CLEARLY SEEN: Twin Star Merkabah Peace Portal

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Hi everyone,

Yet another portal has opened up today – August 25, 2013, and the end of another. The Merkabah Peace Portal is the second ‘Star Gateway’. The first was on July 29, 2013. In astrological circles this is known as the Star of David opening. The Twin Stars are the two pyramids intertwined with each other, which at the center of the two points overlapping, creates a gateway or opening. At the same time as the Peace Portal, we also come to the end of the Lions Gate Portal as well that’s been running rampant since July 25. See my previous CLEARLY SEEN Report for more on Lions Gate.

Star Gateways are important because they allow for a few very important characteristics:

1. These are Heart openings – what that means is that there is yet another opportunity for a shift in consciousness and awareness. Generally though while there is always opportunity for movement in consciousness to occur, during times of portal openings however, the energy around this essentially ramps up. This time affords you to take the ‘bull by the horns’ so to speak and choose to step into a greater space of aligning of Mind, Body, and Spirit as well as Masculine / Feminine energies into One space. The words Mer-Ka-Ba means Mind, Soul, Body. So this Merkabah gateway is about bringing all three into a more vibrationally aligned place. What does alignment though mean in a deeper capacity though? When you drop head energy into the heart and allow the heart to be more open to receiving, this allows you to expand your energy beyond anything that is still based in fear. Heart openings stretch your boundaries, expand your soul, help you empty of what is holding your back such as old thought processes and patterns, and fill you up with new lighter energy. And consciously, it helps bring you into a more conscious and improved relationship with your Soul. Ultimately this brings about Peace – hence, the Peace Portal.

2. Alignment Mind, Body, and Spirit allows for Balance – this is the second aspect that this gateway affords you to accomplish consciously. Like any balancing act though, some prior chaos always must come about. You can visualize this like your teeter totter. As you standing in the middle, each side slowly moves this way and that, until eventually you feel and gain the ‘centered’ energy. Until then, you will be teetering and tottering both physically, mentally, and emotionally, until this balance is achieved. Personally this can translate to clearing away emotional and mental debris that is lingering in your life. Debris clearing in turn then allows for greater possibilities and new inspirations to come forth. If you are undergoing some emotional chaos or have some emotional unrest around you, take a breath, step back, and just know that this is part of that teeter totter process, and that you will truly get through it. There is no need to worry or feel alarmed if this occurs around you or in your life at the moment.  Just don’t get caught up in the drama of it. Everything is moving in perfect order as your physical and spiritual selves are coming into balance. Alternatively, you may also experience surges of inspiration, new ideas, and a lot of zeal to suddenly act on a potential that you’ve been only contemplating about.

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Merkabah Peace Portal August 25, 2013

3. Merkabah Peace Portal also heralds an opportunity for effortless manifestation. This is a time where you discover that the seeds that you planted can come into full fruition or bloom with little effort. The phrase ‘think and it appears’ can actually come into play here. Perhaps not that instantaneously 🙂 but there is a definitely acceleration at work. Situations that normally may take weeks or months to occur, suddenly happen in a day or less. When you move the portal, linear time loses its grip, and you enter a state where past, present, and future really are all One and the same. Along with effortless manifestation, receiving the fruits of the planted seeds with grace and gratitude are the order of the moment as well. In line with the heart opening and more conscious intent of the Merkabah portal, feeling the gratitude and grace is also the order of the day here.

Today, I invite you all to take a moment, or several, and intentionally ‘drop’ your head energy into your heart. How you do this is simply bring your awareness to your head area and consciously move that awareness now in a downward direction into your Heart space. By shifting your awareness into your Heart area, allow yourself to now feel this space. Feeling opens the door to more awareness and consciousness of who you are and ultimately strengthens the connection between you and Spirit, both individually and cosmically.

Until next Energy Report, love you all  xx Olena-IndigoCrystalCoach™


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