Discovering your own Points of Light – A Pleiadian Collective Post-Election Message

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Discovering your Own Points of Light – A post-election Pleiadian Collective message

Isn’t it interesting is it not? Your circumstances that you find yourselves in at this time? Such a complete turn of events, in many of your minds. Not at all what a great lot of you expected to happen correct? And for so many as well, a shockwave that has reverberated not only across your pond, but has had far reaching effects throughout all countries, around your world, and yes, even throughout the galaxy too. What has this shown you all? What has this brought forward from the depths of your hearts and souls that perhaps at one time, it would not have been visible? In the face of the slumbering political hats that have emerged, albeit temporarily, there are all of you, and the points of lights that shine from within. That is what was truly necessary to have been shown to you as a result of this event.

Many of you are discovering and seeing(!) your own points of light within yourselves. That was the larger purpose of this dear ones! It was all too easy during the process of your elections to shift into chaotic feelings of anger, divisive words and actions, sadness and fear. This process was meant to bring all this up to the surface for you to see directly – in your face as you say – as a direct exercise of free choice. Will I now choose to feel all these, and feed the beast, or will I shift into feelings of inclusivity, of light and love, moving the radius outward to include the beast too! Even beasts have a purpose and they too have a right to awaken at some point right?

The deeper soul purpose for all of you is to decide where you wish to sit within you today. We are giving this channel a visual for understanding – the Buddha and Buddhadharma. You are now faced with moving into a different soul state that you have not ventured into prior to this time. And these elections have shown you several things – one, that the sleeping beast has been unleashed, albeit an unstable energy, the kind that has not matured, and does not know yet how to handle its own energy force; two, that in the face of this instability that swirls around you, to remain solid and grounded and to let go of the dramas and traumas that come forward, and three, for you recognize just what your own Light actually feels like! Just like was espoused in the Buddhadharma, this is the time to step forward and feel Compassion, to feel Gratitude, to feel Forgiveness, to feel Love.

This is what really feeling the Light within includes. What this means for each of you dear ones is to step into a state of feeling within each of you now on a moment by moment basis – that is your purpose, that is your mission which these events have simply highlighted for you in a rather dramatic and shocking way we might add. Many of those who slumber still, who are preparing to step into this political office, and equally those who are not, need empowering and awakening as well. They will eventually, but in the meantime, you are the Lightworkers here, and it is necessary to stay on the higher road. And sometimes it also necessary to reach down and give those that slumber, a hand or leg up as you say. For many are still swept up in their illusions of shadows, and they remain confused around what is ‘real’ and what is not. And it those illusions, the ones that believe that the shadows were real, are what elected this person to the current office of power. The unstable immature energy, the in-between stage where boys are turning into men and are still in the state of transition, will not remain. It does not have a firm footing, simply because it is not aware of where to place them yet. During this time, it is all up to you, the Lightworker to stay solid with your ‘middle road’ thoughts – do not give into the fears, listen to others with a higher heart of compassion but no judgment. If you feel yourself being pulled into another’s fears, or strong emotions, catch that, make an adjustment within, let it go and keeping going.

Already we tell you there will be even more upheaval within the next three months, more than you already have experienced up until now. There is no question that your new and improved United States will now be emerging forward and the one that has been entrusted with the Keys of the new Constitution, the one that was originally grounded in the Light will be coming forward to play out his Soul purpose as well. Do not fear what lies ahead, it has already been encoded and mapped out as part of the greater plan. As your Earth inhabitants move thought this period, and America in particular, ensure that you stay on the course of the high road, connect with others on the path, those that share your higher feelings, and be with those who soar higher with you.

The stage has already been set for massive change, and has moved past the point of no return. Thanks to all of you! YOU wished for change and it it happening. But the chaotic yet slumbering beasts must rise in the middle of it, in order to become visible to all. That was the reason why your elections moved in the direction it did at this time. And shortly, it will move in another. The test for all of you is stay that middle and yet higher road within you.

