Prediction Updates & New Visions – August 24, 2014

Predictions as posted in Predictions and New Visions – August 1, 2013

GLOBAL- NEW VISIONS (Areas/Events as visualized from the “3rd Eye” Map) July 31/13  1B. V: further repetition around the visual of tropical fruits such as pineapples, along with the vision of heavy rain and buffeting wind. Geographically, this was showing as around the Hawaiian Islands, although I am also seeing the Philippines being affected by a storm (tropical, typhoon) of this nature.

August 10, 2013

Hovering over a globe (as per normal visual views), the globe on its axis spins and rests over Iceland. Seeing clouds of smoke billowing, ground shaking – feeling rumbling through my body as it moves through the earth. No major spews, but the kinesthetic impression that this small one was in preparation for another after it. Spirit Voice (auditory) – “there will be two, it has been while” [earthquakes?]

August 6, 2014: 3 separate visions:

1. Visions of Tehran, Iran, sounds of sirens in the distance, visions of the mosques and I am hovering over them, seeing the haze blanketing the sky, hearing voices that I don’t understand – the language is one I’m not familiar. Same sounds of sirens and warnings echoing through the city, as in an emergency or disaster, like air raid sirens – as prior to 9-1-1 event. Vision changes here to showing me a small replay of the events of 2001. Suddenly seeing a plane crash or explode – fire ball in the sky.

2. Vision changes to a cloud of smoke billowing from the sky, like a column, ground is shaking. Same country – I am standing just on the ground next to a mosque [earthquake?]

3. Vision changes again to see ‘waves of energy’ permeating the globe, much like seeing a heat wave hovering above the ground on a very hot day. Once again, a brief replay of 9-1-1 events but showing the countries US and Iraq/Iran. But this time, it was seen encapsulating everyone – the entire globe was energetically affected. Spirit Voice (auditory) intervenes here and says “this event will send shockwaves around your globe – these events are linked with these countries – gamechanger”.

4. Vision of train moving through mountains – picture of St Bernard dog walking through Alps, carrying something around his neck. Red flag with white cross. Passengers on the train – collision. Auditory: many are hurt

What has happened in the News:

August 5, 2014 Hurricane Iselle/Tropical Storm Julio (reference to Vision July 31, 2013)

August 10, 2014 Iran Plane crash (in reference to Vision 1 August 6, 2014)

August 13, 2014 Swiss Train derailment: (in reference to August 6, 2014)

August 17, 2014 Iran Earthquake (in reference to Vision 2 August 6, 2014)

August 19, 2014 James Foley (in reference to Vision 3 August 6, 2014)

August 22, 2014  Iceland earthquake (in reference to Vision August 10, 2013)


NEW Visions and Predictions August 24, 2014 as of 7 am HAST: (reference note: Visual = what I see, Auditory = what I hear, Sensory = what I feel in body and/or emotions ie empathic)

1. Visual: US map – pointing to Nebraska and Arkansas. Auditory: cyclone coming – approaching these areas, 30 people. Sensory: there is quickness around this, little warning, comes out of nowhere

2. Visual: passenger train speeding through mountains Switzerland sign points “Russia This Way”, switching to mass of soldiers marching in full file, wearing olive green uniforms with red sash, black boots with rifles. Suddenly the group splits apart like a divide and solider all fall down on the ground sideways. Switching again to showing Swiss Army knife with blade bent and broken. Auditory: Swiss Alps / Russia (train reference), “they will all fall down, war is no longer a necessary choice”. Sensory: references to war, unacceptability of the fight, awareness of impact of these choices over time, people are fed up

3. Visual: showing missing Malaysian flight 370, mountains in the background. Auditory: cover up, like a blanket it is well hidden, electrical fault, not the pilot, seek out the male passenger connection with one on the ground wearing a vest – one that you would never think about, look at the base of the mountain – it is there


#1-Visual: globe spinning and stopping over Northwest coast of Africa, between Spain/Gibraltar and African coastline, Morocco, image of a ship with large sails moving up the coastline, then changing to mid ocean away from land. Smaller boats appear alongside with the larger stopping and what looks like men boarding it. Visuals of jewels, treasure chests, reference to movie Hook. [piracy abduction perhaps?]

#2-Visual: switches to a ship below the ocean, same area (northwest coast of Africa) Auditory: this sunken ship is found, very old, full of surprises

5. Visual: map changes to a weather map over Northeast coast of US, showing colour changes of red, orange, yellow (as in severity) coming from the Atlantic. Auditory: hurricane, heavy winds and rain, Eastern seaboard

6. Visual: space ship / probe moving through space. Auditory: Neptune – it will land this time, it has been there for sometime now – connections and communication will be made finally

7. Visual: picture of Winter Games ie Olympics, skiing event, watching a competitor move through an aerial? event, flying through the sky then landing and crashing, rolling down the hill then sideways hitting the flags, person rolls and remains still lying sideways, can’t move – people rush to rescue, person is moved onto stretcher head in a board. Auditory: Nagano, Japanese, move gone wrong

8. Visual: Shakespearean play, dress/costumes of royalty, crowns, velvet clothes, black shoes with buckles. Auditory: beloved entertainer, actor from across the sea passes, England – it was his time


[Editors Note: as seems to be norm at this time, there are very few timeframes given for the above visions – if they are given it will be mentioned specifically, however know that information refinement from Spirit is happening on a regular basis, so we hope to start including more specific frames of reference as we proceed – feel free to add your commentary to any potential event ie vision, sense etc  that you may receive too. Notice that many of the recent events this month, coincided with relatively short periods of time between the information and the events. A big difference from even last year at this time(!), of which we are pleased. As always, keep reading and if you intuit information, I would like to hear from you in the Comments section.]


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