CLEARLY SEEN: Energy Report October 2013

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Olena has been writing CLEARLY SEEN since 2000 and in digital since 2012. A monthly energy interpretation of planet Earth universally, and as a whole as to how Earth Energy changes affects humanity in the Ascension Process, CLEARLY SEEN is now read in over 70 countries. You can read previous CLEARLY SEEN Energy Reports & Predictions in the ARCHIVES.


EARTH ENERGY REPORT:  OCTOBER 2013 – What the latest phase of Ascension Mean for You?

Yowza!! What an barrage of energy we have had rolling into October. That’s the big word that I’m going to put on this – barrage! Are we tired of this yet? Have we had enough? I would definitely say so. Be that it may though, this barrage of energy that barreled in right at the tail end of September set a tone for a much heavier energy at the start of this month. The best way to visualize this is like being in the boxing ring, and being knocked out and getting up, knocked out, and getting up, time after time after time.  Overall, both globally and personally, there has been a lot of unpleasantness that has moved through. At the time of this writing, the US Government for example has gone through a partial shutdown, and many people especially children have lost their lives in Nigeria and other parts of the world. A lot of it has been felt both emotionally, and physically as well. Grief, loss, feeling alone are just a few of the feelings associated this barrage. However these emotional upheavals can either be on their own (you are just feeling it generally), or these emotions can translate to physical symptoms for some. For those sensitive types, you would typically felt sadness, frustration, or anger lets say but those feeling would move through you quite quickly and rest somewhere in the physical, which can manifest as headaches, neck and shoulder pain, stomach pain, gut pain, fatigue, or other body aches and pains. Much like birthing a baby, there are enormous physical symptoms that are set up ahead of time prior to the actual emerging of the new.

While painful, difficult, and indeed labourious, it is ultimately set up for a positive reward in the end.

This is what we are going through now coming into this month of October.

Our physical selves have been set up for a lot of energy barrages. Why? For two reasons: 1. Detoxification and cleanup – anything that is energetically lingering within you that is just not aligned in a way that can resonate with your soul vibration is important to be released. 2. By being set up for this energetic onslaught and being able to physically carry this means that you are truly stepping into new energetic wiring. And when anything gets re-wired, just like electricity matrix in your house, it becomes a completely platform from which to operate in entirely different way. So by the very aspect of re-wiring, you are becoming a brand new Hu-man on this Earth. Again, just going through the labour process and birthing, you yourself are the one that is not only doing the labouring, but equally you are giving birth to a brand new you. Exciting?  Yes I’d say so!

But … there’s a big catch with this new birth. While we have experienced much upheaval, and a new energy platform has now formed itself, we are still straddling two different realities. You could say that we actually no footing yet in the new that is being born, and no footing in the old reality that has just been uprooted. In real terms, this translates to feelings of being lost, being alone, feeling like that you really have no foundation underneath you, confusion and feeling of discombobulation or out of sorts. We are not really here and we are not really there. And that’s because we truly are right in the middle – with no footing yet. The good news is that this is like anything will adjust – in time – and as you settle in the new energetic spaces that you have contributed into creating, you will discover what the new foundation will feel like for you.

The main themes for October are GRIEF and LOSS, feelings of being ALONE, and RE-EMERGENCE. Let’s talk about the loss for a minute. Anytime there is an upheaval of sorts, the resulting chaos will very well include losses in a variety of ways. Losses can take any form, from physical to emotional, to mental. Whether it’s loss of physical body ie people vacating the planet due to circumstance, emotional release of something that has been suppressed, not communicated, or hidden, or an erroneous belief, thought, or behaviour pattern that has been repeating itself time and time again. Whenever anything is released, disattached from or removed, the feeling of loss is automatic – it’s part of the ‘natural’ human emotion system. We as humans become used to the feeling of Attachment – it becomes part of us, familiar – and then when it shifts, the feelings of Dis-attachment or Separation at times becomes difficult to bear for some.

What we really grieve is the SEPARATION of what has been ‘lost’.

Further, what lies underneath the Loss and Separation is the feeling of Empty. We will say though that this is an illusion. In reality, there is no Empty – ever – simply a space of what was filled with one thing before, is now being adjusted for the creation of something new, or into new form. There is and will continue to be a lot of Loss occurring on the planet in the next little while. A lot of people are leaving, some rather ‘suddenly’, some in not so pleasant manners, while others, including animals are choosing to continue their climb up the vibrational ladder in a different form, separating themselves from their physical bodies simply because they are exhausted and now done. Many of your beloved pets are really choosing to do this, mainly because they are plugged into the Earth’s frequency changes and they know on a Soul level that some are no longer required to anchor and ground energy here in physical form. Their jobs are done here.

As a result of this energy barrage and upheaval now adjusting and settling, comes a RE-EMERGENCE. If you envision the process of a caterpillar being in a cocoon state, all the while undergoing fundamental structural and energetic changes to eventually re-emerge as that new beautiful butterfly. This is now what many of you will be experiencing. When you re-emerge, now operating in a new vibrational frequency state, there will also be a period of adjustment. You have now reached the next run of the Ascension ladder. Along with the arrival, you will too feel like you may be alone, slightly fearful, like you have no footing or simply be very unfamiliar with where you are at in the moment in your life. You may be wondering where you really are in your life – personally – whether its career, location, relationship-wise, etc, perhaps feeling like you don’t know yourself anymore, even feeling like you are disconnected from your body. This is not unusual to experience at this time during a RE-emergence into new Vibration. If you have been feeling anything remotely like this, know that you are not alone in this.

Just allow yourself to be in this new space without judgment.

Trust that your new foundation is now in the works, and in time, you will slowly adjust to it.

Last, it is important that during these times of undergoing grief, loss, energy shifts and upheavals, you need to take of yourself and nourish all parts of you. Transition isn’t always easy in general, and everyone will experience this uniquely. However, take care of yourself is key to making these moments as smooth as possible. Drink a lot of pure water, eat lightly, take walks, connect with nature by planting your feet on the ground whether through a forest or near water, breathe deep, and above all – move out of judgment of both self and others consciously and as best you can. Remember, everybody’s path is unique, and while transition is experienced differently by everyone, you are not privy to someone’s unique trials and tribulations of their soul path, so avoid judging by what you only see on the surface, and instead shift your energy into your heart and look through eyes of empathy and compassion.

As always, it is my personal wish that you have a blessed and peaceful month ahead,



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