CLEARLY SEEN Earth Energy Report: November 2013

Olena Gill is a Professional Intuitive, Psychic Medium, & Soul Communicator based in British Columbia, Canada. She offers mentoring and consulting sessions (Intuitive Guidance / Akashic Record Readings) to a global clientele.

Olena has been writing CLEARLY SEEN since 2000 and in digital since 2012. A monthly energy interpretation of planet Earth universally, and as a whole as to how Earth Energy changes affects humanity in the Ascension Process, CLEARLY SEEN is now read in over 73 countries. You can read previous CLEARLY SEEN Energy Reports & Predictions in the ARCHIVES.


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EARTH ENERGY REPORT: NOVEMBER 2013 – What the latest phase of Ascension Mean for You?

Dear Friends,

The energies of November have already been building up rapidly, triggered in part with the Lunar Eclipse in October, Mercury turning Retrograde shortly afterwards, along with Solar Flare-ups with the Sun spewing out its awesome particle matter, and now … a Solar Eclipse coming up on November 3.  It has been an incredibly tense time over the last several week, with no let down just yet. You can liken this intense energy buildup to birthing a child. In the process of childbirth, the intensity of the child’s journey out of the womb, increases all the way to the end, until finally the magical moment of emerging into new space occurs, by both mother and child – both undergo an energetic point of no return. And so it has been with Gaia, the Earth Mother, who is also undertaking a birth of the new. The planet’s energetic vibration is now on track on full ascension, just like you, individually. The major changes over the last month especially has been one of an acceleration towards this energetic ascension.

In this spirit, there are three very important themes are afoot this month. The first centers around stepping out of your own comfort zones and into places of EMPOWERMENT within you, in order to truly move into a place of service. This, by the way, is very much needed on the planet at this time, and a great many are being called inwardly to step up to the place to provide that soul service in whatever shape and form it may be. The time has come now for you as a soul to step up to the plate and allow yourself the true freedom that your soul has yearned for some time now.

Your Light is very much needed on this planet at this time of great Change and Re-Creation, and you … play a very important role.

No longer can you afford to sit in the shadows, only thinking about you could offer, what you would like to do ‘someday’, ‘I only need to take another class’, ‘What would other people think’, etc etc etc  It’s this kind of self-dialogue that has hindered you from stepping up to the plate and shine your Light of the fullest potential that you carry. Take a few moments to feel, yes – feel what your Heart  / Soul is telling you. The key to tapping into the communication lines of your Soul is through ‘feeling’, not thinking. Allow yourself to open up to the feeling you, and listen for that tug or pull that comes from your Heart. Take a few moments now to feel your Soul Talk to run through your Heart space – about the center of your chest. What is the first thing that comes forward when you place your conscious attention to that area? Your Soul will never steer your wrong so follow that Feeling, and continue forward. Remember that seeds of Desire were placed within your Soul prior to your incarnation here. They wouldn’t be there if it were not meant to come forward, be expressed and used in Service to others. And they also wouldn’t be there if it were not meant for you step forward and accomplish them. You are ready. Just step out and GO.

The second theme surrounds the idea of RESOLUTION of IMBALANCES. The chaotic energies of October and upcoming Solar Eclipse has put everything into a tailspin, and opened up situations of unbalance and upset. Everytime chaos ensues, the pieces of your life fall into what seems to be disarray. This is often incredibly upsetting for many experiencing this, and can even be fearful. Just like a sandstorm kicking up the dust, so too those feelings of unbalance. This month is a time to step into resolving anything that is lingering and anything that seems or is out of harmony in your life. The recent Solar Flares and Eclipse  energy has kicked up that energetic duststorm for a reason, for you to know that for anything new to be created, shifts and adjustments have to be made.

Gaia and all of humanity is undergoing an intense restructuring of its energetic design, in an effort to restore itself to its original glorious state.

Special focus needs to be placed on emotions and thoughts that may be out of control. In any energetically chaotic scenario, equally our physical selves will follow suit, and often our personalities take control and semblance of humility in thought and emotion goes out the door. These are incredibly large symptoms of imbalances in life, for example feelings of superiority / inferiority, negativity, doubts, or verbal put-downs implied or stated are among many. When you don’t control your thoughts and emotions such as these, they can be harmful to others, animals, and so forth, and this imbalanced energy spills over onto others, and destroys relationships and connections with those affected, including communities. Equally, by maintaining the habit of this uncontrolled space, retards your own personal growth especially with the Great Creator or Source Energy. So take time to pay attention to these imbalances in your life, notice them, and make adjustments in order to come to a more balanced resolution within your Self. Guaranteed, once you go through this tunnel of adjustments, the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place to create a brand new picture of your life. Your job is to simply focus on doing what is needed to resolve outstanding issues, and rise to the challenge, instead of retreating back into the shell.

Finally, this upcoming month is a time of REFLECTION. The planet and its inhabitants are undergoing great energetic and consciousness upgrades, much like renovating or rewiring of a home. It is important to take time in your life for reflective moments. Why? Anytime you place conscious intention on your Soul and all those seeds of Desire that were planted oh so long ago at the beginning of the incarnation cycle, you get to discover your own inner Self in a much deeper capacity. The more you take time to explore and reflect, the more you get to know who you are, and what needs to be adjusted, released and changed entirely.

Reflection is key towards living a more authentic life.

This month you are being reminded that on the individual path of Ascension, which all of humanity including Gaia is on, Reflection is a prime catalyst for your personal growth and evolution.

Until next monthly Energy Report, Be Blessed and Remember to Shine that Light that you truly Are.

Blessings to you all, Olena


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