CLEARLY SEEN Highlights: January 11, 2015

weekaheadjan11-21-15Turning Up the Dial

This week turns out to be a bit tumultuous one, energetically that is. So many are still trying to come to grips with the events from Paris and what is happening in the media. The big issue here that’s arising is around fear, and your ability to not surrender to what we now feel is extraordinarily valuable – the power of voice. And that voices truly can never be silenced. The inner feelings of fear that pervade rear their head this week, but the idea here is make a choice of either giving into it or standing up to it and face it head on. Facing it and moving forward allows you break free of the older patterns that have amok, and doing so allows for the creation of a new and different you to manifest. By that simple shift, you start shining the light on that which can no longer gain a foothold. This is important to do both on the microscopic levels of everyday life to the larger types of events, like the ones we have witnessed this past week, and will again.

This week we are also starting to turn into the shadow of the upcoming Mercury Retrograde on January 21. As a result you will be faced much of that same ‘shadow’ within yourself or others. This is the week to become very aware of the vulnerabilities that can ensue, and sometimes can provoke a lot of unclear thought, physical sensations such as palpitations, feelings of anxiety, being forgetful, or the other direction where you feel compelled to be pulled into current mass consciousness through media with racing minds, racing words, and discordant feelings. This is the time to step above all that, and stay on one track, which is moving into your higher vibration and not let yourself get swept up in the shadow, the psychic vampires, the magnetic mental pulls through your media outlets especially. Emotionally, stay above it – Stick through it and you will emerge out of it in one piece. And finally, even though this has been said many times, there is great power in the power of softness. Amongst the current chaos, the kicking up of the metaphoric sand, this week Spirit also wants you know that it is acceptable to recognize that softness of who you are, because as Soul that is your true Divine nature. Show yourself some gentleness – you will know what that is for you personally, but do it, as it is equally an ingredient in the healing and stepping up process.



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