CLEARLY SEEN Highlights: February 3, 2014

weekaheadfeb3-9-14Balancing the Emotions

As we are now approaching Mercury Retrograde which fully kicks in on February 6, there will be a heightened sense of energies especially around the communication arenas. That being said, Mercury goes Retrograde at least 3 times in the year, and usually lasts for about 6 weeks on average. That’s a really a long time to deal with communication issues. However, the important part here is to understand that this time period that we are shifting in now, is that Mercury is really about shifting between worlds. You could like that to being a little more right brained during this time, rather than left. So rather than being in the realm of logic and reason, there is a shift towards heightened senses, heightened intuition, more towards emotions and feelings rather than thinking straight. This plays right into communication stumbles, misinterpretations, and more emotional outbursts or explosions in its extreme.

This week is about looking that working to balance these emotions, especially between the two aspects of love and fear. Universally there are truly only these two and we choose to operate from either of these two vibratory states at any given moment. Be aware again, that communications will be most affected, especially over the internet, as its easy through these types of technologies to miss nuances of one’s conversations, make assumptions, and jump to conclusions, thereby reacting from the hip rather than stepping back and seeing the bigger picture. Provocation may become the name of the game here, so the antidote to that this week is about stepping back, breathing for a moment, and seeing how it is that you are relating to the people that you are interacting with. Are you responding in the moment out of Love or Fear? In other words, are you being riled up (hint: if you feel buildups of anxiety or tension in your chest or other parts of the body you probably are) and therefore reacting from this vibration? If so, dont’ react from the hip. Step back – stop conversing if you need to – sleep on something if necessary – and take stock of the energetic choices that you are making. It will be more rewarding in the end if you do, rather than giving into someone’s demand for instant communications or responses. So being more sensitive instead of being the inner critic is key here during this Retrograde week. Remember, Mercury is also about turning things inside out, and this is not a negative, but an opportunity for you to experience an opposite way of being ie. Love vs Fear.

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