CLEARLY SEEN: Earth Energy Report February 2014 – Galloping into the Year of the Horse

Olena Gill is a Professional Intuitive, Psychic Medium, & Soul Communicator based in British Columbia, Canada. She offers mentoring and consulting sessions (Intuitive Guidance / Akashic Record Readings) to a global clientele. Olena has been a Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, AA Michael channel, and has been writing CLEARLY SEEN, in print since 2000 and in digital since 2012. A monthly energy interpretation of planet Earth universally, and as a whole as to how Earth Energy changes affects humanity in the Ascension Process, CLEARLY SEEN is now read in over 90 countries. You can read previous CLEARLY SEEN Energy Reports & Predictions in the ARCHIVES. ________________________________________________________________________________

EARTH ENERGY REPORT for February 2014 – Galloping into the Year of the Horse + Predictions/Probabilities for Horse Year

On January 31, 2014, we ushered in the Lunar Chinese Year of the Wood Horse, also known as the Jade Green Horse. Horse is by nature a dually energetic mix of gentleness and solidity (the Wood element), as well as being fiery in nature when stimulated. Horse is characteristic of adventure, freedom, and being free of constraints. It’s all about breaking free and running wild whenever Horse energy is around. And yet, Horse is stalward, focused, and very grounded when the Fire within has simmered down. Horse is the true epitome of the perfect balance between solid and fluid. The key element within Horse itself, though, is Fire. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the element of Fire works in harmony with the Wood element, primarily by Wood nourishing and feeding Fire – this is the key feature in this New Year of the Horse – the stimulation of the aspect of Fire into Wood in order to facilitate movement and action. These characteristics and their operation in tandem are the prime drivers in this year 2014 as well as being especially strong in kicking off the month of February.

So how does all this relate to the energies riding into February? Well, the element of Fire is a very intense one, and this translates first off into a theme of ACTION and MOVEMENT. Visualize a fire suddenly rising up in the air burning up a storm – that is exactly how, on a personal level, this energy will start off this month. Taking action is the name of the game on this one, and involves a lot of quick changes right off the bat. This means more roller coaster rides of energy, more ups and downs, twists and turns, and even some of the hairpins and loop de loops – you know, that kind that just have you clinging to the edge of your seat barely able to hang on. That is Horse energy at full force. This energy of movement translates to starting new projects and ventures, acting on pending things that you perhaps had only thought about or promised yourself that one day you get to them but didn’t, as well as finally taking the plunge into new territories and going for the gusto.

If there was ever a great time to step into a forward action space, this is now!

yearofthehorseBecause Horse is always about movement and freedom, this also means that it is not necessary to be constrained by limitations, whether through thought processes (ie, telling yourself you can’t do something or excuses as to why) or emotional ones (ie, feeling passionate around work, relationships, purpose, etc.). The movement will be highlighted by a fiery surge from within (this is where the Fire element comes in to get the solid Wood aspect burning), and will be channeled into passionate pursuits. However the fiery passion also comes with another side – the understanding that it must be tended and managed, constructively and positively. This is the nature of the beast, as Horse energy can actually get out of control when left to its own devices – the fiery passion that you feel and the underlying restlessness, the ‘itch’ that you may have to get on with things and make quick changes – requiring you to manage it with both feet on the ground, so not allowing it to turn into wild impetuousness and potential destruction. That is the down side of utilizing Horse energy in a negative way. So practice good energy management – move forward positively, but do it with solid reason and intelligence.

The second theme for this month is about the role of the COLLECTIVE. The Universe in which we exist is made up of myriads of unseen forces. We are not alone in this vast space of Universe, and we are not here on this Earth to fend for ourselves and be left to our own devices.

You are constantly surrounded by teams of ‘invisible’ assistants that oversee not only your personal evolution but the planetary one as well.

