From the Other Side to Back This Way – The Beginning – Part 1


(This is a new blog series on the Afterlife – Spirit says to me it’s time, to time stop delaying and writing about all this. So here you go.)

Today, I start to share posts with you about a topic near and dear to my heart, about the Other Side. Called and described by many names – the next dimension, life after death, afterlife, heaven and beyond, you name it, it’s all the same really. Anything beyond your human life, of which you reader currently inhabit, gets lumped into at least one of these name and/or description. Whatever works for you, that’s fine. No judgment whatsoever. Which by the way, is an inherent aspect of life after death. For the purposes of this posts and many of these into the future, that is what I will be describing it as, and also clarifying as the information comes forward through intuitive channels.

Background inm

doorway of light

I want to preamble my latest experiences however, with bits of my own personal background. I was 5 years old when I had a blatant experiences of I now know fully was a visual from life after death. My grandfather, who had been a lifelong smoker, had struggled from emphysema. He had been in out of the hospital numerous times, and I strongly recall visiting him on several occasions, complete with an oxygen tent, helping him breathe, surrounding him. I vividly recall his hand, which would reach out to me through a hole in the tent, firmly clasping – he had big strong hands, and often painful when he would squeeze my fingers. The man probably didn’t realize his own strength. In the last days leading up to his passing, I remember standing in front him, swathed through plastic, him looking at me, squeezing my fingers, and feeling both this wave of love and yet sadness washing over me. My heart felt said. Now at 5 years, I couldn’t put into words what this really was, but I knew deep down that I was not going to see again. I just knew. Not long after, my mother woke me up one morning, crying, to tell me that he had died. Even as I write these words now, I can clearly recollect the feeing that I had of oh I already knew this. It was a confirmation of what I already knew deep within my soul days before. My full on experience of the visions however, came after the funeral. Post-funeral service, at the cemetery, my grandfather was buried. Yes, that’s the physical part. Once everything was over, people had turned around to leave. I remember that a big cross was erected at the gravesite, temporarily in lieu of a headstone – it was in the middle of winter at the time, so I suspect this was a way of identification due to the mounds of snow all around.

There was a part of me that didn’t want to leave. I remember sitting there for as long as a I could, stalling. Finally, I turned around to leave, starting to get frantic that I’d get lost in the cemetery all by myself. But something compelled to stop, turn around again, and look at the cross in the now distance. As I did so, I had a vision of him – my grandfather. A vision very clear in front of me – no, not a tangible, physical thing. In fact, there are no words how one could ever describe a vision and yet not have a tangible piece connected with it. But hey, that’s what higher dimension ‘seeing’ is about – I just didn’t understand it at the time, nor could I effectively describe it in words. But I could see him, plain as day – standing straight and tall, looking healthy, strong and confident. Once again, I felt the same waves of love beaming through me, as I did that day at the hospital the last time I saw him physically alive.

At that moment, I became more aware of something bigger – and that was yes, spirit exists. I knew in my soul, that a person’s spirit stays intact, it doesn’t die, it doesn’t expire. It’s there and it’s beautiful in its pure form. At the tender age of 5 though, you definitely wouldn’t have caught me ever being able to say that though – I have no doubt that skeptics, or others might have chalked this one up to childhood fantasy, wishful thinking, imagination, and what have you. But I knew it was what it was – through the feeling, not just the visions, but primarily the way my heart and my body felt as I received this wave of energy coming through me.

Fast forward a few days after, when I found my mother on many occasions, shedding tears, feeling sad that her father had died. I remember at one point trying to comfort her, by stopping and putting my hand on her shoulder, and telling her that it would be okay – after all, it was just his body that died, and that he was always here. I thought it would be an accepted gesture, but instead, my comment was taken as a personal affront – I found myself on the receiving end of quite a negative response – that I was talking nonsense, and that I had no business saying that I said. From that moment on, I learned rather quickly, even though in the future there would plenty of these moments, to keep my feelings, visions, etc. to myself. I firmly believe that that was the defining moment for me to learn when it was okay to say things, and when to keep them close to the vest.

Having had two children of my own now, both of whom are extremely intuitive in their own right, the reality is that we born as open books, we are equally born with intuitive tool firmly embedded in our makeup. As children it is used and expressed freely. As grownups though we have been taught, perhaps through generations, for a variety of reasons, to not only suppress that true nature, but to discount it. By doing so, we do our children a disservice, and ultimately over time, as we grow up, we equally shut down those channels, so that by adulthood we become firmly entrenched into a purely physical life with very little else. So herein begins a long series of posts of my own personal spiritual experiences, but ultimately the information that comes back this way as a result. I look forward to sharing these with you in the days to come.

xo Olena


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