CLEARLY SEEN: Who are You this New Moon?

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Hi everyone,

Just a quick addition to the September 2013 Earth Energy Report. Already barely into September, and so much energetic movement all around the globe. Here (where I am) summer is practically over, children return to school, the air of new starts is front and center, a state of re-energization has begun. That’s the energy of coming into the astrological sign of Virgo. And with that, comes New Moon too – and like most New Moons translates to opportunity to set intentions, make plans, or introspect on creative projects and pursuits.

But this month is the highly prevalent theme of INTEGRATION. This is cannot be stressed enough. We have reached a point within the year, where it’s time to ask yourselves some important questions – “Who Am I”? Are you still sitting in a state of confusion since December 12, 2012 or have you gone forward into an improved state of clarity about who you are, what you doing in your life, and the path that you are on?

Integration is truly the name of the game. This New Moon not only calls for setting intentions, but to integrate  and bring together all experiences and learnings that we have undergone since the portal opening of December 12, 2012. Integration involves not only thinking in a more balanced way – uniting left and right brain, bringing the concepts and feelings of Divine feminine / masculine to merge rather than polarize, healing old wounded parts of ourselves all the way back to the beginning of our incarnation journeys, and bringing our fragmented Selves into a state of Wholeness.

Another important piece this New Moon in Virgo is bringing forward is a Higher Wisdom that previously was somehwat cloaked to us, and now is finally emerging into our conscious states. The notion of Power, specifically self-Power to create whatever or whoever we wish to truly be. By knowing and understanding that by intentionally and consciously moving down the road of Knowing oneself, you are really Creating a new You. By Creating a new You, you are utilizing your own internal Power Mechanism. In other words, you harness your own inner Soul Power engine. Just like an engine required to power a vehicle, you are not only your own spiritual engine via your soul.

If this concept has stumped you, let’s put this in a way that may make a little more sense. You are the driver of your own vehicle in this journey called life. You are not only the driver (your mind), with your physical self as the vehicle (your body), but the charged engine itself (your soul), along with the Collective Universal energy – the force behind the engine which you constantly plugged into so to speak. By being constantly plugged in, this means that you have continual access, availability and access to expanded Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding that you might have not otherwise known before. This time period has now allowed you to really get that you consciously can tap into this Knowledge databank and not only withdraw from it what you need to further your growth and expansion as a soul entity, but to also start contributing to the world itself.

Virgo New Moon asks you – Are you going to withdraw from the bank of Knowledge and Wisdom that you carry within you and use it to further your own Self-Knowledge and contribute to the growth of Humanity? It’s time to truly come to the place of Clarity and know what it is that you truly believe about issues – both personal and global. Not about what you ‘think’ you believe, or what you have been taught to believe throughout time and history, but what you wholeheartedly believe and know within the Soul-self. Because our true power comes from the Universal Wisdom, which ties in with our individual Soul Purposes, it is vital that we now integrate all those aspects of ourselves and finally bring it all into Integration.

Just like a flower, you all have eveflowerrything within you that you need and do only what you uniquely can do as an Individual. You are being called to serve the World. You not only have to Know it, but you have to Believe that. That’s the contribution that you make back to the Universal Bank of Knowledge. In order to be the Creator of your life, in order to create something New – like a New energy of the planet, new perspectives, new awareness, you must go back to the roots. Just like the plant – in order to produce healthy seeds and fresh new flowers, you must heal, treat and feed the roots. Healing your ancestral wounds, picking up the fragmented pieces that have scattered through time through your disassociation from the Universal Consciousness, allows you to go back to the roots in order to produce something of a new mind and awareness. And it’s that Purpose that is just waiting to flower within each and everyone of us here. Now is the time for the flowering – and the harvest!

So what is it specifically about you that you will be Harvesting this year, and contribute to the world at hand? What is your intuition, your imagination, your inner whisperings of Knowledge and Knowing been telling you? What is it that your Heart is pulling you to do? Are you being open to what Spirit or Soul is telling you? Furthermore, are you not only listening but also starting to take action? If not, why not? Remember, you are on this Earth to be the change-agent. Be-ing the change agent requires you to become that change that you seek to begin within. That’s what we mean when we say that the change starts with you. Changing your perspective, changing your beliefs (if needed), changing your energy (a shift), and therefore leading to changing you as a personality and as a more aware being. This is the process of becoming a New You.

New Moon is here – the birth of the New You. These are the questions that are being asked of you: Who are You – now? Are you clear? Have you released what stands in the way of you making a larger contribution to Humanity? Are you sitting in the Truth of who you are? Are you therefore Be-ing the Truth of who you are?  Are you exuding your real Truth to that Humanity can benefit from your service?

Allow this New Moon to assist you in coming into this place. The time has finally arrived, that you can no longer ignore this inner call. Step into it. Know Yourself. Serve the world with your uniqueness.

Love and Blessings this New Moon of September/ Olena


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