CLEARLY SEEN: Earth Energy Report for August 19-31/13

Olena Gill is a Professional Intuitive, Psychic Medium, & Soul Communicator based in British Columbia, Canada. She offers mentoring and consulting sessions (Intuitive Guidance / Akashic Record Readings) to a global clientele.

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Hi everyone, is it mid-August already?  What happened to the rest of the month? It certainly seems that I was just sitting down to write this report for the entire month of August, and suddenly we are here. Where did the time go?  That is certainly one of the few themes that has transpired during these last several weeks. In addition to a lot of shakeups, inner awarenesses and revelations. Briefly I will report on Lions Gate Portal, Blue Moon (Aug 19-20), and a few other themes that have come into this time as well.


So … did anyone notice the interdimensional portal that opened up since the end of July? Around July 25 through to August 25 approximately there was, and still is an energetic portal (doorway if you will) of a massive wave of energy being downloaded onto the planet, resulting in a lot of intense energy of emotion, events, and much ‘fired up’ scenarios in a variety of ways. What does that all really mean though? In short, we as a planet and evolutionary species not only are undergoing another birth of sorts, but along with the remainder of the universe, are receiving vasts amounts of higher frequency energy to help us along with our conscious ascension up the vibrational ladder. In other words, we aren’t doing this alone. When these energetic downloads occur and portals of opportunity open, it gives us, Earth’s inhabitants to push the accelerator button of awareness into a higher mode – if we choose. It means that we can choose different ways of being, of behaving, of thinking, of emoting; in short, not getting caught up in being ‘fired up’ in the drama of it all. The Lions Gate portal (July 25 – August 25) has given us this opportunity yet again to bump ourselves up. Consider it like traveling on an airplane – we start in Coach, have the opportunity to bump up to Business Class, and we choose whether we wish to or not.

The energetic work that we need to do in order to upgrade our energy though is akin to paying an upgrade fee to sit in that Class. Ultimately it is a choice, in the end.

This time period is about that – choices. What’s more, is that whenever we undergo an energy shift, personal, global or otherwise, eventually we do adjust, and then as always, the dial is ramped up again, and … repeat. Lions Gate portal allows us to ramp up the dial and repeat the shift  – again. Each time though, with a greater awareness in our consciousness and a lightening of our energy fields. As the Gate closes around August 25 however, it doesn’t mean that your opportunity is gone though – all it means is that during this time period, the energy is heightened, and therefore stepping into this opportunity and do some upgraded energetic work is called for.

Lions Gate though has afforded some however to move into higher dimensions, people or animals alike. You may have noticed that there have been a lot of people suddenly deciding to leave us – akin to the sudden heart attack or the out of the blue accidents, died in the sleep type of exit. There have been a number of these occurrences in the last several weeks, and in general, it is not uncommon for exits to occur during Portal openings. Animals are included in this. And for the simple reason that these souls simply chose to exit at this time. I purpose say ‘choose’ because it is exactly that on a soul level. Please don’t be so shocked at these sudden situations that occur – one of the understandings about moving from this (3rd) dimension into higher dimension (death of physical body) is about knowing that we as souls choose to exit at different points in our lives that we have mapped out for ourselves. What is shocking though is often the suddenness of the physical scenario that led up to the exit ie fine one minute, massive heart attack the next, and/or the age of the person exiting – we definitely place a lot more value on life the younger someone is. For example, a number of young Hollywood celebrities of late have chosen to exit at this time and have equally chosen to continue their soul growth in a higher dimension. Either way – old, young, two legs, four legs, the choice remains the same.

The last thing about dimensions that I want to bring up is that this Portal also allows us a greater awakening into visiting other dimensions and crossing that boundary veil much more easily. Travelling to the astral plane in our sleep (which we already do normally) becomes much more accessible even in a conscious manner, having more ‘psychic’ awareness, having more experiences with your loved ones who are already in Spirit – these are just some of aspects that occur during Portal openings. This portal also allows for jumping dimensions in a greater capacity ie channeling angelic information or intuitive insights for example is about jumping or straddling dimensions. The difference is more people are getting a taste of this as the consciousness increases around dimensions themselves. So don’t be surprised if you have a visit from your great aunt Mary who passed over some time ago, or feeling that your loving Dad sitting in the car next to you while you’re driving – because they are! And … you are that much more aware of it, because the boundary line between ‘here’ and ‘there’ has now thinned out to the point that you can cross over it more consciously and much more easily. And … on a side note … if that really does occur to you, just remember to say hi to your loved ones, listen to what they have to or want to tell you, and know that they are truly okay in Spirit.

BLUE MOON (August 19-20)

Let’s briefly talk about this Full Moon that is occurring now. Like all Full Moons, these time periods about reflection – just like what a moon does at night.

Spiritually, Full Moons are also opportunities to be able to shine a light on the all the energetic cobwebs in your life and allow you to also clean the clutter (just like during Lions Gate) that’s hanging around.

During this Blue Moon the call for personal authenticity is amplified. In the earlier August CLEARLY SEEN Report I talked about the desire to step up and fully be real. This Blue Moon is like the clarion call for that once again. This is a powerful time of change, not so much physically, but a mental one on a subconscious level.

During this time of the call to be real, there is also a desire to overshoot the mark, and so we emerge with inflated egos, (the image of a Talking Head or Bobble Head that emerges here) and we tend to overblow ourselves into a much larger version of who we are. I’m not talking about larger spiritually, just larger egotistically, much like the opposite of the spectrum in which we shrink into a smaller version of almost invisibility and minimizing ourselves. You may know what I’m referring to here – the ‘know-it-all’, “I got to prove something’, the competitiveness of being better or knowing better than another (outside of expertise), the ‘I can do this or get there faster than another’ person sits here on this end of the spectrum as well. Blue Moon calls out for you to work at dropping the overblown bits, healing these old thought processes, old patterns, and old ways of behaving, which govern this end of the spectrum. By doing so, this is powerful step in the expression of who you Truly Are.

On a related part of the energy spectrum, part of showing the True You includes verbalizing and behaving in a more Truthful manner. I’m going to illustrate this from my own personal experiences. I love to wear crystals, work with tarot cards, wear flowing skirts and billowy shirts, talk to many of those who have passed into Higher Dimension / Spirit, and of course publicly post channeled information. Truthfully, I am putting myself out there – a lot. However, there are many people that in the past I wouldn’t have considered sharing my posts, inviting to my Facebook pages and websites, put out information or just simply talk about what I do, for the simple reason that it wouldn’t resonate, be understood, or accepted by some. For a long while, I kept some of these parts of myself hidden away to some, and unveiled to others. That has changed a lot in the last while – and it’s full on, all the time now regardless of what reception I may receive. The Truth is that if I did anything less then I wouldn’t be authentic and Be-ing True is what the call is about, especially at this time.

Blue Moon invites you to ascertain within yourself, what parts are you hiding, minimizing, overblowing, and holding back from showing the True you?? Evaluate it, Release it, and Step into Truth of You.

This is true freedom if you ask me.

Until next report of CLEARLY SEEN, I invite you to stay in touch with me and the work that I do through my Intuitive Guidance / Akashic Record Readings, and IndigoCrystalCoach™ Personal Mentoring sessions. The planet is undergoing rapid energetic changes, and I know it can be very overwhelming at times to get through it – allow me to help you manoever through these tumultuous moments to make your journey of transformation that much more positive and easier.

Blessings to you all / Olena – IndigoCrystalCoach™


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