CLEARLY SEEN Highlights: March 10, 2014

weekaheadmar10-16-14Step Beyond the Box

What an interesting week so far right? Missing airplanes along with 239 people, another rumbling earthquake – in California – enough to shake people yet again in oh so many ways, especially from within the deepest parts of your soul. Have you not noticed that even just within the last 5 days alone, that something feels different on the inside? Even if you are not quite sure why, it is. The reason being is that whenever there are intense occurrences such as these recent events, ones that involve loss, upheaval, lack of answers or understanding, it forces us on many levels to sit up and either start to question or continue to question and figure out how to move forward in life, especially where your Divine purpose is concerned. Whenever you get ‘pushed’ to move beyond the box of your current way of thinking and being, moving beyond limited perspectives and points of view, you allow for more energy to move as well, and propel you into a higher state of awareness.

This week is a reminder that it’s okay to step out of the box in all ways, and even though this may feel unfamiliar, awkward, even unnerving perhaps, it’s necessary to awaken to who you are, why you are here individually and that you really a connected in a soul way to every person and being that crosses into your awareness. Stretching the bands of the box and moving past rigid or black and white views, allows you also to come out of the shell that has been protecting you from feeling more vulnerability within your heart. The reality is that, just like moving beyond the lines of the box, disbanding the tough shell is equally necessary to show what the real you within looks like, and to really connect with others in a much deeper capacity than before. Let go of rigid views around personal offense, defensive patterns, automated opposition, debate, or argument for the sake of argument – it doesn’t serve to hold on to these behavioural patterns as staying in those familiar and safe boxes doesn’t allow you to shine as the true you, but equally prevents a true heart connection with people around you. So this week, remember, you can touch more lives and achieve more compassionate understanding and awareness by moving beyond your limitations (and yes, we all have them). As Full Moon rounds out the end of the week, it further shines a bright spotlight on pushing you into a deeper and more meaningful space within you. So put yourself out there – it’s time – and perfectly okay to do so.



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