In fact, your climb deeper on the energetic ascension ladder is crucial to the expansion of the vast infrastructure matrix of the Universe itself. Earth itself is poised to become a model for how its inhabitants can successfully exist in a higher dimension and being in a physical body. In order to support you on your personal journey of multi-dimensional awareness, which is what ascension is truly about, the Universe wants to tell you now, that you are an intuitive being, which means you are all conduits for the support and guidance that lies through the vast Universe and beyond. Your chakras and multiple energy vortices that you hold within your physical selves are actual portals or conduits for information, knowledge and wisdom to pour through, whenever you require it. The important part here is to take steps to become aware that these mini-portals on your person are your telephone lines to the ‘outside’ world. As intuitive beings, you have the capacity to draw on any kind of support and wisdom that you need to tackle challenges of daily living. You are being supported, be it financial or otherwise, and allowed to manifest what your heart desires from within. You always have supporters and collaborators on your side 24/7 in this unseen world. If you take time to turn your attention to a higher dimension, you will find them there, ready and waiting to assist you, as a collective group. And it doesn’t matter whether you refer to them as Guides, Universe, Creator, God, Angels, or whatever. What does matter is that you use this ‘free’ support and guidance powered under your own initiative and awareness. The collective around you is here for one purpose – and that is to see you as a human succeed into its higher evolutionary state. So this month, start down the path of tuning in – intentionally and actively. Ask for help. State your feelings. Turn your troubles over to the Universal Collective. And allow the assistance to come.

And finally, we have the theme of COMMUNICATIONS around MORALS and ETHICS. The energies this month will take a sharp turn around speaking out much more clearly than we ever have before. Stand up in a stronger and more vigorous way for our individual causes that we deem to be unfair, unethical or immoral. It won’t matter whether the issue looks small or large – the morality will be called out either way, and this will increase as the months wear on. There will be a much greater sense of what is wrong or right, what are acceptable or not acceptable behaviours and beliefs, resulting in more verbalization around this and challenging norms in a greater way. The personal hurdle that is being shown, however, will center around being able to communicate your views in a more powerful solid manner without the emotional charge and reactive responses as has been the typical pattern in the past. Because we are also moving into the Mercury Retrograde scenario as well, it will be a time where the seeming innocuous conversation will suddenly take a turn and shift into arguments that were never intended. The Wood element in Traditional Chinese Medicine is associated with the Liver organ. When Liver gets ‘ignited’ by Fire, the flames move quickly in an upward direction. Equally, the energy of emotion works the same way. Benign conversation suddenly gets ignited or charged, and the tone makes a sudden shift into a flame of emotion that resembles someone getting ‘hot under the collar’, being impatient and frustrated, combined with loud cursing and yelling. This is the other side of the Passionate energy that involves Fire and Wood. It can move in both directions.

The challenge for this month is to allow the Passion to come forward, but to deliver it in such a way that is powerful, yet coming from a solid place within you rather than being reactionary.

To do that requires you to become very clear in what you wish to say, and remove yourself from the emotion of delivery. Sleeping on an issue prior to verbalization helps to temper this.

Predictions and Probabilities for Lunar Horse Year of 2014:

I have been doing Predictions/Probabilities since around 2002. And invariably each time, I hesitate in using the word predictions as it implies that events are set ahead of time or planned out somewhere in the Universe and we are all at the mercy of someone else’s puppet strings. That is definitely not the case. What there are though are many potentials and probabilities of behaviour based on individual choices that one makes or thinks about at any given time. An energy reading around someone, something, or even on a global scale is referring specifically to upcoming changes and challenges, and the probabilities of certain things occurring based on the strength of the energy surrounding it. The stronger the energy, the closer in timeline and more specific in detail that probability becomes more realistic. With that in mind, here is some global energetic highlights in what the Lunar Horse Year of 2014 looks like, from my current point of insight (note – if I intuit a specific detail it will be mentioned):

Weather: an huge increase in volcanic and earthquake activity in Atlantic and South American regions, as well as typhoons and flooding more in the Asiatic areas; specifically I see volcanic activity occurring in areas that have been lying dormant and are now building up enough pressure to release that Earth energy that has been simmering below the surface. The theme that I’ve been ‘seeing’ is about dormancy waking itself up and coming to life. This will be prevalent this coming year.  Equally, the Wood and Fire elements will again play a major role with extreme temperature changes, hovering more on the heat end, along with major droughts and brush fires throughout the US especially. This will also be noticeable across the Australasian regions. The theme here will be one of extremes, with an emphasis on high temps, lengthy dry spells, and fires – especially where volcanoes and forest fires are concerned.

