CLEARLY SEEN Highlights: March 1, 2015

weekaheadmar1-10-15No Compromise

A new month finally begins, and hasn’t it felt like so much has occurred and been accomplished in only two short months? That’s because energetically it really has – there has been such great movement especially in the last week of February, interspersed with moments of both feeling stuck with emotional rollercoasters. With the first third of the month taking hold, this energy is now being kicked into high gear ahead, asking you to give yourself a good wake-up call. Your spirit is asking you to turn inward and be willing to shake yourself up again, releasing anything unhealthy that is still both lingering in your path, and standing in your way from expressing the authentic you in a greater capacity. This is important to pay attention to – notice what particular repetitive pattern comes up for you, what is ‘in your face’ so to speak. This is what is necessary to let go now. Remember, the second you state the intent to let what is weighing you down, expect that the unexpected will occur. As always you have the strength to ride out the chaos that ensues and you will get through it, no question.

By the middle of the first week (5-6th), we will be entering yet another Full Moon, which will again shine a light on the greater potential that is you. This is the metaphor of the door – while you stand on this side, on the other lies the unlimited source of who you truly are and the true purpose of why you are here what you were meant to learn and contribute to. On that side of the door is where your true value lies. Decide now whether you will step over the threshold and open up to new opportunities that are forthcoming. This includes new opportunities for both personal and business connections, and abilities to create or strengthen relationships.

As the 10th of the month comes around, be more decisive and focused on whatever you are working on or intend to. Whether you have a great idea for a writing project, or something more mundane as cleaning clutter, this is the time to give it full intent and your all. Follow through with your plans and intentions – put things into action, instead of only thinking about it, and above all, do not sell yourself short on anything, as it will no long serve you to be in this space.



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