Earth Energy Report – The Sky is Falling

Olena Gill is a Professional Intuitive, Psychic Medium, & Soul Communicator based in British Columbia, Canada. She offers mentoring and consulting sessions (Intuitive Guidance / Akashic Record Readings) to a global clientele. Olena has been a Pleiadian Collective/Emissaries of Light, AA Michael, StarBeings channel, and has been writing CLEARLY SEEN, both in print since 2000 and in digital since 2012. A monthly energy interpretation of planet Earth universally, and as a whole as to how Earth Energy changes affects humanity in the Ascension Process, CLEARLY SEEN is now read in over 118 countries. You can read previous CLEARLY SEEN Energy Reports & Predictions in the ARCHIVES.


EARTH ENERGY REPORT – A Pleiadian Collective Message – The Sky is Falling

[Author’s note: I woke up this morning, not planning to write anything actually. So many other ‘earthly’ things to do and take care of. But as Spirit goes, downloaded messages never come on my timetable, but Spirit’s timetable. The key is whether to listen or to ignore and keep on. I choose to listen and act, because that is part of my soul duty to be honest. And I grateful for being blessed for fast finger typing, because it allows me to dash off these quick messages long before someone would finish a cup of coffee. But reader, you can follow my experiential blog posts for more on that fascinating quality! For now, let’s refocus – this past week has been so intense, I know this has been written about many many times over the years, we have had numerous waves, numerous moments where every person has experience his or her personal intensity and energetic challenge. This past week was no exception. But again, I woke up this morning, with this feeling of heaviness, and as I reflect on this, I think its’ due in part not only to the shift around the globe, but to the American elections, plus the rapid toppling of governments, economies, financial castrophies, coups, you name it. It’s the rapidity of it all, wherein every day there will be something, everyday I wake up what else is there, what else could happen today. And so, as I sat down here, I received the vision of Chicken Little, running in the streets “The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling”, and so, this is what briefly came forward after that:]


The Sky is Falling. Or so you think Dear Ones. The Sky may look it’s falling from the perspective of many , and especially those who would like you to believe that catastrophes are happening around you. From a pure ascension energetic standpoint, yes it does seem catastrophic, but only because when consciousness spirals upward, that which does not join the spiral journey stands firm in its desire to cling and hang on, thus creating chaos. This is the disruption on many levels. The inner conflict. The inner turmoil which translates to those desiring to hang on versus those letting go and moving upward. Right in the middle of those, lies conflict. The greater feeling of struggle, the greater the roots of the conflict, therefore the greater resistance that is occurring right now and its ensuing chaos. Your political schemes have been front and center in this arena of resistance and chaos, no? The United Kingdom toppled swiftly as the people stepped forward and said enough is enough, we want our power back. The governments of Turkey as well will undergo change, it is already in motion at this time, and eventually a new platform will be created there. Venezuela as well – there will be a change over, and new energy will take its place. Canada already set the seeds in motion through its landslide change. The Americas which have had deep wounded roots running through its veins more than just centuries of your time. Think about other moments in your history, where power of the people, through the necessary chaos, won out – walls came down between the two Germanies, USSR broke down and no longer existed in the form that it once was. The European Union will eventually no longer be the way it currently is too.

Dear Ones, there is no one person, male nor female, than becomes the saviour, no matter you would like to believe. Hence the fallacy of “The Sky is Falling”, cry.

There is no magical external saviour – other than you, the people. You. Are. It.

The true catastrophe is not the negative as many in the forefront would like you to believe. The catastrophe is the illusion that signals that massive internal change is afoot, a change that was triggered by you, the people so long ago actually. So you see, these rapid sweeps are not happening beyond your control, and not because you do not want them to, they are happening because you did! You, the people, are now at the precipice of great change and yes for some, the great change is masked by the message of The Sky is Falling, and that you are all doomed. Will there be continued changes and chaos? Yes, for now. This is a must, as everything as we have said before, clings and resists change, wants to hang on for dear life, will create conflict as it tries mightily to stay where it is. But the power of the people will come through – eventually, yes it will. New platforms, new foundations all around are already being created in many forms, however with some, the old foundations must come down to metaphorical rubble before the new can take shape. There will be new creativity, new ideas, new ways of being and doing – you have not seen this yet, but it is happening.

Sometimes certain things have to metaphorically fall, more accurately have to be removed, to be unceremoniously ‘plucked out’ of situations, in order to quickly insert a new and improved energy in its place. This is currently evident in the American and British political systems – the swiftness of out with the old, in with the new. But what is necessary here is to simply bless them and send them lovingly on their way. We give you the picture of sitting in movie theater – allow yourself to simply sit back and watch the show, rather than being caught up in the emotionality of it all, the fear, the anger, the despair. And when you see Chicken Little running across the screen crying out The Sky is Falling The Sky is Falling, simply chuckle at it and see it for what it truly is – an entertaining show of a chicken running across your visual screens.

No, the Sky is not Falling dear ones. However, the Sky is truly Changing. The curtains are parting however, so you can see what is really happening behind the scenes. The eyes are opening so you have a better view of what has lain suppressed and dormant for millennia. So Dear Ones, in these days to come, and yes there will be good days arriving, be patient. Be patient within yourselves, your every day moments, and with others as well. For nothing is on a schedule or timeline that perhaps you would like it to be. Know that everything around you, in this globe is happening as it should, in its correct time, and correct way.
Bless you all. And so it is. //The Pleiadian Collective


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