CLEARLY SEEN: Earth Energy Report – June 2016

Olena Gill is a Professional Intuitive, Psychic Medium, & Soul Communicator based in British Columbia, Canada. She offers mentoring and consulting sessions (Intuitive Guidance / Akashic Record Readings) to a global clientele. Olena has been a Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, AA Michael, StarBeings channel, and has been writing CLEARLY SEEN, both in print since 2000 and in digital since 2012. A monthly energy interpretation of planet Earth universally, and as a whole as to how Earth Energy changes affects humanity in the Ascension Process, CLEARLY SEEN is now read in over 111 countries. You can read previous CLEARLY SEEN Energy Reports & Predictions in the ARCHIVES.


A note from Olena: When I was ‘called’ many years ago, to be a channel for the StarBeings, Pleiadian collectives, Councils of Light Beings and such, I decided after a certain point that I didn’t want to be bound posting messages according to the calendar or clock. After a time, this became a chore rather than allowing myself to just be in the moment of it all, in other words, the 5D way of being rather than sitting in 3D constructs. So I stopped posting regularly, unless there was a strong call to do so and chose to step into a place where all present, past, and future moments existed, in a spiral. The messages come through when they are meant to, and has my experience with my 5D Pleiadian families is that never such a thing as right or wrong ‘time’, it is what it is, and all is correct and right. That is what ‘simply being’ is truly about. The post below is now a reflection of that, and like you, the readers, and many that are experiencing the Great Shift, I am no different in that respect in terms of moving through the spiral. The new Hu-man is emerging friends – enjoy the ride!


EARTH ENERGY REPORT – June 2016: A Pleiadian Collective Message

As has been mentioned on numerous occasions now, the new portals within the 5D wave of Ascension are now opening – as of 06.05.16 (June 5, 2016) – the opportunity to continue the inner spiral and bringing the much needed Creator energies which is readying to peak in waves by 06.11.16 and culminating by 06.21.16 – Equinox. You are now entering the Golden Era of Understanding and Awareness. Mother Earth Gaia’s consciousness has leapt forward, bounding through the energy continuum, preparing to take her rightful place in the upper echelons of awareness and being. Not only have these higher realms been activated, by you, by your inner intentions and desires, but by doing so, has created a dimensional rift of sorts, much like the splitting or a fork in the road. Parallel realities and dimensions have emerged and are now overlapping, much a layering of a cake, one top of another.. This is what the 5D existence still interacting with the 3D world entails. The changes are quickening, and practically – not just daily anymore, but even within your day itself. In other words, you may feel like a certain way when you woke up, and by nightfall, something different inside had already shifted that you may or may not have realized.

Be prepared this month as much you possibly can for yet another upheaval to happen. Yes, you may be thinking already “I have gone through so much, I feel like a fish being gutted inside out, my life has totally turned upside down, topsy turvey, so much stripped away, so much emotion, so much letting go, I can’t take it anymore!”. And we say to you now, yes, what it looks like and is experienced individually, both in your internal and external realms will certainly be unique to everyone. However, as with any major steps up the Ascension ladder, each and every one of you will still experience it to the intensity that you need in order to release and let go of the baggage that you can no longer forward into this new Light and vibration that is making the way and spiralling in now.

There are two very clear paths – the reality splitting that have now emerged as your options to take.

There is the linear, the one that exists in three-dimensional time and structure, the one that moves from point to point, and the viewpoint that there is nothing beyond other than the next point. There is no vantage place either than the next point ahead, nothing more, everything in own its fixed position. You can liken this to an eagle perched high upon a mountaintop, having its own vantage point, being able to survey large sweeping views, being able to see both in the lower plane the 3D world, and yet sitting in a higher dimension with a broader perspective. The other, at the base of the mountain, seeing only one rock at a time, one step to the next, but not noticing the expansion other than what is in front of you at the moment. These two worlds now, are very distinctive and yet both are choices that many of you face to make at this time.cosmicportal

There are some crucial triggers and elements to recognize as you, Gaia’s inhabitants, move inwards into the 5D spiral. First, it is necessary to evaluate all the aspects of your life that are not serving me. You may be looking around, whether it is your physical home, the situations you are working in, living in, or are surrounded by. Perhaps the materials things that you possess no longer serve a purpose, but you have been holding on to them for many different reasons that you keep repeating to yourself, and yet don’t hold the feeling of joy. Many are now currently feeling the urge to purge, in many ways, and rightly so. Physical items are concentrated energy too Dear Ones! And being tethered to such things that no longer the same resonance as what you are and have shifted into creates a dissonance in your spaces. These can no longer co-exist. So evaluate your items and what is still residing not only in your physical spaces, but equally the space itself. Are you in a location that you feel joy in? Is there somewhere the heart is pulling you, beating stronger, and creating the feeling of being uplifted? This is also part of what this month and this wave is ushering in – the call to migrate, re-locate and create new spaces that resonate with your new energetic vibrations and what will support you.

