CLEARLY SEEN Highlights: February 18, 2015

weekaheadfeb18-28-15Get Out of Your Own Way

This last stretch of the month starts out with big energy, and that’s mildly put actually. A tremendous surge occurred in the last several days, culminating with the appearance of the New Moon for the second time this month, also referred to as Black Moon. While all New Moons are moments of going within, being still and introspective, the energetic surge that has pervaded us now allows us to have an opportunity to integrate new frequencies within our cellular bodies. Within this last phase of the month, expect that your own individual energy may feel like it ebbs and flows – one moment you may feel on top of the world ready to accomplish a lot, and the next, a drop in your energy to the point that you may feel like a complete slug in a matter of speaking. Don’t fret. These kinds of extremes in energy shifts within your emotional bodies are par for the course within these new frequencies that are moving through at this time. This Black Moon is ushering in these fluctuations just like a pendulum moving back and forth, taking its time, until ultimately settling into a balance.

This emotional pendulum of course can bring forward much for each of you. Some may experience a heightened sensitivity to sounds, smells, and even visions. Equally it can produce a rise in anxiety, panic, anger, or bleak outlooks that also vacillate from one moment to the next. Equally, on the other end of the spectrum, there are great surges of new ideas and inspiration, creativity, and lot of movement forward. Know that during this time of vacillation, you have what it takes to navigate this. Mentally, a lot of hyped up belief around feelings of failure, not being good enough, or accomplished, feeling like there is lack of purpose, or ‘what am I doing here’, ‘do I have what it takes’ becomes prevalent during this surge. This is also a time to make sure that you get out of your own way mentally to help release fear, anxiety or anything that may be blocking your true soul nature. Simple conscious breathing works wonders which can help reconnect you to your inner self. Also, getting out in nature can quickly knock the ‘negative’ right out. Remember, your soul always knows ultimately what is best for you at any given point in time, so permitting yourself to enter into stillness, whether it’s nature, meditation, or otherwise, can open the door to giving your soul the voice that it desires.



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