Angel Message of the Day

Please enjoy the Messages from the Angels HERE:

September 26, 2012: 

Dear Friends, take a moment today to just stop and breathe. We see so many of you holding so much stress and tension in your bodies, that it is imperative to allow all this to just release. One of the keys to just allowing these stresses to not overwhelm you is to use your breath much like the ocean waves washing over the shore. Take a moment today to just stop, and focus on your breath, moving in and out just like that ocean wave. Feel your breath moving, feel where it’s moving within you, and just visualize it moving through you and out through the soles of your feet and into the ground. And by doing this daily, you can easily allow us to enter your Heart as well,  as we too connect with you on the wave of the breath.

In Joy and Love, The Angels

August 29, 2013:

Dear Friends, In order to make a difference in this life, you must first become the difference. It is not enough to think tshiftperspectivehat you make a difference simply by doing something external of yourself. It is imperative that you actually embody this energy of difference. We are speaking of your vibration in this world. Your contribution to this world lies in shifting your vibration. How you shift vibration is by shifting your perspective. And shifting perspective first requires a conscious intent and choice to do so. That is how you become the difference itself.

In Joy and Love, The Angels


October 4, 2013

You ARE the Journey

You ARE the Journey

Dear Ones, in your life you are always on your journey. Life itself is the journey, not the goal or an end to anything. Equally, in your life, you are also the Creator of your journey that you are on. You get to plan it, map it out, design it in anyway you see fit. By being the Creator, you and your Journey are inseparable – you become One with it. So we say to you now, because you are both the Creator and the Experiencer, you ARE also the journey itself.

In Joy and Love, The Angels

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