Relationships with others are another area essentially being called to the brink, the feeling of push-pull strongly permeates the nature of interactions currently between those that moving rapidly into the 5D spiral consciousness and those are still resisting and wanting to pulled along the current of the 3D linear dimension.

What is happening on a soul level here for many is really the termination of existing agreements or previously held contracts.

We hear that many of you have to come to this point of intensity within yourselves, strongly held emotions, old or past patterns of behaviours, painful situations and wounds that are now being re-enacted and re-emerging for one reason and one reason only – to remove, release and heal. For some this is an indicator that the contracts have ended thus signaling the need to either re-negotiate or move in different directions separately. These relationship take many forms – friendships that are being lost, family lies that may break, or spouses that no longer function within the current structure, either way, they create a massive point of tension that can no longer operate within the dimensional split, and thus a change of direction is necessarily to take place. Taking a good hard look at this may feel uncomfortable, but as we say, necessary. You cannot straddle the two worlds for any great length of time, for that too, will result in its own tension and no doubt create physical and emotional discomfort as a result. Again, this is necessary in order to keep moving forward and make changes that ultimately support you in your higher realms of existence.

On the physical realm, your bodies will be feeling the brunt of this new wave of Light codes that are being ushered in as well as the intense push as you spiral inwards. In order to process the old dense energies that are on the way out, this may be experienced as extreme exhaustion, wanting to sleep more than usual, feeling that you barely got into your day and wanting to rest again. Do not fear, this is normal as the dense is on its way out and the new is being ushered in – allowing yourself the physical rest improves integration. Give yourself the gift of rest, and you will eventually start to feel better. Within the physical, the portals for release mainly center around your solar plexus and heart chakras areas. This includes the organs of the stomach especially, which can have an impact on the digestive system. You may feel guided to change your eating, lighter foods versus heavier foods such as meats, or avoiding stimulants such as coffee, tea or alcohol. Also, you may feel a sudden change in distaste for certain foods or habits that you may not have had issues in the past, but are an issues. These are remanants of old energy paradigm, so do listen to these signals that your body is projecting to you – it is all part of the release and spiraling up. On the emotional side of things, as has been said, much deep intensity also occurs. Feelings of distress, anger, anxiety, irritation – your Heart may feel heavy with sadness, you may cry copiously, coming in waves every now and then. Know that this is simply part of the old tethering, again to old paradigms, and yet coming forward in order to be released and untethered, because it is no longer necessary to hold these in your energetic fields.

As has been said already, the new portal opening and next wave descending also ushers in the movement of a new vibration that emanates from the heart of the Mother Gaia. The Emerald Green Heart frequency that is now being emitted from the core, is starting to permeate all that are open to receiving her.

The Feminine heart has now been activated, the one of Creation, the one of Power, has arrived now.

This permeation is now awakening the so-called sleeping giant within each and every one of you. Some of you will hear, others will take some more time in their slumber, and even some of you may walk in between two worlds for a time, vascillating until eventually when yet another shifting will occur. Ultimately though, all will make their way up the Ascension path, rest assured.

The larger call that is now emanating – think of it feeling like a blinking red light on a radar screen – is about bringing about more of the powerful nurturing that has been residing within the Heart of the Mother, and ultimately within each one of you as well. As evident on the planet now, the deep rooted issues of gender imbalances, inequality, bringing forth long suppressed voices that have denied for many millennia of your time by the dark ones. This has in the past, robbed you from the opportunity knowing your true selves, your true soul origins, and ultimately what is your purposes and understandings as to the roles each and every one of you play while on this Earth journey. As you are all emerging into fuller Consciousness along with your ally Mother Earth Gaia and the Great Creator energies that are emanating and spiraling within, that has laid dormant within each of you, shall come to the surface; as we have said already, everything that is coming to the forefront, every issue, every memory, every feeling, has been activated because of your intent for it to happen. Your desire to spiral up the ladder triggers the activation, and in so doing, allows much to be released in the process – your beliefs, your intense feelings, your millennia of acculturations. Much of this has happened already, and yet it will continue to unfold like a lotus blossom, yet also accelerated with these incoming energies. Do not fear however. This is simply part of the course correction that is taking place on the Earth plane.

Your time to emerge in fuller consciousness as the Hu-man is now happening. Many of you have asked for this for so long, and finally your intentions have triggered the necessary activations for this to happen. Everything around is in transition – of this, have no doubt. Stay positive Dear Ones. Do what is necessary to move through and accelerate these changes. Everything is now on track, and on course. We will continue to speak more of this in the days to come. So Be It!
Blessings to you /WE ARE the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light


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