CLEARLY SEEN Highlights: February 24, 2014

weekaheadfeb24-mar2Finding the Middle Ground

(additional message from AA Michael)

It’s another intense start to the week being kicked off with major Solar flare activity over the weekend, and a Crescent Moon – Venus conjunction happening midweek towards Wednesday. And on top of that, we are finally moving out of the shadow of Mercury Retrograde – yes(!) clarity of communications coming right up! But what does this all mean energetically for you in a larger capacity? Well, the big theme that is riding through, and in a bigger wave than before, is around relationships, both with yourself and with others. The first part surrounds around taking time out to ‘maintain your own backyard’. What this means is that often we are so busy taking care of others needs, and we put ourselves on the back burner. Whether it’s kids, family, friends, partners, you name it, they usually come first, before ourselves. You are your own inner garden – always. And the reality is that is very important to take time to tend to it in order for you to grow and flourish as a human and spirit being. Putting intention and attention onto your soul is just as much as a necessity as placing attention on the externals in life. Far too often, in our busy day to day lives, we lose sight of ourselves in the onslaught of activity and more so, the constant bombardment of technology that pervades life. Too much stimuli leaves little to no room for listening to our inner soul callings and communications, and for connecting with our ‘inner garden’. So this week, take intentional time to engage in some nurturing for yourself. Tending to your soul increases your vibration and retunes you to a higher frequency, so make yourself a priority! Walk in nature, sit quietly with a great cup of tea, dance, listen to some great music, all while focusing on you! This communing with self will put you on the path of an improved relationship with yourself and can ultimately attract better relationships to your circle as well.

(AA Michael speaks at this time …)

Dear Ones, the second important part to this week (as the channel puts it) and in your weeks forthcoming surrounds the issue of soul-mate relationships. We wish to briefly speak to this, as of late there have massive instances and recognition of such people in your life. Many of you are becoming familiar with this pattern – people that show up at certain points in time, but not necessarily during situations where it would be deemed, in your view, conducive for a more intimate, personal relationships. You watch them from afar, knowing that a more intimate relationship with them does not fit at this time. And so we say, yes, there are a great many of you that are waking up and noticing that there is a leap in awareness around certain people that have entered your life. The key here is the awareness. So let us correct and clarify this concept now. First, you are all soul-mates on this planet of coming together. You are all here by choice and intention. By design, prior to your incarnations here, you made agreements and chose from specific soul family circles, the ones of similar vibrations and light rays, the ones that you would learn and growth best with. These are the ones that you made the decision with whom to travel on this Earth journey – who will stay in Spirit, and who will go to the Earth realm. At times, you have chosen to travel together incarnated, and at times you have not. The ones that you have a deeper connection with, those in a closer soul circle, are the ones that you specifically choose to journey with, so that both of you can achieve specific learnings and deeper growth. That journey can happen on either side of the Veil – one there and one here, or both here on the planet. Does this make sense? It is here on this planet that you are now waking up though and recognizing these relationships in this deeper capacity. Despite the yearnings that you have for close intimate soul-mate relationship– and we see that so many of you desire this – we say to you now that your soul mates will arrive in many different ways. Some are family members, some are friends, some are your children, and again, some can be your worst enemies and the ones that reflect the shadows within you; you know – the ones that push your buttons so to speak, in order to show you the issues and lessons that you need to address. Your soul-mates – and there are many – are diverse. Soul-mates play many roles. Some you do enter into sacred unions with, the ones that you deem as partnership, but many do you do not, because it would take away from the learnings that each of you need to undergo with others people. The important thing to take away from what we are saying to you now – and rest assured we will speak more of this in future channelings – is to recognize that whether you have the stirrings and joyous inner heartfull leaps, or perhaps the friction and intense dislike when you come into contact with, that they are all there for each of you to work through your own personal issues. No one is exempt from this. For now, until we speak again, take time in your day to greet everyone you come into contact with, and have that emotional or soul ‘charge’, be it positive or negative. See them as the mirror for you, and ask yourself “What is it that I need to see and discover about myself through this person? What is it that I need to understand and learn at this time in my journey through this recognition that I have now? We hope this starts to clarify this concept for many of you now. In the future we will speak more about soul families, Twin Soul and Twin Rays, as we also see that many of you as well desire to understand this concept in a deeper way. Dear Ones, we understand that a sense of connection, unity and deep understanding is what many of you desire at this time in your lives, as this is equally vital to your soul’s expansion and awareness. And we say to that, if you are finding this challenging, call on us – at any time – and we will assist you in moving through the relationship challenges that you are undergoing, no matter what kind of ‘relationship’ it may be. Remember, every type of relating that you do is always for personal growth, no matter what it looks like on the outside. So for now, know that we love and surround you, and also part of your soul family from the other side of the veil. You can call on us at any time you need assistance, we are but a mere thought away. Just ask and we are there. And so it is / I AM MICHAEL.

So as you enter this midweek with Venus and Crescent Moon in conjunction, this will amplify this concept of deepening of relationships – it is irrelevant what ‘kind’ of relationship you have, friends, classmates, family, partners, even those that oppose. What is important to see here is how you view these connections and choose to respond to the soul ‘charge’ that comes forward. So this week, when you encounter such instances, whether they feel positive and light, or negative and heavy, understand that you have a choice in that moment in how you respond. As AA Michael has suggested above, stop and take time to ask how this person is presenting themselves to you specifically and what is the lesson you need to be learning here. Ask what this person is showing you and mirroring back through their behavior or words. By doing so, you intentionally step into the process of further Ascension and conscious state change, and thus precipitate your soul growth even more.



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