CLEARLY SEEN: Energies of the Equinox

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THE ENERGIES OF THE EQUINOX – WHAT IT MEANS FOR YOU  (channeled message from the Angelic Team and Star Beings)

There’s no question that for this month of September, the big theme has been all about tuning in. Tuning in to Self. Tuning in to the energy of the Earth. Tuning in to the Universal Energy that we all are a part of. The Equinox day that has just transpired involved a huge massive influx of energy injection, much like getting a vitamin shot at your doctor’s office. Energetically though this booster of energy permeated all around, and boy

Libra - Balance

Libra – Balance

was it ever a powerful one! The result however was that through this injection of higherfrequency light energy, many were left with an increase in personal energy. If you felt rushes of energy running through you, feeling like you wanted to accomplish a lot, or did(!), as well as feeling like you’ve discovered a newfound confidence in abilities and skills, being much more cooperative and considerate, and even new ways of communication, more clarity, and understanding in news ways of relating to people and situations.

But … with all of this new influx of energy that has had great impact on our systems, comes another side.

The Equinox is all about balance. It is very much about bringing two sides together – Light and Dark.

In fact, Earth is one of the few planets throughout many Solar Systems and Universes that employs the notion of having both of these seemingly polar opposite energies. The reason for this is to learn what the true feeling of and Be-ing in Balance is about. This polarity is unique to your Earth – for the sole purpose of learning what it is like to come into Balance and carry that state within you. Without both concepts of Light and Dark, you would never be able to come into and work at achieving this state. This Equinox of September 22 has been powercharged more than ever. In order to fully realize inner balance, first, the imbalances must be revealed. Both the recent Full Moon on the 19th and now the Equinox time have allowed for massive surges of energy to enter and shine a big bright spotlight on that which lies imbalanced within you.

All those aspects that you are hiding from yourself, hiding from others, everything that is buried deep with you, even in your subconscious, now is the time to not ignore this.

You can liken this spotlight to being shown what someone’s true colours so to speak, including yours. It’s like being able to see the ‘phony’ or seeing through someone else’s  ‘smoke and mirrors’ – and being able recognize your own too. Whether they are characteristics such as being adversarial, annoyances, irritants, assertiveness, these will be the mirror for you to dig deep within yourself and identify which of these same characteristics you are holding within you as well. The point of course, is to recognize and release what you are harbouring in those darkened corners of your inner closet still. The beauty of this though, is that these situations are all teachers and opportunities to help you in the process of re-balance. So if someone is irritating you or if you find someone annoying of late, remember, our adversaries and antagonists are usually the greatest and most powerful teachers for us.

Lastly, this time of Equinox is all about support, intention, and receptivity. This energy surge has now opened up a bigger door for you to step through and know with certainty that its acceptable to plough forward with your bigger desires in life.  We are not referring to physical acquisitions here, but we are speaking of your inner soul desires – that which allows you to contribute your uniqueness in some fashion. These are the things that perhaps you have only dreamed of doing, wishes that one day you might accomplish, and so forth. Now is the time for renewed confidence in moving ahead with all that lies in your heart, and equally know that you will be and are supported on your path ahead.

Just like in the movie Star Wars, so much is mentioned about the Dark Side. The concept can be applied to these Equinox energy influx. However, instead of moving to the Dark Side, this time now is about facing head on what is left in your dark sides, and not ignoring them.

By intentionally placing your consciousness onto those lingering darker bits, that is one way how you shine that spotlight onto it, thereby bringing everything out from the shadows and into a level of awareness to let it all go.

This requires strength, courage, and a raw honesty with yourself. That is what this Equinox is bringing you now.

So take a look now in your personal space, what you need to change, what you need to release in order to bring yourself into your personal fulcrum point. Open your eyes, take the rosey glasses off, and see what is truly sitting inside of you. By doing so now, you will open the door to greater clarity, deeper wisdom and awareness, greater perspective on your life, and ultimately accept what lies ahead for you on your soul path.

Have a Blessed and Beautiful Equinox  /Olena


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