CLEARLY SEEN Highlights: February 17, 2014

weekaheadfeb17-23-14Know your Role Now

This energies of this week are settling down a bit – whew! Honestly, between you and me, I’m glad to have a breather especially after that intense shift and sweep of heart openings that blew on February 14. Not to mention, being right in the ‘heart’ of Mercury Retrograde period, which in fact, triggered the massive heart openings that occurred every which you looked. Did you feel it? Was it as intense for you on personal levels, deep within your soul? If you visualize a baby chick popping out of the egg, with the shell cracking all around it, this is what energetically the heart opening felt like – like cracking opening a shell and stepping out into the new space, like a newborn. What occurred was in truth a birth – a birth of a new paradigm within ourselves, a birth where many, have been working very hard in this planet to finally step into. And when you take the bold leap forward and allow your heart to ‘crack’ wide open, freeing yourself from inner constrictions, stepping out of the mind and into the ‘feeling’, allowing the real ‘heartfelt’ you to show itself, miracles happen. Some people felt this in a myriad of ways, ranging from deep emotion welling up, old core memories rising forward along with deep releases, and even physical heart symptoms showing themselves for some. Whichever way it went, this is basically the synopsis of what transpired in this last week. Leading into this week however, the energy of the new starts off just like the baby chick, getting its legs acclimatized, ready to move into new space and a new way of existing.

This week starts off quiet, as with any transitions and post-transitions, it is imperative to take the time to get your bearings, and slowly settle into the space that you have entered now. You have a done a lot of soul work in this past time, you have opened yourself up to much information and new experiences (including people and different behaviours than what you perhaps have been used to!). What is new this week is now being able to look at people and life with a new and fresh set of eyes – as you know, once you shift into more awareness, you cannot become unaware, or go back. Therefore, it is imperative that starting this week, see the people around you, (and starting with those in your inner circles – family, close friends) with new eyes. See them as connections, purposeful ones, that are really here on this planet to help you understand who you are and what your role is on Earth. Remember, we are all here as reflections of each other, and by being in each others lives, no matter how we got there, there’s a reason for it. See this in a new light, and ask yourself (especially with those with whom you have experienced strife or difficulties in understanding and tolerance), what is it that I need to learn here through their presence? The answer will come, rest assured.

We have now stepped through into a new cycle of being. All life of course cycles from old to new, with the new eventually becoming old, and so forth. It’s a constant in the Universe. Everything evolves and transforms all the time. That’s what movement and inner and growth are all about. As we take on our new footings, and just like the baby chick, trust that all the support that you need is there from the Universe to guide you into this cycle of the journey that you are on. Animals and plants are a prime example of knowing how to truly be in the present moment. They know nothing else. And when transitions occur, there is an inherent knowing inside that intimately trusts the process and doesn’t question whether it will be supported or not. They all know that they are, without doubt or hesitation. The same goes for you. Trust with your heart – without doubt or hesitation. It’s that simple.

And ultimately you may find that as you step into this new space that the ‘old’ parts of the cycle just completed, may drop off. This of course can come in so many forms – people once close to and now stepping away, new places or locations being drawn to, higher or newer viewpoints that you may have not thought or been aware of before, or even relinquishing of material things that are no longer energetically fitting in with the new you. Whatever it is, recognize it for the role that they played, be grateful for it or them in your life, thank them for the lessons that they provided you in that time, and let it go – gracefully and full of heart and love. Because after all, stepping into higher vibrating perspective and ways of being means releasing that which no longer serves. That’s always the name of the game during transitions and crossing bridges.

So … be thankful … be grateful … step out of that cracked egg and into the new that you have now stepping into … purposefully. Enjoy!!



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