CLEARLY SEEN Highlights: April 1, 2015


Becoming Unstuck

The hibernation is over! Veils are lifting. That feeling of being stuck over and over, in these last three months is now releasing itself. Finally, we say! You know that feeling of one step forward, two steps back? That’s been the name of the energetic game since January. All that has now shifted and restrictions that you have been feeling or perhaps been catapulted into, are clearing out – rapidly. Old habits. Patterns that have kept you tied up. Self-deceit around personal value and power. What looks like blockages or walls that you may have kept running into, or situations that seem to run slower than you would like it, are all moving out of the way now. The Earth is being rapidly bombarded with a massive sweep of energy that started after February’s Mercury Retrograde resumed normalcy. As we approach the 2nd of three eclipses happening on April 4, not to mention Full Moon, there will be a strong shift into sense of balance, and what feels like an energetic correction. Obstacles will be clearing, communications will be correcting themselves, but ultimately there will be big push towards proper alignment between your thoughts, words, and actions.

The strong characteristic of eclipses is that they reveal deep inner truths, which can be a positive in terms of leading to greater understanding of people and situations. This week is important in that the energy sweep that is now underway, will allow for deep healing on cellular levels, clearing of ancestral wounding if you will. Apprehensions and anxiety become more clear, expanding your spiritual horizons is in order, and the vagueness and uncertainty that has been prevalent for so long dissipates. As a caution moving through and past the 4th, it is vital in making these course corrections to achieve that balance that you desire. These are simple things: think before you speak, choose the words wisely – diplomacy is crucial, a give and take in order to achieve the middle ground. Act not of spontaneous emotion but again, out of balance of head and heart. Avoid the desire and lure of the drama, rather be kind, compassionate and see what lies behind another’s words and intentions. This is the energy of this first third of the April should prove to be quite positive on many fronts – new beginnings for a great many of you whether around projects, new ventures, or finally feeling like the fogginess is lifting. The time is now to move forward into empowerment, grab the reins and run with it.



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