CLEARLY SEEN Highlights: January 27, 2014

weekaheadjan27-feb4-14Moving into Equilibrium

We are now in the shadow of Mercury Retrograde coming up in February as well as right on the bumper of yet another Supermoon arriving on January 30. Given past energy intensives around Supermoons and planetary retrogrades in 2013, it already is shaping up to be yet another round of intensive energy swings. Already this past week alone which started off with a foggy mixed up communication pattern, will continue to do so right through to Retrograde in February. Sitting in both the Retrograde shadow and the Light of the Supermoon is actually in a way bit of a dichotomy. One is in the darker – one, the lighter. What is really happening though is that the shadows will be enhanced through the Supermoon energy, and so this week will again start off with communication snags and personal energy being intense, however a little more action oriented and speed as compared to the week before. This time the theme is about getting things moving along. There will be opportunities, open windows if you will that will be presenting themselves, however they need to be recognized as such as well. Know that what is coming forward for you at the beginning of this week is in keeping with your soul path, but the important thing is in the face of this intense energy sweep coming in, stay fluid and perceptive and act gracefully.

It’s been apparent that events to date have been in a bit of turmoil and perhaps tumultuous emotionally and physically somewhat as well. You may even have questioned at times if you really have what it takes to get through it all, in these moments that have seemed heavy within your heart and soul. The short answer to these ponderings is Yes! you do have everything that it takes to get through what looks like adversity, challenges and tests that come forward to keep you in check. But this week that energy continues and more so with learning the art of being assertive but keeping your boundaries in check. Most likely there will be a few tests popping up your way in that regard, but know that you’ve got all the strength you need inside of you to get through these moments with great dignity, and that you really can sustain your boundaries on all levels. Even more important is the habit of publicly or even in your mind(!) ruminating and/or recanting every detail about what you are enduring, as continuously verbalizing and repeating actually adds to this intense energy rather than dissolving and learning from it. As the saying goes, what you put your attention on, the energy will follow suit. So don’t bemoan, victimize, or martyrize yourself about all your issues through the verbal or writing – why? Because by putting more of your attention and energy on it, it creates a larger energy expansion of what you don’t want in the first place. You create your own tiger by the tail scenario by doing so. So be loving in your communications, firm with your boundaries, and then, just let it go.

Finally, in the sweep of the Mercury’s shadow and Supermoon’s inflated energy, its time once again to do an inner check of what is out of balance in your life. While its not realistic to truly ever be in balance as a whole, but it is something that needs attention, just like your car or anything that requires maintenance and checkups every now and then, to function more smoothly and efficiently. Your physical and emotional well being aren’t any different. So this week, take time to check in – appraise yourself from all these levels. Do you need to drink more water? Do you need to take time and get into quiet space? Perhaps it’s time to say ‘no’ to those many nights out and spending time at home. Should you eat more healthy or make a few small changes in your nutritional habits? Perhaps getting more rest and sleep is on your agenda. Whatever it is, do it this week, in any aspect or area of your life. Make an adjustment somewhere. You will know what that is once you take some time to survey yourself. And trust that it is the right thing and that it’s necessary to do



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