Medicine and Health: Again, Fire and Wood elements are rearing their heads here this year, and in keeping with that, there will be increase in Liver and Heart conditions. You will hear more about pathologies such as Liver cirrhosis, hepatitis, inflammatory issues such  as joint disorders, autoimmune disease, cardiovascular issues such as angina, heart attacks, valve or structural issues, congestive heart failure, blood and toxic diseases of that nature will show itself as well. Gallbladder issues will be included here too ie stones and organ insufficiencies, regardless whether you have a gallbladder or not. The energy of a missing gallbladder will still prevail via the liver or other surrounding organs as a way of compensating. Wood element also governs musculo-skeletal areas – specifically tendons and ligaments in the body. Expect to see more issues arising in these areas: pulled tendons, acute accidents of this nature in sports, or a sudden ankle turning in a hole and pulling a ligament – you get the picture. Eye issues will show themselves too – ranging from the serious such as glaucoma to the more benign or idiopathic such as light flashes, iris or pupillary issues without an obvious cause. Some of these scenarios will show up as having no known basis, and may even deemed to be an anomaly, but they will occur. Alongside eyes, headaches will be more prevalent such as migraines. (Editor note: as with all diseases and conditions please have them checked out by your doctor regardless).  Mental health and addiction issues will arise more to the forefront with many people who are in the public eye revealing that they suffer from depression, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, Alzheimer’s, and the like. By doing so, this will take down the veil even more, and make a dent in the stigma that is often associated with such afflictions. The light will shine essentially on all of this, and we will see more of a humanitarian effort of compassion towards these causes. Beyond this, there will be more a light shone on more natural forms of medicine and healing. Herbal medicine, naturopathy, and utilization of medicines from Nature will start to become more accepted and will shift more and more into mainstream. The theme for this is Integration, and allowing different medicinal modalities to come forward and be used in a more customized manner. In other words, the one pill or one size fits all approach will be dashed, so we will see much more accepted individualized medicine emerging.

Travel and Movement: I see the energy hovering in strength over forms of travel that requires great speed that has a tendency to get out of control. In particular, trains will be become a focus, with more accidents and derailments occurring as a result. Car crashes are also highlighted here. In either case, they will be due to acts of negligence and recklessness. In other words, the fiery emotional charge will show itself and manifest into reckless, thoughtless decisions such as driving under the influence, street racing, or being distracted by technology while operating a speeding vehicle. These types of occurrences, although completely avoidable, will occur – the Fire emotion will surge high and will be the driving (no pun intended) force behind these situations. These of course can be prevented by being intelligent about your choices such as not drinking or texting or talking on the phone while driving.

Global Political / Government: These are general energetic overviews on this topic, and not focused on any particular country or political group. However, the Fire element within the communication aspect will be front and center here where our governments around the world will be concerned. Once again, what may start off as a benign talk, will escalate quickly with heated exchanges occurring, which will make any potential of positive negotiations and the goal of peaceful relationships and cooperation, move downhill. More so, sudden and extreme political movements such as instigating war-like behaviour, obliterating corrupt leadership, will also be seen, again in keeping with the sudden Fire uprising element about it. Acts such as these will be met with a much harsher backlash globally, with people being held more accountable for their actions and behaviours.  As well, economically there will be shift even more than in recent years to exposing more corrupt practices especially in the banking industry, and where human rights are concerned. As in individual cases, the energy of morals, and ethics will step forward, and there will greater exposure of unfair and corrupt practices. This will be coupled with more uprising by the people themselves with voicing and standing up for they believe is right and just, instead of keeping to oneself. So the theme of bringing the power back to the people as opposed to having it placed within the leadership alone will be exposed more this year.

Spirituality and Beyond: There will be a greater movement towards deeper reflection and willingness to explore oneself. This year, there will be more questions being asked like What is my Purpose? Why am I here? What am I meant to be doing?  Incorporation of personal spiritual practices will rise, with self-exploration being front and center. Utilizing intuition and accepting this tool as a way of being will be heard of more in the public with practices such as meditation, or words such as intuition and psychic becoming more accepted rather than hidden away. More people will start paying attention to the connection between emotional and physical well-being and how emotional traumas, and lingering negative thought patterns can affect the state and health of the physical body. Specifically, in the arena of long standing emotions of anger and frustration, we will see more people being open to the mind-body connection, and be willing to change the patterns around them. Kindness and compassion will be key as well; expect to see more acts of kindness occurring and more people coming together in the spirit of brotherhood and acting as a collective spirit. In addition, there will a lot sudden occurrences of leaving the planet – many souls are coming to the end of their personal incarnation cycles and finishing their tenure here on Earth. But the theme here is one of suddenness, rather than an event or situation being dragged out over time. So, sudden accidents, short-term illnesses, with descriptions such as ‘I just talked to [him] yesterday and everything was fine, and now [he’s] gone’ type of scenarios will occur on the soul level. This includes pets too, not just humans. All in all, speed and quick movement will be the name of the game.

Until next month, blessings to you all / Olena*

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