CLEARLY SEEN Highlights: January 1, 2015

weekaheadjan1-10-15Welcome to 2015!

*Happy New Year everyone! For those of you who are reading this for the first time, I started doing Energy Reports back in 2002 – channeled primarily from wise group of Loving Light Beings whom I discovered later were the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light or Pleiadian Light Beings. Their 5D vantage of how our planetary energy was shifting and changing gave me an interesting insight as to our day-to-day choices allowed for a myriad of potentials for creation of whatever we desired in our lives. Occasionally, other beings will shine through be loving Archangels, spirit guides/animals and other star beings This has now evolved into more focused monthly readings of which you see here. Note that this truly big picture stuff and no reading of any one person specifically. What you resonate personally with from the words, is up to you. So, enjoy the read and welcome to another new year of great energy movement.   xo /Olena-IndigoCrystalCoach™ *


Jan 1-3: Whenever there is a change of your calendar year, there is always the idea that we have to let go of something, start something new, break old habits and so forth. Although those concepts are true, it doesn’t have to be ever associated with a calendar. At any moment in your time, you always have ample opportunity to make a choice to change something, to have something different, to change direction or course, even a pattern of thought or belief system. So again, at any time, not just this time, once a year. As your new year begins, allow for your child like innocence to be resurrected, that part of you that once was able to see life with humour, with full love and acceptance. You always on the road of continual seeking of love within one self, however as the innocent child knows, the love is already there – no need to seek anything. Start your week tapping into that place that is already under your nose and can see all life’s idiosyncrasies with humour and love, thereby bringing you even closer to the wisdom that already exists. Consider this beginning as a re-invention – of yourself!

Jan 4-7: The middle part of the energy week and on par with a powerful Full Moon, is about coming face to face with struggles that may seem unreachable. Yet, they are still part of the path and are necessary for you to see that you truly have the intent and commitment to see things through. It will also allow you to see how truly strong you are. You may not understand why things occur around you, but continue the path with faith, as the true purpose reveals itself through the process of experiencing, and not any earlier.

Jan 8-10: Approaching the end of the 1st third of your month, you have yet another opportunity to hone in and use the intuitive skills that you possess. We have said this many times before, everyone has this gift – it is your birthright and part of the ‘be’ in Human Be-ing. In order to hear and feel the cues, step out of the noise that surrounds you. Practice listening to the quieter aspect within. The more you hone down, the better you are able to see inner situations clearly and accurately.

Blessings to you all/WE ARE the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light


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