CLEARLY SEEN Highlights: January 20, 2014

weekaheadjan20-26-14Understanding Different Perspectives

Wow, did you feel the intensity of how this week started? Confusion with communication? Muddled words? Triggering of emotions and reactions from the hip? That’s the energy that kicked off this week in a major (!) way for sure. That being said, the first theme of the week has to do with feeling supported and trusting that resources are there for you during your challenging times. Perhaps of late, you may have been feeling as if you have been journeying so far and doing so much, like walking through a never ending desert with seemingly no end or water in site. From a soul perspective though, you have been enduring many of these ongoing ‘desert’ like experiences and wondering if there is any support that’s even out there for you. The message here this week is about understanding that Universe always first provides you with all the resources that you truly ever need at any given time, much of which lies internally. Your inner resources are the first place in fact to look to, and knowing that all your experiences to date and the knowledge through your growth that you have accumulated, are the keys to being able to cope with adversities. This week, understand that Universe has placed resources within you to find and use them (!), in order to keep yourself moving forward without hesitation.

All the energetic shifts to date also have essentially been there to push you out of your own comfort zones, out of your own little worlds and spaces of your mind, and to learn what it really means to step beyond the world called You and be able to view and really try and understand another person’s perspective. The requirement for truly listening to another is to step out of your world completely, and walk in the other person’s shoes. What that means is you need to get your own head, your own thoughts and viewpoints, get your feet out of the stubborn sand that they are stuck in and IMAGINE what the person’s experience is really like. In any situation with another, try to FEEL and HEAR through your eyes, ears and heart, as this perception can help you make better choices on how to behave, or respond. And when you do that, you are able to experience the situation through the other persons perspectives, beliefs and values, and see what is important to someone else, rather that only using your own filters. So try to really LISTEN this week – really really !

And finally, the order of the week is to walk – not just go for a walk, because that’s an excellent form of physical and energetic exercise, but to walk with a mindfulness. This is not just about moving your body, your arms and legs, but to include walking with great intention and awareness. When I say ‘walking meditation’ it means become fully aware of each step you take, to become more aware of what you see, hear, and feel around you as your body is moving. It also means that perhaps its integral to slow your body down slight as you walk, in take more time to allow your awarenesses to filter in. By doing so, you can become more present in your body and mind, and bring your energy back into a more focused place, thus reducing stress and that ‘scattered’ feeling. Try this this week – do it every day for entire week, and see how you feel at the end of it. Chances are you may get hooked and want to continue it – and that’s a good thing!



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