Lifting the Veil to a Higher Dimension: The Other Side Part 1

Last night I had a vision. You might want to call it something bigger than a vision though – it was a rather conscious visit to the Other Side ie the Next Dimension of life, beyond what we know here. That being said, I should probably say that we all ‘travel’ (usually at night while we sleep) to the Next Dimension. Everyone does – we often wake up in the morning saying that we dreamed this or that, or had a funny dreams that didn’t make sense and so forth. None of that is made up per se. We really do visit the Other Side a lot, the trick is however to retain some of it more consciously. I had another one of these very conscious visions that I want to share with all of you.

I get many visions. Some stay with me consciously, some don’t, and then some are retained in my subconscious that I feel in my body, but never goes beyond that. It’s the conscious one that I want to share because it’s important to write about what the Higher Dimension is all about. When I say Higher I am referring to different dimension than here on Earth (3rd dimension). Anything ‘Higher’ refers to anything beyond the dense physicality that experience here. “Light” body or lighters forms of a body is what we experience in a Higher Dimension (ie 4th, 5th etc).

Now that you have a few of the basics, back to the vision … I found myself standing at the top of an enormous escalator (about 3-4 feet up) made up entirely of water. It was interesting thing – the water was cascading both up and down, much like a waterfall just bi-directional. I was standing effortlessly on top of the water, like gliding.

For once, I had a perfect experience of understanding what it meant to ‘walk on water’.

There was no walking per se like our 3-D physical selves here with feet, because on The Other Side, the density is gone – your Light Body simply can port around easily, hence ‘walking on water’ takes on a whole new meaning. Surrounding me were immense structures, tall tall buildings that truly reached the sky and beyond. I distinctly recall bending my neck backwards to get a sense of size, and these massive structures were beyond anything that we could ever imagine here. Some structures looked like ancient churches, and yet weren’t really, at least that wasn’t my sense at all. The information that I received was that some of these were places of worship, but not like our churches here, just buildings that were sacred, reverant, and held immense wisdom and knowledge. On the front of some of the buildings was what looked like ancient writing – I got that this was Aramaic language – the language that we all speak and understand once we transition back to The Other Side.

Everyone I looked there were great numbers of people, not crowds and not crowded, but the impression I had was that there was truly a great Intelligence and Order all around.

There really was this Divine Infinite Consciousness that Knew Its existence, Its purpose, and what It was doing. God, The Divine, Universe, All-Knowing. Whatever you feel pulled to call It (I resonate to God), this Consciousness permeated everyone and everything, no exceptions. No-thing and Every-thing was God-energy throughout.

If there was one word to describe the atmosphere of the people though, it was ‘busy’. Always busy – not rushing, not hurrying, just an aura of being busy, productive, purposeful, and fulfilling. Everyone was doing what was creative and expressive to them, all knowing exactly where they were and why they were there. The other theme was ‘love’. As I tuned into the general atmosphere and ambience of where I was, no matter the view as I turned around, the colours were vibrant and alive. The air (not air that you can breathe like here on earth) was shimmering with energy. I could actually see energy and vibration in motion. By the way, in the next Dimension you can totally experience this, and its something that is infused in through our entire cellular structure, and conscious awareness.

I feel that this is what true Knowing is all about – not knowing with your mind, or even intuiting Knowing, but truly infusing Knowledge and Understanding through every cell in your body and mind, and then consciously carrying it everywhere and feeling it through you. Only then can you really say that you experience Knowing.

To be honest, this was the most freeing feeling and also profound experiences to date that I have had.

