CLEARLY SEEN Highlights: January 13, 2014

weekaheadjan13-19-14Stand in your Truth

The beginning of this new year was huge on energetic shifts, and of course some of the energy from the 12:12 gateways in 2013 has carried over into the now time as well. Along with the intense Solar flares, and most recent CMEs hitting the atmosphere has again triggered a lot of emotional issues for people, with the express purpose of bringing anything from deeper layers out to the surface in order to be healed and released. There is no other reason than that Dear Ones – deep deep healing – that is necessary to happen in order to keep going along this path of Ascension here on Earth. Remember, that the meaning of Life here is really about expanding the Heart and Experiences so that you can reconnect with the Love that we really are made of. To move through these it is important to allow whatever deep feelings that arise for you, to simply do that – rise up to your consciousness. Become aware of them in your conscious mind, and simply breathe them through and out. Do not distract yourself as these intense feeling arise, because it is understandable that the energies can be heavy and it may feel to safe to just push it away or ignore it by doing something else. But … in order to keep rising Higher or Lighter as it is truly, it’s important to move into the eye of the storm, or in this case, the eye of the feeling and move through it with acceptance.

As I have already stated, so much was spoken about emotion and energy vortices in the latter stages of 2013, which was the year of stepping out and finding your inner voice. Now, this theme of the voice in particular continues – and this time, it’s not just about using your voice to speak your truth and stand in the energy of what you believe in, but … the important thing here is not to become attached to any end result. In other words, ask for what you want, but let go about getting it, or how to get it, what forms it would come in, or when it would arrive. Further, voicing your boundaries, saying no when it is needed, and leaving it there, rather than ruminating about after the fact, or apologizing. This is now about acting and behaving from a much powerful and higher energetic place, which includes voicing oneself from wisdom and strength.

Are you also having a busy new year yet? Probably. And yet it is so important to make sure you are taking time out of the heavy activity and take moments of solitude. Note the word here is solitude, not isolation. Solitude is key to being able to carve out moments for yourself where you can only focus on your own energy, and step away from the freneticism that we are surrounded with on a daily basis. This especially includes are technology, for this is something that we are bombarded with to no end – it’s always good practice to take time on a daily time to unplug, whether from phones, internet, television, radio, etc.. Even if it’s just for a few hours, that alone can temporarily disconnect your energy and give it a break so you can breathe easier and recharge your spiritual energy. This allows you also to intentionally tune in with your existence as a soul and listen to what the Higher Guidance within is always communicating with you. Try that this week. Don’t worry if you feel anxious or agitated when you stop your technology for the hour – this will pass. Do it anyway. And with the time that you have, use it for an intended focus session – with you. Why? Because you need it as an incredible Light Being that you are!



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