The Mastery of Integration: An AA Michael Message

Beloved Ones,

Now is the time for new creation and integration – by you – an ancient one, full of Divine Wisdom and Knowledge! Yes, that is You – can you believe it Dear Ones? Believe it! When you first started this pattern of incarnation, you had everything programmed within your cellular memory in order to understand and co-create your Universe and journey towards eventually merging with the Ultimate Universal Creator of All-That-Is. You had and still have the knowledge embedded within to full know that this journey that you have been on, and repeatedly for so many of you, was and has been about bringing yourself more and more in fully consciousness about your origins – the Divine Spark of which you all were individualized from. Your ultimate purpose of embarking on this journey, was to Know yourself, not just for your own individualized growth, but so the Creator – Mother and Father God – could Know Itself as well. Every Light aspect of you was fragmented over time, through thought, word, feeling, and action, in order to experience Yourself – for you and so the Creator could experience Itself through You.

You have now reached a point in the Ascension of the Light journeying where you can no longer climb the ladder so to speak without integration of Universal Light and the Physical Body. You have reached a place where this integration absolutely must take place through your conscious intent first and foremost. All the fragmented parts of you that you most willingly chose to separate for the good of the experience you are called to bring together. Know though that you have done this before – in each lifetime that you have experienced for the Creator and Yourself, you have continually worked to bring these parts of Light Self to come together, to continue the Journey towards wholeness and understanding of Self. In the beginning, when all Life began, this choice was made to fragment and scatter as much as possible for the Love of the Experience, for it was embedded deeply within all of you, that the more you separated, the more complex the experiences you would have and the better the Knowing of Self would be. At each chosen lifetime, there was also the opportunity to practice yet another level of integration of these detached Light pieces, with the Soul purpose of again, experiencing and understanding for Yourself and ultimately Creator.

At this time, this opportunity has arisen again – yet another movement in the Ascension ladder of consciousness. But I may blue-archangel-in-the-skynot remember you say? How to integrate these fragments of Self yet again you may be asking? It is important Dear Masters of the Light that you can tap into the Wisdom of your DNA within each cell of your Being – this is All memory of Universal Knowledge is stored in you, and therefore you have what it takes so to speak to withdraw from it what you need to climb the next rung of the energetic ladder. When your Soul or cellular memory speaks to you, which is the part of the programming that is embedded within your cells – it was a necessary agreement that was made together with You to call and recall this Wisdom during your journeys here through each incarnation. Calling upon the Inner Wisdom that rests there is simple as first acknowledging that it exists, then step into the place of asking that it come forward to show you what you need to know on your next leg of your journey. Your Wisdom most readily steps forward because it is by Divine Design that it does!

The calling for you now is step forward to acknowledge what it is that your Soul is clearly asking you to heart. What is it that you long for? What is that you feel that you are meant to Serve? What is it that makes your Heart leap for Joy and the Passion that makes your energy ascend and fills you up with Passion? This Beloved Ones, is what the opportunity now is about – to bring yet more fragmented aspects of Yourself into integration, by fully acknowledging the talents, the gifts, the skills and the Wisdom that you have brought forth into this lifetime, with the Soul intent being on the Ultimate road of integration, time after time.

You are being called into stepping into the role of the Master and Leader. By Master we mean not that you fully have learned everything you have come to learn, but as a Soul Master. The Soul Beloved Ones is neutral. It does not judge, it cannot do anything other than encapsulate, gather, and absorb experience after experience. It is through the conscious awareness of the process of experiencing is how as a personality become more cognizant of your own inner Mastery that already exists. It is vital that you now become more aware of your own Soul Mastery and step into roles that require you to lead and guide many others as they take their baby steps on this Planet. Make no mistake Dear Ones, as much as there are many of you who are on your final lifetimes in this journey, there are many that are just beginning. They are the ones also are seeking answers and understanding, and you are one of the many that are called to help them through the thorny bits as you say.

As part of your call to Integration, it is also necessary to learn to embody the bringing together of Light Universal Energy which resonates at a specific vibration, together within your Physical and Emotional body which resonates differently. Remember that at each level of vibration, there is also an encoding deep within its memory that it too must return to its rightful vibratory state. As a human being running through this physical vehicle, you operate at a vibration where in order to catch up to a higher vibration, you must shift your energy higher in order to do this. Shifting your energy higher involves becoming more aligned consciously with what you have chosen in your Soul to do, to serve, to contribute to Humanity in a very specific way. The more you expand your Awareness and Consciousness is one of the primary ways that you shift your energy higher and therefore eventually move towards alignment with the vibration of your Soul Self. Like water, consciousness is extremely fluid – this is why sometimes you may feel like you take the ‘one step forward, two steps back’ approach. In fact, this is the exact malleable nature of the Ascension journey. This is an important concept that we would like you to be aware of – when you feel like you are taking the ‘two steps back’ it is like the water moving gently back and forth like the waves in the ocean. There is no failure here, just simply being in the natural movement of your Soul energy.

We would also like to tell you Beloveds, that in order to shift your energy higher and therefore become more conscious of your Self, it is imperative that you step into a space of stillness. Again, just like the ocean where if you allow yourself to sit by it, you will note that there is a level of silence that evokes from it. It is a space that is necessary to be in order to become more filled with Higher Soul Wisdom rising from your cells into your consciousness. On a daily basis, sit in moments of silence. Remove all that is distracting from hearing your Spirit, even if it is for a few moments. Practice moving into the space of stillness, removing from your mental Be-ing what is running through your mind constantly, and moving into a place of the void. This void is the space of All-Knowing and is waiting to bring forth the encoded Wisdom that you carry within you into your Higher Consciousness.

As you stretch your boundaries of your self-integration, stepping out of your comfort zone is in order as well at this time. There will be many more experiences, opportunities, and challenges that will be coming your way, however, in order to fully and consciously continue this grand Ascension Integration journey that you are on, you need to embrace these challenges and experiences head on. Know that each of these, even though it looks like a hurdle, you will manage, and move through with ease and grace. Embrace these situations as they arise, for they are also part of your journey towards integration.

Know that you can call on us at any time for assistance and guidance. Just like your DNA that is encoded with the agreement about your Inner Wisdom coming forward when asked, so too are we. We, the Archangels and the Universal Light Team are by nature of the Divine Design, are also in agreement to assist you when you need it. Simply call on us when you need help. We are as close your thoughts and with you always, and in all-ways. Know that we Love you Immensely and beyond measure.



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