As I continued to walk around these buildings, watching people come and go – yes, bilocating and moving via thought energy (that is what we do on those dimensional levels – easy right??) my view encompassed huge meadows, gardens, flowers, waterfalls, full and alive with colour, sound, and smells. I can say again that our senses here through our physical bodies just do not do this justice, in fact they are minimized versions of what these experiences are like on The Other Side. Lush meadows were filled with people, whether reading, talking, ‘walking’, resting, or taking in activities such as concerts, and lectures. heaven...In fact, there wasn’t anything too different than what we experience here, just far more vibrant, more expansive, and the completely obliteration of the 3D ego – judgment, emotions such as anger and sadness, criticism, anxiety and depression, and so much more, but you get the drift here. I was shown what Ego looked like here on Earth – the picture of a Talking Head is probably the closest thing I can describe for you. It was like the head was truly (and metaphorically) disconnected from the rest of the self – might give you a clue as to how much we as humans operate from our heads and in many ways are ‘cut off’ from the rest of our selves. Just something to think about where some on this earthly civilization are at right?

Other tall and impressive buildings I could see from my vantage point. I discovered that there was a point that I could only stand and look around, rather than keep moving. Probably because hey, I’m still with this physical body, and not supposed to really be there yet on a full-time basis. So just like a visitor in a different land with a limited time visa, this was essentially the same. I could look but just couldn’t stay. From my 360 view at a distance I could see large crystal and stone pillared buildings – some were I intuitively knew to be Buildings of Wisdom, of Education, Learning, Research, Creativity,  Libraries, and more than I ever could see in my limited vantage point. Much like a university campus here with a many different areas geared to specific modalities and learning, this was the same, just more massively expanded and again, and brimming with Knowing, Understanding, and Truth.

I was guided to a central area full of large and looming crystals – tall crystalline structures that also seemed to reach the sky if you looked up enough – incredible jewel coloured structures in amethyst, rose quartz, citrine and more – clustered around in a ring. Think Stonehenge if you’ve ever seen photos, but in a complete circular pattern. I found myself standing in the middle of this ring of crystals, and immediately understood it to be what was called the Infusion Ring or Circle of Infusion. What this meant was that this was one of the many areas and ways that infused information and knowledge was directed to many people here on our 3D Earth.

If you take a moment and think about how many authors, musicians, scientists, researchers, writers, etc.. get their ‘brilliant’ ideas, or breakthrough medical research, for example, much of it comes from here.

Much like a teabag infusing in water, and its contents meshing together into Oneness, this was a similar experience – but larger than ever imaginable. And honestly, I felt such complete and utter Joy at the Knowledge and Awareness that being here evoked within me.

The truth of the matter though, is that I wanted to stay – I mean really(!), this was the most Loving and peaceful existence encountered, but no, I had and still have much work to do being in this 3rd dimension and physical body. My vision didn’t stop there though. Back to the waterfall escalator I want – what I also want to add was that because everything and everyone moved at the speed of thought, which is in fact faster than our speed of Light, you think about something or place and you’re there. Which is where I found myself back at the water, this time going down. My experience of descending though was incredibly speed by 3rd dimensional standards – it was like gliding back down on the water cascade – yet another ‘walking on water’ experience, but like those water slides at the park at breakneck speed. Personally, I feel that we create and/or choose some of the entry/exist experiences – I know why I saw and experienced the water escalator, especially going down – that is one of my fears here on 3D Earth. I avoid water slides and anything that operates at a fast speed – so you definitely won’t find me there at an amusement park that’s for sure. But here in Higher Dimension, there was no issue, no fear, no avoidance, just experience – and it was fun!

Reaching the bottom though brought me to a much denser and physical space. I saw myself with a road under my feet, along with feet that felt like they were on solid ground. Congruent with that, it was really my soul arriving back into my body – thankfully entry was smooth. Another glimpse that I got from this is that how we both enter and exit our physical bodies is really as smooth and natural as breathing. There is no struggle – it’s effortless.

I will leave you all now with this to digest. Don’t ponder too much please – this is an experience not something to analyze or go into logical space. I will share more vision information in future blog posts – believe me, there is much more to come, so sign up to receive the latest posts and hang in there with me.

For now, blessings to you all – Love/Olena  IndigoCrystalCoach™


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