CLEARLY SEEN Highlights: January 6, 2014

weekaheadjan6-14-14Don’t Hold Back

This week is about transcending the feelings of struggle, despair, despondency, and defeat, especially when you life that you have been working so hard at everything, and yet sometimes it has been difficult to see positive results. Intuitive Guidance is calling out for you to know that how you present yourself through your physical body makes a huge difference in how your emotional wellbeing presents as well. In other words, shift your body – stand tall, straighten your back, speak with strength and authority, and become aware of any negative speech that you keep repeating to yourself and reverse it. Because making physical adjustments matters – all across the board. One of the keys to making an energetic shift within you is not just about changing how you think but also how you physically show up in the world. Even something simple is changing your posture, relieving yourself of outdated old clothing and trying something new, changing body posture, or reframing your speech, does indeed make a difference. It’s the little things that truly count.

It is equally important to shift into using your intuitive senses too, not just sit in the realm of thought. Yes, human beings are engaged so much with thinking and pondering that we fail to recognize the most powerful tool that we carry within ourselves at what actually is a significant part of our makeup – intuition. In order to survive within this human existence effectively, it is vital that both aspects be utilized instead of being top heavy in the mental state. Shifting in both in a harmonious way, that is, using both together allows you to tap into a greater Source within and around you, but creates a congruous relationship between you the mental Human and the intuitive Spirit Being that you are as well. Intuition is expressed through all of the senses that we have, so tuning into both ‘sides’ if you will, allows you to receive clarity to pressing problems and concerns in much more effective manner.

A New Moon has passed and we are right in the middle of next energetic movement towards a Full Moon, arriving on January 15. Creative energy is starting to soar now, and the upcoming wave is all about allowing yourself to sink more into your imaginative mind, rather than only using reason or logic. The theme this week is to allow yourself to let out the creative juices, and tell your tale. Everyone has a story to tell, and whether words are used as a cathartic mechanism for healing purposes, or to share insightful aspects and wisdom from within your experiences and life, this is the time to start doing this. The energy this week is getting into the flow and process of it all, and not worrying about the judgment and critique.



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