Spiritual Energy Report: July 2013


What an interesting month we are heading to! Can you feel this intense energy already? As was mentioned in last months report, prepare yourself for the roller coaster ride, and here it is. You are in the midway point of the year and it is essentially a turning point in this Dark Night of the Soul on the planet that you are on. That is essentially what has been occurring for a long while now – from a global perspective, Earth has been going through that transition into a lighter and higher frequency energy; in order to fully be birthed in this new energetic space, which is its Heart space, it also must go through a Soul cleanse of sorts, a passage, much like giving birth to a baby. For the past several years at least, the Earth has been going through that passage, and undergoing a lot of birthing pains. But … in the process of being in that transitory phase, it has resulted in a lot of cleanups – purging, cleansing, shakeups, rumblings, ripping the lid of anything that has hidden. Does that last bit especially sound familiar? It should, considering we have also have now entered the time of No Secrets. All you need to do is look at the news and you will see that one by one, secrets that have kept suppressed are coming up to the conscious surface, in essence having the spotlight shone on it. By exposing what has been hidden for so long creates some dual emotion – both fear, and happiness.  Fear, due to the vulnerability of exposure, and yet happiness due to the empowerment and responsibility that the exposure has brought forward. This is the midpoint of 2013 that this planet has now reached in its evolution – and you were instrumental by your co-creation in bringing it to this stage!


What does this mean for you personally?

The first theme again is one that continues from the last several months, just with greater intensity and vibration. It is all about speaking your truth! It is time to do that. You are no longer in a place where you need to hold back what you need to say either to yourself or another. This has been said before in previous reports, however this time the push to speaking your inner wisdom from a different place of strength and power magnifies 10 times!. Inwardly, your soul is calling you (and the telephone is ringing loudly here) to speak your inner truth, voice your wisdom. Keep in mind your voice needs to come from a place of worth – know that what you need to say is vital and worthy of being said and heard by others, including your own self. Anytime we refrain from voicing our truth, we create a clog of sorts. It’s like shoving something down the drain only to eventually have something blocking the natural flow from occurring. The same thing happens with your voice energy. The more you suppress, the more you block, and it does you a disservice on your personal energy level. It also leaves you disempowered, and unable to move forward in a positive, meaningful way. So take the courage, and speak up. It may seem a little scary in the beginning, but do it anyway. Eventually you will get used to it, and this new energy space will adjust.

The second theme is about dealing with everything unfinished. Are you undertaking a project? Do you have little job pending that you have been putting off here and there? This is not about mundane daily chores, but rather about larger projects that you may have been thinking about, but never got around to taking steps to do anything about them. This includes relationships, career choices or changes, health and wellbeing, and any other area of your life. angelsJuly is about dealing with anything remains as a loose end or unresolved in any life department. Alongside the energy of speaking your truth, so too, taking steps to resolve whatever is either stopping you from being in the flow of things, or to simply become more aligned with your authenticity of what you bring to this Earth table, is in order. Perhaps you’ve thought about writing a book, but kept putting it on the back burner, maybe it’s about making better choices around your health, but you keep giving yourself excuses why you haven’t started the changes. Whatever it is, as Nike puts it: Just do It!

The last theme brings in the presence of Angels and invisible helpers on this planet. Angels are messengers from God. Whether you believe in the power of angels or not, they are very real. And it would be a fallacy to think that somehow we are all on this planet alone. The reality is that we never come here or remain here to fend for ourselves. We are continually guided, supported, and assisted by these loving unseen helpers, as we navigate this is often tricky and challenging school called Earth. What they want you to know here is that a) you are never alone, and b) you always have had the ability to communicate the help that you need with them. Angels aren’t any further than a thought in your mine or a feeling in your heart. It doesn’t matter whether it’s about helping finding a parking spot on a busy street, or attracting a loving relationship to you. There is absolutely nothing that Angels will never not help you with. The only stipulation is that … you ask! All the help and answers that you need come in many forms, whether it’s a feeling in your heart, a song on the radio, a passage in a book, or a verbal comment from a friend. Either way, be open to ask for help, receiving help, and be grateful for what is already manifesting in the Universe by the Angels on your behalf.

Til August, much Love and Blessings/Olena G – IndigoCrystalCoach™


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