CLEARLY SEEN: Earth Energy Report September 2013

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EARTH ENERGY REPORT:  September 2013

Hasn’t this past month of August been an incredible month? So much conscious intent of highly energetic shifts, a lot of transitioning, some ups and downs that almost always come when we stir up the sleepy hornet’s nest, but in the end … change … clarity … and direction of our paths in our lives. Both the Lions Gate Portals, Peace Portals openings as well as Blue Moon rising played a big hand in this huge opportunity that humanity has had to finally take the bull by the horns so to speak and look at our life path more clearly and get back on the road in a more conscious manner.

Here’s the deal – you are the Creator of your Life – period! There have been many times through your lives (plural) to always create that which what and you want to be, in order to experience and learn. You have come to another crucial energetic point in time, where that door has opened wider yet again. Right now, Earth is in a much higher vibrational form than it’s ever been, and it’s all due to you – and the remainder of the Conscious Collective that has worked continuously for milenia to help bring the temporary Home that you reside on, to its rightful vibratory state. What this all means is over many lifetimes of your choosing, you decided at the beginning of this long journey of incarnating in many different bodies, over many lifetimes, that would do so for the experience of it all. In the process of experiencing, you also decided that through the experience, you would accumulate vast amounts of Knowledge and Wisdom which already resided in your Soul, and bring into your Consciousness. When you bring Knowledge into your Awareness – that is – into the frontal parts of the brain, you come more cognizant of what thoughts you have, what beliefs you form, what actions you take and why, what and why you feel things that you do, and eventually why you are here to begin with.

The more you change your Perspective, the more conscious you become. The more conscious you become, the more you shift energy. Energy shifting leads to a greater Awareness, and ultimately new Creation.

That is also a crucial piece of this incarnation journey – energy shifting – which moves only in the direction of inching closer and closer to the awareness of the Creator of your Life – You!!

Let’s break this down into something tangible for you though. Anytime you have entered a life, you choose to experience something, lessons to learn through those experiences, and you get to decide it all- your career, your friends, your family, lifestyle, the positives, the negatives, the desires, the everything. Your Soul simply accumulates and records these experiences time and time again; your Physical Self is the vehicle in which you experience everything through, and your Personality rounds out the basic triad of what makes up our uniqueness. That is truly who we are. The thing is though – now it’s up to you to get to Know who you are – again. As Shrek said in the movie, “Really, Really”.

So the first theme for this month is CREATION. After August’s tumultuousness, it’s time to settle and integrate. This is where your energy will undergo a strengthening in order for you to truly get to Know Yourself. It’s like baking a cake – you need to know the ingredients consciously, since you can’t just put a blindfold on and throw whatever random things you have in the hoYinYanguse in the mix, and expect it all to come out well. You have to be aware of what you put in. #1. Start becoming aware of thoughts you have having, and your desires to become more clear of what you want out of life, for they are the clue that your Soul is speaking through you via your brain and heart.  #2. You are the only one who can give yourself permission for moving forward in your life and/or make change. While it’s nice to take one more workshop, one more class, one more this or one more that, you are the only person who is the authority on what you wish to to do in your life and how to do it.

Being the authority is what simultaneously makes you the Creator.

Unless it’s in your life purpose to be in a place of perpetual education, it’s time to step off the hamster wheel of giving yourself excuses as to why you can’t do something, and starting doing it in small steps. It’s like eating that cake that you now have baked – one forkful at a time. And so too with living your purpose – it involves doing it, one step at a time. #3. Tying in with the last point, don’t just dream about it, do it. One of the most common challenges that many have and are still undergoing, is figuring out how manifest that which they truly desire to do. It is never ever enough to just think your feel something into Being. One of the misnomers of the Laws of Attraction here. It is equally never enough to just raise our vibration, meditate, experience expanded states of consciousness, but never do anything to else that bring that vibration into reality – into physical form.

The second theme then here is about MARRIAGE. Yes, the marriage of the both physical and the etheric or spiritual selves. That is why you have both dimensions that you are operating with. They are not meant to operate on their own or be in one or the other. You are truly meant to eventually, through your vast repeated experiences here on Earth, to bring BOTH together into form, while you are here. Both have to be married to each other in order to experience the Duality within the Unity. A visual for you is the yin-yang symbol. Both concepts are polar, and yet both reside within the unity of the One circle. You can liken this idea to you and your life purpose as well.

It’s not just about Do or just about Be. It’s both. You have to BE, AND DO.  Together – in Perfect Harmony.

tumblr_lzg6fmuxwx1qhoqfro1_500The third theme coming through is via a crystal stone, and its TRANSMUTATION. Much like an animal totem, spirit guide, or angel that can come through and communicate, the stones are energetic beings as well. And they have something to add here to this Energy report. The stone which presents itself for September is Black Tourmaline. The stone is primarily used for purification and releasing excess or unwanted energy or residuals. However today, Black Tourmaline wants you to know today that through the journey of releasing unwanted energy: Emotions such as anger, frustration, anxiety, feelings of unworthiness, low self-esteem, excessive stress or worry, Physical such as environmental pollutants, food sensitivities, metal detoxification, obsessive or compulsive behaviour, etc., it leaves a space open for incredible inner power to flow through.

These are challenging times indeed on this planet, and it’s important to know that ridding or release is only half of the equation to shifting energy. The other half is about taking the unusable energy and turning it into a usable form. It’s called your own personal energy recycling system. When you choose to disengage from stress, negativity, it transmutes, thereby leaving a space for which new things can be created from. And honestly, during these challenging times that this planet is undergoing, we need this purification, transmutation and necessary space to Create the New that we deeply desire, both individually and globally. As an aside, even physically having Black Tourmaline around you – in a pocket, purse, next to your bed, can provide you with a refreshing dose of clearing all levels of your being, from spiritual to physical, and can help transmute that which you don’t need, while leaving space for being the Conscious Creator.

The fourth and final theme for this month is to allow APPRECIATION. There has been and still is a lot of fear that is running rampant globally. This stems largely from many worldwide events that are occurring such as in Syria, the GMO fight, earthquakes, crime, radiation fears, from Japan, and so forth. With all this energy running amok it is sometimes difficult to sift through this, override this energetically, and be our true Light Selves. This is has brought a lot of people to the place of questioning and doubting whether they are really in the place, is this the right time, am I doing the right thing, am I going in the right direction. And the answers to the latter questions are Yes, You Are!! Take moments in your day, despite whatever is happening in your news reports or on the internet, and just sit in Gratitude. Look around you in your personal life, and appreciate what you have now, and where you are at. Because all what looks like in your external world, is not what it is truly is for you internally. You really are in the right place even though sometimes it may not seem that way. So take a breath this month and trust that everything is as it should be. Remember, you are the Creator of your Life, and therefore have the power to change how you feel at any given moment, no matter what is happening around you. So utilize that inner power and do not allow yourself to get dragged in or down into these energies that are swirling.

For now in this month, Transmutation, Creation, Integration, Balance, and Appreciation are the energies that are being called for front and center. Although this is really an overview, these are also concepts that I talk about and working with people individually through my Intuitive Guidance Sessions and Mentoring Programs.  Personally, this is one of the many ways, I make my contribution to the Ascension of the Collective Consciousness to humanity.

Until next month or additional supplement if Spirit calls for it, I love you all.

Be Blessed / xxOlena-IndigoCrystalCoach™


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