CLEARLY SEEN Highlights: February 10, 2014

weekaheadfeb10-16-14Opportunities for Healing

(message in part channeled with the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light and Archangel Michael)

By the end of this week we step into the halfway mark of Mercury Retrograde. And there is still so much to do within the vortex called Cleanup and Purging anything outstanding in your Life. Have you felt this? It’s big actually. For some of you, there has been a big push to clean up, to let go of many things in life, whether physical material or non-physical including words, beliefs, attitudes, behaviours, people in our lives that weigh our energy down. That push is necessary for one simple reason – to create space for new insight and wisdom to flow through your portal space of your crown chakra – of which the seat of that portal of connection to the Universe and Higher Self is the pineal gland. Yes this is the time now, to step forward, to actively and consciously understand that what lies between you and the great Universe, is the connection that you have, that you all have. That portal lies within your pineal gland, and by directing your energy and awareness into the space, upward and inwards that is, directing yourself to know that you and you alone hold the power to open and free the space within you to strengthen the connection to the Universe and its Wisdom and Guidance. And your external environment cleanup, as well as you internal one plays a big role in ensuring that this portal space is clear in order for you utilize it more effectively and consciously. So do your cleanup – clean those drawers, get rid of those lingering papers, empty those rooms of unnecessary clutter, change your wording that comes out of your mouths, purge the old memes that continuously run forth from your mind, everything and anything to create the space for you to have an improved relationship with your Higher Self and the Universal Creator of all Wisdom.

Leaving room for the new creation of energies also calls you to as an active and conscious true Lightworker to step forward and heal what is wounded within the relationships that you have around you. This is the second area of cleanup that’s being called for now. Whether it’s with others – family, friends, acquaintances, or yourself, either way, it’s time to step forward make the energetic correction. No more of who is right or who is wrong, no more of my side your side, that’s just not the way in this new energies that now are the foundation of this year. Because the New Age paradigms have undergoing great shifts over the last year especially, this is a bigger call especially to the active and conscious Lightworkers (and we purposely use the word conscious), that is part of your role sitting on higher rungs of the esoteric ladder, to reach out and extend that helping hand to those who still making the climb up the mountain, and perhaps not yet fully aware of why they are here and why they are meant to be. This is not a time anymore to sit back and wait for others to catch up to where you are, it is a time for you to extend yourself and grab the hand of another, meet in the middle and forgive and heal what is sitting in the way of true understanding. And we say forgive what we mean is exchanging judgment for love. We know that many of you have been dealing with hurt, pain, woundedness, drama, ego, attack, lashing out – we see this. And for you the sensitive Lightworkers it has been extraordinarily difficult to hold the column of light that you know you need and that you carry in the face of all of this. Many of you felt personally attacked, been caught up in the energetic drama of another, unable to find the ‘eye of the storm’ at times, and we say to you now, in order to this shift this within you, your task is to step forward and take the initiative of forgiveness. To forgive someone or yourself is not about agreeing, justifying, or condoning what another has done or said. To forgive is not mean that you need to give up your beliefs, your Truth, or diminish your energy, your Light columns. To forgive Dear Ones, is to exchange and replace any judgment that you carry as well – and we say yes you do, even Lightworkers work through this – and beam out Love. Visually see yourself sending a beam of Light radiating out from your Heart Chakra towards those that you feel have wronged you, perhaps rejected you, wounded or hurt you – to those that you have turned the other cheek and still sat in your Truth. Forgive them even if you or they didn’t do anything! Either way, you set and send the new energetic tone of the new New Age paradigm that is just beginning now.

So this week we invite you to try a new exercise of love and of forgiveness. As has already been mentioned earlier, start with the visualization of you connecting heart to heart with another or perhaps many. You can bundle all these people up in a visual circle, it will be just as effective. Take moments in quiet space to do consciously do this. When you have settled into your quietness, take some or many deep breaths into your solar plexus and heart spaces. Direct your breath into these areas, and include your thymus or Higher Heart portal space. Again, draw your consciousness into your belly, allowing your palm chakras and third eye chakras becoming more open to the present. Sit in your own bubble of light, ready to radiate and receive. Now visualize a vertical column or beam of bright golden Light radiating outwards towards these people that you feel need healing with. See this Love and Light enveloping them from you, and as you are seeing this, in your Mind say to them, “I love you. I forgive you. I let you go’. “I love you. I forgive you. I let you go.” I love you. I forgive you. I let you go.” Keep doing this as long as you feel comfortable. You can repeat and do this exercise as many times over many days, there is no limit. In addition, use this time to rest, regroup and recalibrate, for sometimes in order to shift into the new, it is necessary to remove yourself from the conflict, from the chaos surrounding you, and take time to be quiet, reflect, soul search, and re-shift. This is perfectly necessary to do so right now, this week, as you take steps further into the Year of Support and Divinity. So open your heart this week Lightworkers, hold your Divinity within you gracefully, gently and genuinely, love and forgive with integrity, and step into balance within you in every aspect of your life.

We love you so. And so it is. /*  I AM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL with the PLEIADIAN EMISSARIES of the LIGHT.



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