A final suggestion from us – practice your meditation daily, envision your own point of light within (now that you feel it!), connecting to another’s point of light, and another and another. See the points connecting as the matrix that it really is. Now strengthen the visual of that point of light. See it expanding larger so that each point now is a larger radius than before. See it expanding until the radius of each circle now touches another’s radius, until they all overlap and blur, and ultimately no longer discernable. Now you have a blanket of light traversing the globe and beyond. Put this into practice several times in your day, thus creating a perpetual feeling of higher resonance within you. Carry this throughout your daily activities, even those through your computer or television screens. Remember, you are powerful through your compassion, through your connections, through your awareness. That is what you bring to the table today. And that is what we wish for you to know at this time.

So Be It/The Pleiadian Collective



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News Updates and New Visions


(Posted on June 6, 2013)

June Earth Energies and Spiritual Readings:

“The third area is focused on China and Japan especially surrounding the issue of wheat and GMO – expect to see more actions in these regions, taken regarding this issue.


What has happened in News:   (Ironic this was also happening simultaneously next door in South Korea)  (Not exactly forward news or positive movement)


1. Last night, (Sat. June 22), I had a vision around South Africa and Nelson Mandela. I know that in past news, he has been rather ill, however, I strongly got the impression that was going to escalate further. And my Spirit Guides tell me that “the transition is underway”. That’s about as much as I will say on this. If you are reading this, I’m pretty you probably will guess where this is heading.

2. I had a picture of the Eastern Seaboard of the US (Maine, Washington etc) and all the way up the North Atlantic to Canada (Nova, Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland), and distinctly heard ‘Tornado”. This I think was a continuation of the same visuals I received when I posted my June Spiritual Report. I am also receiving a similar visual around the coast of Florida.

3. I was also shown a picture of the globe orientated between Japan and North America coast (West coast of Canada/US). If you rotate an actual globe and orient so that you have Japan on your left side of the visual and on the right are the Americas. In between I saw a big arrow directly pointing horizontally originating from Japan to the North American west coast. I don’t have any further specifics but the energy underlying this was a precipitating event that would begin in Japan and have an effect on the Americas. I can only assume tsunami/ earthquake, etc. as something like that would have a direct effect via the oceans.


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An Intuitive Guidance Moment …

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Psychic Basics 101: The Four Cornerstones

As I’ve talked about in previous posts, we are all intuitive. We all possess the ability to receive intuitive information and tap and connect into that larger or higher Self. As children, we are wide open as clams. In other words, children use this ability profusely because it is second nature. They know deep down that it is a natural part of their being. As we get older, and become more infused with the conditions of physical existence, complete with logic, reasoning, and a lot of left brain work, those abilities tend to fade … UNLESS … like an underworked muscle, it gets strengthened through practice.

There are four main abilities that allow you to receive and streamline intuitive information, and usually one or two of those that you primarily work with on a constant basis.

  • Clairvoyance: sometimes referred to as ‘clear seeing’ this is the ability that in my opinion gets the bad rap – it tends to be the catch-all term for all things psychic. In reality, it is the most known, but the least common ability that is used in its full entirety. This sense involves being able to utilize the third eye or naked eye and being able to physically ‘see’ spirits, angels, colours, visions, remote viewing, or even seeing things motion like running a movie through the visual field. The difference between imagination and clairvoyance is that what you are seeing is not coming from you – it is ‘inside’ your mind, but the information feels like its coming through you.
  • Clairaudience: the sense of ‘clear hearing’, this is the sense of hearing things either outside of you such as voice in clear sentences, or more commonly inside you head. Typically things that are heard are music or sounds, or just the inner-voice communicating with you. Just like clairvoyance, the distinction between the random voice in the head (as we all have that – it’s called ego-voice), and the inner-voice is that information feels like it’s coming from a place other than you, or through you. Seasoned clairaudient people will recognize information coming in on certain sides of their head – for example the non-dominant side or ear being the receiver, or sometimes through the vertex or crown
  • Clairsentience: perhaps the most common ability, this is the sense of ‘clear feeling’. Here people usually receive information on an emotional level, and it can be through physical sensations, as in empathy, or sensing energy simply emotionally. This can include picking up energy off of physical illness, energy of surroundings. The challenge with this sense, is not take on emotions on the physical level – in other words, not absorbing someone else’ s pain or feeling that they are experiencing on a physical or emotional level.  If you have ever been in a situation where you are surrounded by something negative or someone who is venting, and then realize later on that you too feel irritated? That is because that feeling energy has now be taken on by you. And it’s important to ensure that although you are receiver of information, you are not the retainer of it.
  • Claircognizence: this is the sense of ‘clear knowing’. This is often referred to as the clair with the lightbulb. Information received in this way often arrives like that flash of the lightbulb going off, seeming out of knowhere (note: k was left in on purpose). It will also arrive at the speed of light, like the answer arriving to a question before you even finish verbalizing it. Information here may feel like either a top-down approach, like downloading through the top of your head, or the bottom-up approach, which may feel like it’s bubbling up from with you.

