Spiritual Reading: Month of June

Editor Note:  Just to clarify how information comes through for me, I first receive through vision – whether it’s something that’s shown to me in a meditation, or I get a visual flash coming through my awareness. When I get Earth energy visuals, it comes in levels or phases. First, I will usually see the Earth as a globe, as if one is staring at a regular toy globe that spins; the first piece is always about location. Within my visual range, I see the globe spinning in front of me in 3D and it will then stop and zoom in at certain points or areas (much like a Google map zoom). That is a distinct message that says ‘something is going to happen here’. The next level is more specific – whether it’s an earth event such as a fire, flood, or something about people. These visuals I see as a blinking light hovering over the area that has just been localized or zoomed in on. The brighter the ‘blink’ the closer in the timeline of life this event will be happening. The third layer is even more refined with specific features such as smoke, water, anything elemental or symbolic such as crown e.g. In a reading in early December of 2012, I had seen a picture of a royal crown hovering over The Netherlands with clouds of smoke literally centered over the map visual. So it was interpreted as location – the Netherlands, crown – probably referring to Royalty, smoke – could have had several interpretations such as a fire, explosion, someone who was a smoker, perhaps the Queen of Denmark? or tied to the Royal Family. In the end, about a month after this visual, Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands announced her abdication from the throne, and she was a smoker. On that note, here is June’s reading:


June Earth Energies and Spiritual Readings:

The Earth energies at the beginning this month will bring a little reprieve from the upheaval of events that transpired during May. This is good news! However, there are a quite a few areas that I received that have some major activity around the globe – these are centering around several places. More specifically, rumblings around the Atlantic Ocean for one (seismic, tsunami, volcano(?) possible), around the Eastern part of Canada – New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, and/or land masses in the North Atlantic. The second, in the oceanic region around the Northern tip of Australia, between Australia Papua New Guinea and Indonesia areas. The third area is focused on China, Japan and Italy, especially surrounding the issue of wheat and GMO – expect to see more actions in these regions, taken regarding this issue. The fourth and final pinpointing that I’m being shown is regarding the poles, especially North and South Poles – not North Pole, Alaska, but the actual poles. The vision is one of a further shift in the energetic axis (not physical) in that as consciousness rises even more around the globe this will further contribute to the energetic tilt, which in a tiger by the tail fashion, will contribute right back to raising more consciousness regarding various issues and problems that pervade us. (As with all my visuals and information brought forward, if there is something specific that is given it will be posted, if not, it’s interpreted as a general energetic shift in that locale, of which specific manifestations are yet unknown)

The general reading for the month as always centers around themes. The first is around loss and healing from anything that would be considered such. This can be any type of loss – a person, pet, even the loss of a belief system that previously was held firm and was shattered. Regardless of what that was for you, the message at this time is for you to be patient with yourself as you sit with this new phase of transition. It’s about being kind to yourself, treating yourself with tenderness and gentleness. There has been much loss and transitioning especially on the people end of things around the globe, especially the US in these last few months – we need to catch a breath and allow ourselves to heal emotionally and spiritually from this. Aside from Time, Nature is actually considered to be the Greatest Healer of all. Spend time in the forest, among the plants, go for walks so that you can really feel your feet on the ground and Earth energies. By doing so, you will allow yourself to really feel like you truly are among the living (because earth is alive!!) and your sense of spirit will uplift.

innerwisdomThe second theme revolves around just simply knowing that with all problems, no matter how big or small, they all have solutions. The message here though is about where you are putting your energy? If your attention and therefore energy is continuously put on the problem, then the problem will simply continue to happen. Rather, send the problem out to the Universe like a signal, the signal gets received and Universe responds. Far too often though we stew about all the problems that exist or occur – and it doesn’t matter whether these are personal or global, the process is the same. Whenever you energetic put something put the Universe automatically receives that and boomerangs back. The majority of the time though we don’t often see that occurring because we are far too busy stewing!! And therefore, we never get out of the quagmire of thought. So the big message is about learning to remove your thought and attention off the problem, and only by doing so, you will then allow for solutions to come your way.

Finally the third theme surround becoming more aware and awake of your own inner wisdom and knowing. Truthfully, we all carry knowledge, and I’m not talking learned in school knowledge, but inner innate kind of knowledge and wisdom. The difference however between those that use it and those who don’t, is simply the stage of wakefulness. It’s like being deeply asleep to dozing to being fully awake in your day. Consciousness and awareness works the same way. This message right now is telling and reminding you that your inner wisdom, all your ancestral experiences and lessons all are carried within you. And at this time of your life, there is a calling to tap in and access that vat of wisdom even more so than before. Think about moments in your life where something just comes out of you verbally and you wonder where that even came from. Or perhaps you said something to someone that sounded really profound but ended up being extremely helpful to that person. That’s the innate knowing that’s being tapped into. But … now is the time to dig even deeper with that spiritual shovel and bring the treasure trove of knowing up to the surface even more. Why? Because, if you are reading this, you already know that you are a wise being and that wisdom is useless unless it’s used to support and help others. So … get over your hump of keeping this wisdom to yourself. People need you! So get out there – and use it!


We will soon be posting our Spiritual Reading on YouTube as well, stay tuned for those links.  Thank you for reading this report. If this forecast came to you through a forward or share and if you wish to receive other updates via email please go to right of this blog and sign up.

Until July, Love and Blessings/Olena

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