CLEARLY SEEN: Earth Energy Report – January 2015

Olena Gill is a Professional Intuitive, Psychic Medium, & Soul Communicator based in British Columbia, Canada. She offers mentoring and consulting sessions (Intuitive Guidance / Akashic Record Readings) to a global clientele. Olena has been a Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, AA Michael, StarBeings channel, and has been writing CLEARLY SEEN, in print since 2000 and in digital since 2012. A monthly energy interpretation of planet Earth universally, and as a whole as to how Earth Energy changes affects humanity in the Ascension Process, CLEARLY SEEN is now read in over 111 countries. You can read previous CLEARLY SEEN Energy Reports & Predictions in the ARCHIVES.


EARTH ENERGY REPORT – January 2015: A Pleiadian Collective Message

Welcome Beloved Ones! Whenever there is a change of your calendar year, there is always the idea that we have to let go of something, start something new, break old habits and so forth. Although those concepts are true, it doesn’t have to be ever associated with a calendar. At any moment in your time, you always have ample opportunity to make a choice to change something, to have something different than it was before, to change direction or course, even a pattern of thought or belief system. So again, at any time, not just this time, not just once a year. As your new year begins, we want to let you know that this is the time to allow for your child like innocence to be resurrected, that part of you that once was able to see life with the wonder, with humour, with full love and acceptance. This was that part of You that in childhood was open to receiving anything and everything; like a sponge you were thirsty for Knowledge and Wisdom in order to help you grow and expand to be the best you could be. It is common amongst of all of you to state that you are always seeking Love, or Peace or Abundance even, however as the innocent child knows, those aspects are already there – no need to seek anything. They all exist within you at every given moment. Start your week by tapping into that place that is already under your nose and can see all life’s idiosyncrasies with humour and love, thereby bringing you even closer to the wisdom that already exists within. Remember, your perspective is what you have the opportunity change at any time, not just once a calendar year. That is how you will re-invent yourself this new year.

Yes, consider this beginning of 2015 as a totally different you!

That is the first theme that rides through the month – Re-Invention – the energy of re-creating of something already wonderful, yet always on the road never-ending expansion and broadened consciousness.

EarthEnergyReportJan2015You have powerful Full Moon coming forward soon as well as Mercury turning into Retrograde. While this month is about stepping up, making strong and clear intentions around change and taking action, it is equally about coming face to face with struggles that at times may seem unreachable. A Full Moon coming forward is always a time to shine the spotlight on the foibles and challenges that rise up to meet you. We understand that so many of you are tired of the struggle, tired of how difficulty life feels, and you wonder why there are things that seem so insurmountable, keep coming forward. We say, they are still part of the path that you are, and are necessary to be there for you to see that you truly have the intent and commitment to see things through.

These challenges allow you to see how truly strong you are as a spirit being.

You may not understand why things occur around you, but know that you are to continue the path with faith, as in time, the true purpose reveals itself through the process of experiencing, and not any earlier. We encourage even not to think too much to even try understand, as this often intellectualizing, can hold back the emotional process you are undertaking. The Earth now is approaching another increase in the state of flux by the middle of the month and in order to shift into the new spiritual balance that is forming, holding fast to trust and faith is key, especially if you cannot see the big picture of what is happening. This may bring forward a lot of  denser intense emotions – but this all perfect and right for this to occur, as you are now ready to process all that has laid dormant for so long. You will indeed have many obstacles in front of you, but know that you have the focus that you need to get through. And remember, Divine Miracles do occur – and Intervention comes when you least expect it. So have Trust and Faith and hold fast to what is true for you – this the second theme of this month.

Finally, this is the month to start taking action on many things that you have contemplated on, have sat on the fence about, have vacillated as to what direction you should be heading. This energy now moving through is one of decisiveness. While 2014 was your year to self-realization and awareness, this new year you are shifting into taking action on those aspects that you opened the door to within you. This applies to all – especially the healers, teachers, educators, and especially those who have hung back in the shadows not allowing themselves to play the big game so to speak.

The role you play on this Earth was never meant to be a small one, Dear Ones.

This is the time to step out, to grab the bull by the horns as your sayings go, to step forward and take on leadership positions, to listen to the intuitive cues that you have had for quite some time now, but not necessarily have acted on for fear for being seen. Part of the Divine Ascension process is to step into the place of self-empowerment, and in order own this, acting on the cues that you receive from within. In conjunction with this, you must be willing to be open to changing perspective, to shifting your old thought patterns and viewpoints, and embrace new ways of seeing, hearing and thinking. By allowing yourself to listen (and act!) on the cues, you slowly expand the wave of love frequency around you, ultimately leading to cellular transformation within. These are crucial ingredients to progressing forward more rapidly during this time of energetic unrest, with grace and ease.

We wish you all the most powerful good start to your year – Blessings to you /WE ARE the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light


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