CLEARLY SEEN Highlights: March 11, 2015

weekaheadmar11-21-15 Cleaning House

Depending on where you are in the globe, it can either spring or autumn. Either way, there is huge energy movement afoot, leading right into the total solar eclipse on March 20 and spring equinox on the 21st. Already we are feeling the ‘squeeze’ – call it the pressure cooker of energy that is building as we speak. As we approach the midpoint of the month, it is important to become aware of this internal emotional explosion like a rocket taking off. That is the key word for this point during mid-month, which will set the tone leading up to the eclipse.

Taking off – you have two choices when you feel this emotional rumbling – you can either use it for damage or you can use it to set great things into motion. These two opposing forces also create a struggle – between head and heart. This week you may easily find yourself at a crossroads between differentiating between the voice of intuition and voice of the mind. Take space for quiet time to listen to what’s really going on inside and to what you are truly feeling rather than what you are seeing or want to see. As you approach the equinox, this energetic struggle can be alleviated by looking no further than the space you are surrounded in. When energy either gets chaotic, where opposing tensions ensue, and you can no longer have clarity and ease, start clearing house. Yes, that means your physical space. Energy is everything, and everything is energy. Whether its mental or emotional clutter getting you down, get up and clean a drawer, wash the windows, give away something in excess that you no longer need, rearranging the furniture, slapping some new paint on the wall, whatever it necessary to release that valve on the energetic pressure cooker, and let it all go. You will know what to do just by surveying your space, which really is an extension and reflection of you. Trust that. It will serve you well in the near future.



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