you have always embodied this. You have carried this option within your Soul since your initial Creation. It is part of your Divine makeup. But this switch moves in two directions: ON or OFF. You, Divine Being, have always held the power of choice, that only you could make. No one else could. Only you held the key to your Awakening, and only you, could make that final decision as to which direction you were going to go. Dear Ones, you can now choose which direction you will move that switch. There is no half-way. One way plunges you into Light, the other – Dark.

The motto for this process now is “DO or DO NOT There is no TRY”.

Your Yoda was a wise character when he uttered those words, and that energy is what rings during this portal opening on December 12. We use this example now to illustrate that there is no middle ground here. No longer is there a half way. No longer is there ‘I’m trying”. You cannot do that anymore. You cannot afford the ‘stories’ that you create any more. It is like squeezing through a birth canal – there is no option for ‘trying’. You either push through and do, or it will happen in a more difficulty and unpleasant way. This is a time to finally get off the fence, own your ‘stuff’, own who you are and step into a place of what is in your Highest Good, rather than waiting and complaining for something to happen.

This 12:12 requires your full participation in this process. You need to decide whether you are playing full on, or not at all.

That’s it. No in-between. And if you do decide to step forward – full-on – know that you do this not just for yourself but as a conscious connection to the collective Universe. So you can be the conscious driver of your Life Bus and move forward, OR you can choose to remain the passenger and sit in the back of the Bus and literally take a back seat to Life as well. It’s up to you. But either way, take a stand. You are much Loved. Blessings to you all.” ~AA Michael

In closing, know that great changes are truly in the works on this Planet that you are on. And you are a great part of it. Re-connection with the Universal Self, your Universal families are all underway. This is exciting! After 12:21 and eventually starting in 2014, the energetic grid will no longer be the same. There will be a different platform, a different blueprint in operation. You have the option of contributing to that new blueprint, simply be deciding whether you choose which direction your inner switch is to go. Hang in there, a new way of Being is truly – almost here.

In Blessings and Love / Olena-IndigoCrystalCoach™


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