There are less common clairs as well such Clairgustation (tasting) and Clairalience (smell). These are not heard usually but do exist and are used. I’m definitely one of them.

You may be wondering by reading all of these, where you fit in. The clairs are like your car – there are typically four cylinder but only revs up first, with the rest to follow. Everybody possesses all of these streams, but there will be one dominant one that comes through first. Once you have figured this out, you can then understand which clair ‘muscle’ you need to exercise and practice.

So, what do you think is your strongest ‘clair’? What is your main stream of intuitive information? I’d love to hear from you.

Cheers /Olena

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Woo-Woo is Wonderful!

I was listening to someone speak at an event yesterday who was taking about how far the revealing of spiritualist intuition, psychic ability, or whatever you wish to call it, has evolved. In the mid-eighties people were at a place where if you were psychic or intuitive you wouldn’t necessarily proclaim it publicly; instead it was a more hush-hush approach, the ‘do you do this too?’ whispering quietly. Otherwise, you just considered to be woo-woo, and maybe a bit crazy. In the nineties this started to emerge and gain energy, with people stepping out of the proverbial closet so to speak, culminating in the turn of the millennium where media and now, social media has essentially allowed psychic-ness and every topic associated with it to essentially explode into the public foray. We don’t have to whisper behind our hands anymore, wondering if we are going to be flogged for admitting that we’re psychic. Now, it is far more accepting than even 20 short years ago. My how far we have come in such a short time! Frankly, I am thrilled to be alive at this time to witness this shift. And undoubtedly there is more to come.

With that in mind, I want to start with a very simple concept that underlies all things considered woo-woo. You are born psychic. You are born intuitive. This is your birthright. It is your inherent right and natural tool that you come possessed with to this planet when you arrive. I cannot stress this enough. I’ve had a a lot of people tell me that they couldn’t be intuitive just because they do not do this sort of work. Well I’m here to reiterate this as many times as possible, that being intuitive does not necessarily translate to doing it as a vocation. And just because one person does it as a vocation, does not make them special and exclusive. You can still be the garbageman, the mailman, the executive, the lawyer, the stay-at-home mom, and never do anything around intuitiveness as a career, but guaranteed, you will still be psychic, whether you are aware of it or not.

So here’s the deal – Accept it. Embrace it. Love it. For it is uniquely yours to choose to use, and use in different ways. Vocation is irrelevant. But you possess the tools within you to use as you see fit. Intuition is your sixth-sense. You can call it your ‘knowing’, your ‘feeling’, or something other verb of your choosing. Either way, in order to be able to step up and live a full, loving and accepting life, accept that sixth-sense as the first and primary sense that you carry. In other words, put that intuition at the top of your sensory list, and make IT the go-to sense that you utilize ALL THE TIME. Just like whales have sonar, dogs have instinct, you have intuitive sense. And it is integral to understand that this is your communication line to the Universe of which you came from – your phone line, your ‘inner net’.

So for today, I want to send a simple message: allow your woo-woo to be the wonderful that it is desperately wanting you to accept. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself, “My woo-woo is wonderful!” And even if you don’t believe it, keep doing it – fake it until you make it. That energy will over time shift itself within you.

Happy woo-woo-ing!

In spirit, Olena


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