CLEARLY SEEN Highlights: April 22, 2015

weekaheadapr22-30-15 Course Correction – Redirection

The long and winding road. What a lengthy and interesting ascension process we are having – still. The massive energy influx from the Solar Eclipse heralded an opening that we had previously never experienced before. A little history before we look at the week ahead. Since the beginning of 2014, there was a ramping up of the energetic dial, like placing a speed dial on the telephone where all you had to do was push one button with preprogrammed information, instead of expending more energy and pushing seven. Some crossed over into new space quickly, many were not yet ready as new platforms were not sufficiently built to sustain new energy and personal energies themselves were equally not solid enough to withstand the new platforms forming. More expansion, more growth, more growth ‘in the inner womb’ was necessary, to finally bring us to this point. Now. The new energy matrix that this planet is now under construction has now reached a point of more sustainability than ever before. A new milestone has been reached in this Ascension progress, and yet even though we continue to progress, there is still much cleansing, purging and adjusting that is taking place on all fronts.

This week highlights a time for re-direction. Every moment of the day you have the ability to choose, choose anything actually. Choose what you say, how you say it, choosing how you think about something, how you behave towards someone, choosing whether you will approach a situation from fear or love, choosing to connect from the heart or not, choices to hold a higher intent or not – these are mere a handful of the myriad of options and opportunities to change old beliefs and mindsets. Hanging on ancestral transgressions or karma is prevalent in this new energy. Even history was all about choices as well, and stepping into this new platform requires you to understand this, that holding to past pains, even if you yourself had no direct hand in it, will not be able to be supported in this new energy. Shifting of the mindset here is crucial, and necessary to be able to step onto those rungs of the Ascension ladder. On the heels of the mindset re-direct also affords you a greater opportunity to tune into deeper truths within yourself, opening your inner door to greater spiritual connection in order to keep your soul on the track that it intended to be on, all along. Physical upgrading is prevalent right now – fine tuning of your senses such ear ringing, feeling off balance, dizziness or episodic vertigo, sore feet and legs as we become more grounded into this new energy, feelings of depletion, weariness and wanting to sleep more than usual. These are all part of the new energy upgrading, so as always, be gentle with yourself as you transverse this next energetic course. Listen to what your body is saying to you that it needs, pay attention to the inner notions that you are being prompted towards. It’s time. It’s just time, everyone.



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