CLEARLY SEEN Highlights: March 31, 2014


Hi Earth Angels! Are you dazed yet? Out of whack? Confused? Feeling bombarded by all this energy streaming at us from all directions? As has been the pattern for quite a number of months now, a number of these streaming energies have converged over the past several weeks especially in order for all of us, in global connectedness, to really come together in more ways than every before. Whether you look to the Earth and her upheavals – the 8.2 Chilean earthquake for example, the Sky and Sun with its high M class flares that went off on Wednesday, other events in the world which at their core comprise of Darker energy still trying to retain a foothold in keeping humanity at a limited level of consciousness. We are in the very throws of this all changing, not only the world as a whole, but the core of who you are as individuals as well. In other words, your essence is shifting, the global essence is shifting – we are slowly reshaping ourselves into a different sense of reality. Energetically though, what is really happening is that different levels of dimensions, namely 3rd, 4th and working our way up to 5th are now merging with each other. We are in the process of letting go of the status quo and slow return of a reshift of power to the people rather than behind held by a choice few. There has been a huge sense of loss of time, as if we don’t know whether we are coming or going, sometimes not knowing what day or time it is because we have effectively become ungrounded, or feeling like we are in different places at once.

This week is a prime week for practicing grounding techniques simply because as we adjust to this multidimensional merging, some of our experiences may feel like we have no footing in any place. This is normal during a phase-in period. So spend this week planting your feet on the ground in whatever way it works for you – hug a tree, go to the ocean, breathe deep, go for walks, meditate – you get the point. The same goes for our sleep patterns at night. When dimensions are merging, sound sleep and rest are not in the cards. Feeling disoriented, having bouts of insomnia, vivid dreams, exhausted during the day, feeling like you ‘travelling’ somewhere but you don’t know where, waking up unrefreshed and not rested however are part of the game. The antidote? Breathe deep. Simple enough perhaps, but true. Taking time to consciously breathing deep with ourselves; in other words bringing your awareness to your breath and directing down deep within your solar plexus and move it through each of your chakras in turn. Yes, this requires you to actually stop what you are doing and place focus on it, just like any other activity in your day. But just like any transition that you move through, your physical selves are undergoing it whether you are aware of it or not, and the trick to getting through it with more ease is to simply breathe with focus. Focus with your intentions, focus with your heart and mind, focus on you!

Speaking of the physical, many of you have also been experiencing what we call the detoxification phases. Much like an organ detox where there are different levels of release, this week has been ripe with physical body pain and internal emotional upheavals. Whether it’s tinnitus or ear noises (very prominent), headache, heart palpitations, body aches and pain especially joints, digestive disturbances, itchy skin, anger, depression, or feeling demanding and irritated at the drop of a hat. These are the most intense symptoms of the multi-dimensional detoxification phases, and we are right in the heart of it. While it may seem like a cliché, remember, this too shall pass. A phase is simply a phase, but you have the choice of how you get through it.

So – simple advice this week for detoxification phases – drink lots of clean water, breathe deep from a focused place, slow down in your activity and put attention on grounding yourself at least several times a day, nap in the day if you need it (because yes, you do!) and above all – be kind to yourself.



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