SuperMoon / Harvest Moon: 9-9-14

Olena Gill is a Professional Intuitive, Psychic Medium, & Soul Communicator based in British Columbia, Canada. She offers mentoring and consulting sessions (Intuitive Guidance / Akashic Record Readings) to a global clientele. Olena has been a Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, AA Michael channel, and has been writing CLEARLY SEEN, in print since 2000 and in digital since 2012. A monthly energy interpretation of planet Earth universally, and as a whole as to how Earth Energy changes affects humanity in the Ascension Process, CLEARLY SEEN is now read in over 105 countries. You can read previous CLEARLY SEEN Energy Reports & Predictions in the ARCHIVES.

The third and final Supermoon of 2014 is abundant at the moment. Have you managed to see it? Or feel it in its intensity? The energies around this once again have been building up with a force over the last several days, and with Supermoon’s peak over the 8-9th, will continue over the next few days all the way until the 12th. This Full Moon in Pisces rules over our emotions, and it is mainly what is dictating the big inner purge that dominates our energetic growths at this time. Just like the buildup of inner pressure in a volcano and subsequent eruptions that occur, so to are we metaphorically and physically being guided to let go within our emotional levels, calling out the parts of us that our wounded and in pain, damaged or feeling broken or disconnected. There are many old memories that are being triggered now, old relationships or friendships that perhaps have been divided or not mended, and are still unfinished emotionally.

Now is the time to Release more deeply

Now is the time to Release more deeply

This final SuperMoon has been like stirring the cauldron of feelings. And when the pot gets stirred, sometimes this intensity can get very overwhelming. This is opportunity now, over these next several days, to surrender fully to your emotions that come forward. And they come forward in order for you to become aware of it, on the road to healing and transformation. Whatever tears well up, let them flow. Whatever emotion comes forward, allow yourself to embrace it and let it leave with love and compassion, just like that volcano vent. Remember, Love begins with You, and it’s vital that you show that Love to your inner Self. In so doing, by embracing yourself with more Love and Compassion, you start to re-create a more loving and compassionate way of interacting with others, and ultimately better relationships and connections.

SuperMoon Blessings to you all / Olena-IndigoCrystalCoach™


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